Module 1 Lesson 7-16 slides

Exploring the Heart

Grand Central Station

Link to ALL Coffee Talk Videos 

 Brain Pop                                                  U:daytoncity


↓Important Information↓

Check out Schoology! 

Go to and click “Students” then “Schoology LMS” and login with your DCS email account (see info below). Start checking out your courses! Do NOT worry about completing assignments! I just want you to get familiarized with the layout.

Student email information:

  1. Your DCS email address is as follows: (example:

Password: lunch number twice (example: 12341234)

  1. Using the email address, practice logging onto your g-amil account. Once you have logged in, send me an email!

All About your Teacher

Mrs. Connally’s Introduction Video

Meet Your Teacher HERE

All Things Google Cheat Sheet for Students: