Welcome! This is the master list of Local Black Owned, Small Businesses &

Mom + Pop Shops of Oakland that are calling on community to show up and show out for them! This is nothing more than a resource by community for community. This list & the link for the Community Support Request Forms will stay open & accessible until stated otherwise!

Link for Request Form: https://forms.gle/a3bL3y6DEd9U6hw78 

Below you will find

  • The Name & Address of the Business
  • The Damage Done
  • What Type of Support They Are Needing//Wanting//Asking For
  • Any Funds//Social Media

If you are going to financially support any businesses via Venmo, PayPal or CashApp ~ I request that you input “Oakland Community Support” for the payment name so that it’s clear to the recipients where these funds are coming from.

        ~If you need help BOARDING UP your business OR if you know anyone who needs help in BOARDING UP their business please reach out to

Amy Brueggemeyer of FB Design Build ~ [Small General Contractor]

(510) 848-3390


  • Boarding Up Businesses
  • Possibly Door Repairs
  • Cannot do Glass Repairs as that’s a speciality

  • Love of Hair Artistry - 318 17th St. Oakland, CA 94612
  • “1 of my front windows was broken completely out.”
  • “I love the support of the community to keep watch of our businesses if you live in the area. If they can support my business with purchasing products from my online store. Especially now since I can not open the salon due to Covid19. When I am able to open back up, I would love to return the support with jobs in my salon.”











  • Garden House - 380 15th St. Oakland, CA 94612
  • “6 of our windows were smashed.”
  • “First of all we want to say we stand in full solidarity with Black people and are not angry that our shop was hit. We honestly just ask the community to stay vigilant and to protect each other - get organized, protect the youth who may be new to this especially. Garden house has been around since ‘91 and is now run by two Oakland-born and raised siblings and our immigrant mother. We have seen the heartbreaking changes in downtown and across Oakland over the past 10+ years of gentrification - our business was already struggling to survive. We know these injustices are directly a result of injustice against Black people and the working class. We will always stand in solidarity with our community. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Monitor support, boarding up windows, window reinstallation.”



  • Saigon Market - 2331 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
  • Nothing harmed but requesting support

  • Los Tres Potrillos - 4568 International Blvd, Oakland CA 94601
  • “Front door broken, windows broken, glass showcase broken, cash register stolen.”
  • “Help with the broken door & windows. Help with replacing the glass showcase.”
  • Extra Note: They do not have any financial nor social media platforms [such as PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, IG, Facebook, etc.] “In person help is appreciated.”

  • Academy of Hawaiian Arts - 10700 Macarthur Blvd, Oakland CA Suite 3D
  • “Broken windows & doors. Stolen sound system [speakers, mics, all cords & a mix board], TV, several Ukuleles.”
  • “We appreciate all donations & prayers!” ~ Meaning financial support via Square is the way to go when supporting the Academy!!





  • Botanical Sorcerer’s Gallery - 343 15th St. Oakland CA 94612
  • “Vintage front glass window ( 8' x  12") smashed with a hammer; Artwork damaged in attempt to steal.”
  • “I would like the community to become more aware of the need to PLANT FOOD NOW!  We are not getting the messaging from our leadership on this matter, and it is one of the key things that I do out of the gallery and plant store -- promote gardening for resilience.  Fixing my window would allow light back into the space so I can take plants downtown from my off site production space.”






Phytopod Vertical Gardeners

  • Dac’s Beauty Supply LLC - 10950 International Blvd - A1, Oakland CA 94603
  • “The store was looted - Over 300+ wigs were stolen or thrown to the ground and onto the street - Glass cases , shelves , chairs and fixtures were broken and destroyed - Glass covered the floor”
  • “I need financial support to rebuild - I need the community to know my story”









  • Queen Hippie Gypsy - 337 14th St, Oakland CA 94612
  • “Storefront windows were shattered and vandalized”
  • “I’d love to see the community show up to help support and defend small businesses from terrorists who are not a part of the social change movement and whose only focus is to destroy the small businesses.”





@KeepItOakland18 on Instagram has also put together a “Small Business Repair Fund” ~ this is a crowdfunding campaign for reconstruction of damage. Please donate if you have that level of financial wealth, stability and//or privilege!

Link: http://www.oaklandindiealliance.com/repair

        @WeAreTheOnesWeveBeenWaitingFor is also collecting funds for underground creatives & marginalized community members based in the Bay Area heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.