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Personal Branding for Consultants - Offering
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Personal Brand Development

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              Personal Branding for Consultants

Personal Branding is the engine that powers your business fulfillment and enduring professional success in any market.

You can’t be in the marketplace touting your expertise if your brand isn’t top notch

A well constructed, authentic personal brand sets you apart from your other consultants.

It enables you to leverage that extra value - to distinguish yourself from others so you can grow your client base and your revenue

A strong personal brand enables you to use your authenticity, vulnerability, courage, and value to naturally attract opportunity.

And to do this without massive (and often uncomfortable) self-promotion.

When you are a strong brand you (and your clients) attract loyal brand ambassadors—and isn’t having someone else help promote your value a relief?

Why is your personal brand important?

Your ‘personal brand is your unique promise of value

to your ‘brand community (target audience or clients)

Why is it valuable to think of yourself as a brand?

The purpose of our personal branding offering is to help you:

This will help you live your potential by:

How do we help you enhance your Personal Brand?


You can tailor a program to suit you. We can provide you with:


Personal Brand:        A “personal brand” is an asset defined by an individual's body, clothing, physical appearance, digital and online presence and areas of knowledge in a way leading to a uniquely distinguishable, and ideally memorable, impression. (Extract from Wikipedia)

Brand Community:        “Brand community” has become a term used to encompass a brand’s customers, fans and advocates. Having a strong and loyal brand community can turn a small brand into a success if it is nurtured and appreciated properly. The people out in the marketplace who embrace the values of the brand, as customers and/or purchase influencers, are the brand's true "owners".” This philosophy is particularly applicable when  creating and working on social media campaigns with easier interaction and more opportunities to tap into the brand community to leverage the brand. (Extracted from Wikipedia)

Your personal brand community will comprise people and organisations to whom you will develop your brand recognition.  This will primarily include customers and clients (past, present and prospective). In addition it is likely to include influencers, partners, resellers, collaborators and colleagues.

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