Links to Tutorials & Projects

Video tutorials are a major part of our curriculum as they provide an engaging way to present media to our students.  We use video tutorials in a variety of ways, ranging from grammar to class activities to thematically-based units.  The links below have been organized by the type of activity the video tutorial provides.  We hope that you find them useful, and we thank you for visiting our blog.

Note: The links in red are tutorials that have been converted into a Google Slides format because Blendspace no longer plays our edited videos from Google Drive.  We are currently in the process of converting all such tutorials.

Thematically-Based Tutorials

Stages of Learning

The Five Stages of Learning

Using Pets for Fame

Ellen Dog in Pool

The Dangers of Technology

The Dangers of Texting

The Dangers of Texting #2

Popularity of Magic Shows

Illusion and Magic

Texting and Driving

The Motorbike Texter

The Dangers of Cell Phones

Cell Phone Popcorn

Even Animals are Greedy

One Greedy Dog

The Dangers of Alcohol and Dancing

Stupid Dancing People


Benny’s Escape

Cell Phones and Ethics

Cell Phone Dangers

The Peeple App

Talent Shows and Prejudice

Susan Boyle


Greed Animated Film


A Volatile Workplace

Future Technology

Advanced Future Technology


Pixar’s Presto

The Treatment of Beggars

French Roast


Growing Up Too Quickly

The World’s Strongest Boy

The Physically Disabled

The Salsa Dancer

Helping Others

Good Vibrations


Anti-Bullying Animation

Another Reason Why Bullying Occurs

The Bullying Experiment

The Rat Race of Life

The House that Jack Built

Bullying and Obedience

Peter and the Wolf


Gibberish but...

Mom and Dad’s Roles

Sketchy Ice Cream

The Power of Our Parents

Parental Influence on Their Children

Being Grounded: What's YOUR punishment?

The Importance of Books and Reading

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Treatment of the Elderly

Sleeping Beauty with a Twist

Robot and Frank

Making a Difference

The Power of a Signature

The Importance of Education

Born to Learn: Class Reunion

Why students ignore us?

Sherlock Holmes on Correct Grammar

Fear of the Unknown

Get Out

Good Bye World

Searching for Some Answers: MAGNOLIA

Leaving Home

Goodbye to the Normals

Our Dependence on Technology

The Employment

Google Glass: Innovation or Intrusion?

End of the Year Video Quiz

The Pressures of Exams

Different Perspectives

Turkey in Two Minutes

GREAT things from SCOTLAND

Student Reality Check

Bill Gates’ 11 Rules

The Price of Technology on Workers Who Make It

Would You Like to Work for Apple?

Teenagers and Social Websites

A Life in B Tween

Living Life Positively

The Last Lecture


Pixar’s For the Birds

Creative Adverts

Nivea Stresstest


MAD MEN & SEXIST ADS of the past 60 years

How ALBUM COVERS have changed

An Unusual Interview

Heineken Candidate

Greed and Karma

Gopher Broke

Technology and Accents


The Importance of Altruism, Recycling and Music

The Paraguay Landfill Harmonic

Teaching the Importance of Empathy

We have all been there... (Teacher Edition)

We have all been there... (Student Edition)

The Power of Protests


Turkey is Mourning: SOMA MINE

What is the Proper Way to Teach & Learn?


Things We Always Forget

The Power of Curiosity

Room 8

Class Activities


Acronyms: They're NOT That Bad


Hot Air Balloon Ice Breaker Activity

Technology in the Classroom

Do You Feel Engaged in the Classroom?

Different Points of View

A Different Perspective: What’s Yours?

Turkish Culture

Turkish Village uses Bird language: How Ironic d:o))

The 15-85 Paradigm

Love of Animals

Unconditional Love

Save Whales

Blackfish: The Flipped Classroom Edition

Man: Humankind’s Cruelty to Everything Living Thing

Heroic Monkey

Deja Vu

Has it happened to you?

Halloween Fun

Thriller by Michael Jackson


Further Advertising Techniques

Summer Song Comparison

Life Skills Tutorials

Fighting for Education

Education: We should listen to the Kids

TEN (10) Things We ALL Forget (about ourselves)

1-3-5-To Do List: A DAY-TO-DAY Plan

Who Moved My Cheese? Penzu Writing

Creating Self-Esteem

Why is Taking a Regular Bath Important?

Getting Older: The Mirror

Burglary is NOT cool

Building Self-Confidence for Presenting

Malcolm Gladwell’s Recipe for Success

The Reality of Rats


Are You Addicted to Taking Selfies?

Learn English with the Premier League

The ‘Mad Men’ Era Sexist Ads We Need to Forget

Is Isolation an Adequate and Fair School Punishment?

Shall We Work More or Take a Vacation?

The Ice Bucket Challenge: For Fun or For Charity?

Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

Grammar Tutorials

The Verb ‘To Be’

Introduction of the The Verb ‘To Be’

The Present Simple Tense

Introduction to the Present Simple Tense

A Day in the Life of Ronaldinho

Mr. Bean’s Morning Routine

Vertical Video Syndrome in Present Simple

Is Going on Holiday Present and Simple?

The Present Continuous Tense

Introduction to the Present Continuous Tense

Mr. M is his Garden (Blog Post)

The Piano Guys

Pandas and the Foo Fighters


Modal Verbs

Introduction to Modal Verbs

An Ode to Can

Can and Can’t: Blindness the Film

Child Labor: What CAN they do?

What SHOULD we do to help old people?

What WOULD You Take With You?


Introduction to Adverbs

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Lost: There is / There are with Some, Many, Few, A lot of, etc.

Something About Everything

The Imperative




Asking Questions Game

Comparatives and Superlatives

Comparatives of How We Are Connected

Comparatives and Superlatives: Cars and Route 66 Comparisons with Lenka

The Simple Past Tense

Introduction to the Past Simple Tense

Practice the Past Simple with Sherlock Holmes

Mr. Bean at the Library

The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face

Time Frame Questions

Paradise by Coldplay Listening Activity

Toy Story: That Time Forgot

Used To

Getting Used to Something

Used to / Didn’t Use to: Carl and Ellie’s Life in Up


Introduction to the Zero and First Conditional

Superstitions with the First Conditional

Conditionals: Should I Stay or Go?

Conditionals with Should and Would with Juno

Zero and First Conditionals with 100 Feet

Review of the First Conditional

Introduction to the Second Conditional

The Second Conditional

More Second Conditional Practice: If I Were a Boy by Beyonce

Even More Second Conditionals: Waking Ned Devine

Winning the Lottery: Group Edition

Introduction to the Third Conditional

Mixed Conditionals with Men in Black

Conditionals Review: Sight

3rd Conditional Practice with Benjamin Button


The Past Continuous Tense

Introduction to the Past Continuous

People Watching in Past Continuous

Practice with When and While

Past Tenses Review: Where the Hell is Matt?


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Verbs that Use the Infinitive TO

You are NEVER too Old

Future Tense

Feel the Punch: Will and Going to

Gerunds and Infinitives

Introduction to Gerunds and Infinitives

Guessing Game with Gerunds and Infinitives

The Perfect Tenses

Introduction to the Present Perfect

Introduction to the Past Perfect

Past Participle Flashcards for the Perfect Tenses

Have you Ever…?

Never Have I Ever...

Present Perfect Practice with Freedom Writers


More Practice with the Present Perfect: Exploding Bread

Making Perfect Tense Questions

Teenage Fugitives: perfectly caught

Relative Clauses

Introduction to Defining Relative Clauses

Introduction to Non-Defining Relative Clauses

WHOM: The Object Relative Clause

The Passive Voice

Introduction to the Passive Voice

Practice the Passive Voice

Passive Voice: Newspaper Diving

Passive Voice Grammar Run with Voxer

Introduction to the Causative Form

Reported Speech

Introduction to Reported Speech

Practice with Reported Speech

Ticker Tape Activity with Reported Speech

Learning More Verbs for Reported Speech

Record and Report Activity

Reporting Music Reviews

Grammar Project

My Hazirlik Time Frame Activity

Final Grammar Project

Final Grammar Project Format

Writing Tutorials

Writing Process

The Academic Writing Process

How to Approach Academic Writing

The Writing Process with John Lennon

Cause and Effect Writing

The Organization of a Cause and Effect Essay

The Causes of Forest Fires Outline and Plan

The Effects of Whales Living in Captivity Outline and Plan

Compare and Contrast Writing

Finland versus Turkey Education

Summary Writing

Goal! Summary Writing

A Film Review

How to Write a Film Review

A Christmas Carol Film Review

Reflective Writing

End of Semester One Reflective Writing

Practice for Thesis and Topic Sentences

Too Much Stress for Exams

The Art of Persuasion

What does it mean to meet a Celebrity?

Persuasion Techniques

The Power of Persuasion

Strong or Weak Arguments

Can We Tame What’s Wild?

Persuasion and Propaganda

Persuasive IMovie Trailer Project


Copyright and Plagiarism are Unacceptable

Academic Essay Writing

The Holocaust Academic Essay




Academic Essay Writing

The Obesity Epidemic Academic Essay

Essential Questions

Introduction to Semester Two Weekly KWL Essential Questions

Video Friday Writing Organization and Exemplar

Introduction to Semester Two Video Friday Writing

Researching Topics Using Newspaper Archives

Textual Analysis

An Introduction to Textual Analysis

Point-of-View Writing

Life in Prison

Creative Writing

Introduction to Inklewriter

Video Tutorials for Reader and Novels

David and the Great Detective

An Introduction to the Reader

An Introduction to the Detective Genre

Introduction to the Plot Triangle via Football

The African Mask

Introduction to the African Mask

The Time Capsule

Introduction to the Reader

Back to the Future 1: Bullying

Back to the Future 2: Technology

The Life of Eugene Polley: The Inventor of the Remote Control

Rain by Mika

Consideration of Hip-Hop as a Social Commentary

Boogie Back to the 70s

Boogie Back to the 70s Group Reboot

Mr. Football

An Introduction to the Reader

A Christmas Carol

An Introduction to the Reader

Film Clips and Essential Questions


An Introduction to the Roman Empire

Gladiator Film Clips and Essential Questions

Facts and Fiction of the Roman Colosseum

There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom

An Introduction to the Novel

Red Dog

Australia Research Project

DNA (by Dennis Kelly)

An Introduction to the Play

Mud City

The Kite Runner: Life Under the Taliban

Fighting for Education: Malala’s Story

Steve McCurry’s Images from Afghanistan


Introduction to the Reader

Post-Reading Essential Questions

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Introduction to the Novel Part One - The Rise of Hitler

Introduction to the Novel Part Two - The Beginning of World War II

Introduction to the Novel Part Three - The Holocaust

Introduction to the Novel Part Four - The End of the War

The Nazi Death Trains

Facts about Adolf Hitler

Porcelain Unicorn

The Story of Jesse Owens

Nazi Satire and Propaganda

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Film Clips with Essential Questions

Presentation Strategies Tutorials

10 Effective Presentation Tips

Presenting Tips: A Look at How to do it Better

How to Reduce Your Presentation Stress

8 Tips for an Awesome PowerPoint Presentation

Vocabulary and Idioms Tutorials

Vocabulary Flashcards Project

Our Top 20 English Idioms

Music Idioms

Food Idioms

Weather Idioms

Money Idioms

Love Idioms

Native SpeakerEsque Idioms

Idioms with the color ‘Black’

Idioms with the color ‘Blue’

Colorless Idioms

Idioms with the color ‘Green’

Idioms with the color ‘Red’

Idioms with the color ‘White’

Mixed Color Idioms

Very Useful English Acronyms

Project Tutorials

Non-Fiction Reading Project

Holidays Magazine Diving Project

ICT Projects

My House Project

My Top Ten Apps Presentation

Viral Videos Project

The Adventures of Tintin Voice Over Project

Grammar Comics with Bitstrips

Create Your Own Kahoot Quiz

Weekly Intriguing Questions

Stop Motion: Hisar Hazirlik Educational Messages

My Week at School Photography Project


Obesity Advertising Awareness IMovie Project

Magazine Diving Project

My Humdrum Activity

HH Semester One Reflection E-Book Project

HH E-Book Project and Outline

HH News Project

Film Review Project

Film Review Project Introduction

Film Review Project Format

Film Review Project Exemplar

Video Monday

Introduction to Student Video Monday

Student Video Monday Format

News Video Monday

Introduction to International News Mondays

News Video Monday Project Format on Google Slides

News Video Monday Project Exemplar on Google Slides

Weekly New Monday Example 2

International News Mondays Format


News Video Monday: Ebola Hysteria

News Video Monday: The Interview Movie

News Video Monday: Teenage Fugitives (with Present Perfect)

News Video Monday: NASA’s New Horizons

Projects for Music

My Favorite English Song PowerPoint Presentation

My Favorite and Least Favorite School Song Project

HH-High School Songsheet


Advertising Techniques Project

Introduction to the Commercial Project

Food Advertising Poster Project

Video Jigsaw

Mission Istaanbul

American and British Culture

Country and State Research Project

Country and State Research Project Example - Istanbul

Projects for Readers and Novels

Extra Summer Reading

Summer Homework

Reading Strategies

SSR Reading Strategies

David and the Great Detective

David and the Great Detective Summary Project on Blendspace

An Example of a David and Great Detective Summary Project

The African Mask

10 Facts about an African Country Introduction

10 Facts about an African Country Example (Botswana)

The African Mask Summary Project on Blendspace

The African Mask SCASI Project on Blendspace


Choices SCASI Project on Blendspace

The Time Capsule

My Time Capsule PowerPoint Project

Our Time Capsule Letters Project

Istanbul in the Past Family Interview Project

Beyoğlu Comic Strip Project

The Time Capsule IMovie Trailer Project

Mr. Football

Goal and the Five Stages of Learning for Mr. Football

My Favourite Football Star PowerPoint Project

My Favorite Goal Activity

My Favorite Goal Activity Exemplar

Our Favorite Goals Highlight Project

Gary and the Five Stages of Learning

Mr. Football Research Project

Goal Newspaper Writing Project

A Christmas Carol

Dickensian Era Workhouses Project for A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Writing Project


An Introduction to SCASI


An Introduction to SPRE for Readers

Using SPRE to Analyze Media Blendspace Project

Using SPRE to Analyze Media Blendspace Project Format

Using SPRE to Analyze Media Example Project

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip SPRE Project

Short Story Flipbook Project for SPRE

SPRE Scaffold no:1 (Basketball)

SPRE Scaffold no:2 (Football)

SPRE Scaffold no: 3 (Robert Downey Jr.)

Semester One Academic SPRE Project

A Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom

Predictive Writing Task for Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom

IMovie Trailer for Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom

COMIC LIFE: role play with photos and a cartoon strip

Anti-Bullying Presentation Project

A True Bullying Story Presentation Project

Semester Holiday Reading Project


DNA Analysis Project

DNA Textual Analysis

Mud City

Geography of Asia Map Project

Mud City: An Introduction Research Project

Mud City Vocabulary Building Through Context

Mud City Vocabulary Challenge

Mud City Introduction to Inference

Mud City Final Written Response

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Novel / Film Comparison

Textual Analysis for Maus

Holiday Projects

London Week: The Great Gatsby Project

Summer Holiday Homework

Yearly Project

Preparatory English Yearly Project

Persuasion and Advertising

Persuasion Advertisement Project

Projects for Life Skills

Improving My Study Skills Presentation

Final Portfolio

End of the Year Portfolio Presentation

Non-Fiction Reading

Introduction to Timed Readings and Articles

A Short History of Skateboarding

From Trash to Treasure

Nutrition and Wellness

Introduction to the Food Groups

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

That Sugar Film Clips and Discussion

The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run

Professional Development Tutorials

Adopt and Adapt ICT in ELT: Our Most Used Tools

How to Link Google Drive Videos to Blendspace

Edpuzzle: Training the Students’ Ears to English