How to Submit One Link for Multiple Annotations

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After you have annotated one or many articles with, you may want to collect your most thoughtful, inspired annotations into one place. I’ll show you how to create a URL that you can use to point others to your best annotations about a particular question or topic. If you make this URL into a link in a post on Youth Voices or submit this URL as evidence for an XP or for a badge on LRNG, your readers or evaluators will be able to click on that link and easily find your best annotations.

  1. Log in to and go to your account.
  2. Add a special, unique tag to each of the annotations that you want to submit. (Be sure that these annotations are public.) For example if you have read three articles about Black Lives Matter, and you want to submit a few annotations from each of these articles, here’s what to do:
  1. Find the articles again and open your annotations
  2. Click the “Visit annotation in context” arrow and allow time for this to load.
  3. Add a special, unique tag. For example: 9bestBLM (which could stand for my nine best Black Lives Matter annotations)
  4. Be sure to add this specific tag to each of the annotations--and only those annotations--that you want to submit.

  1. Now, go to the landing page for your account again. Find the tag that you just created and click on it. The annotations that you have tagged should appear. Copy the URL that appears at the top of your browser.

  1. Paste that URL at the bottom of a post on Youth Voices or on a blog post on LRNG to submit a web page.