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RTU Accommodation terms and conditions
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Terms and Conditions for RTU accommodation


1.          Booking (making a reservation)

1.1.   The booking is made only through the online application form in the website:

1.2. The booking is valid only after receiving confirmation e-mail from

1.3.   RTU has the rights to cancel a booking at any time if the terms and conditions have not been observed or the booking has not been confirmed upon request within 5 working days.

1.4.   The booking will be confirmed only when the security deposit in amount of 200 EUR will be paid in full.

1.5. The date of arrival must be confirmed by sending an e-mail to  no later than 5 working days before the arrival or the student may not be allowed to enter the dormitory upon arrival.

1.6.   A place in RTU dormitories is guaranteed if the date of arrival is in the time period of August 25 - September 25, OR January 25 - February 15.

1.7.   Bookings made for dates starting from August 1/January 1 will not be confirmed.

1.8.   Failing to move in (by signing the contract with the dormitories) in three days’ time from the registered arrival date without a written warning (within the indicated deadline for sending arrival details) will result in booking cancellation and a penalty in the amount of one month rent which will be deducted from the dormitory security deposit.

1.9.   The booking can be cancelled only in a written form by writing an e-mail to before August 1/January 1.

1.10.   If the student does not inform RTU about the booking cancellation within the indicated deadline, one month rent will deducted from the dormitory security deposit.

1.11.   If the terms and conditions have been previously violated, the accommodation manager can decide of not offering a place in the dormitories.


2.          Dormitory security deposit

2.1.   All students must pay a deposit (200 EUR – shared room) before arrival (the invoice will be issued by the after the registration of the booking).

2.2.   The deadline for security deposit payment is until August 4/ January 4.

2.3.   The deposit is refundable on the condition that all the fees are covered and the terms and conditions have been observed.

2.4.   If a student moves out of the dormitory and has debts, they are deducted from the security deposit.

2.5.   If the security deposit does not cover the debt in full amount, the student must cover the missing amount.

2.6.   The deposit is meant only for emergencies, the student may not use it for fee coverage.


3.          Rental agreement

3.1.   The rental fee is calculated according to the selected dormitory and type of room.

3.2.   The first month rent must be paid on the day of moving in.

3.3.   The minimal rental period is 5 months.

3.4.   When moving into a dormitory in August/January the rental fee for August/January is calculated based on the remaining days in the indicated month.

3.5.   When moving into a dormitory starting from September/February, full rent payment (for one month) is charged regardless of the date of arrival.

3.6.   The next rent payments must be made until 25th date of each month, i.e., until 25th of August the rent fee for September has to be paid.

3.7.   Rent payment for the following months must be paid according to invoice (to be paid at a bank or via internet banking).

3.8.   The student must inform the administration of the dormitory one month before moving out with a written notification.

3.9.   If the student terminates the agreement before the period of 5 months ends, the rent fee for the remaining months has to be paid in full amount.


4.          Arrival and moving in

4.1.   The payments for entrance card are done upon arrival to the dormitory via invoice (to be paid at a bank or via internet banking).

4.2.   Failing to move into the dormitory on the indicated date will result in booking cancellation.

4.3.   Dormitory reception is open 24/7 – the student may check in at any time, if the booking has been confirmed and ICFSD has been informed about the arrival details at least 5 working days in advance.

4.4.   Upon arrival, the student has to approach the reception and provide valid travel document in order to receive a key to the room.

4.5.   Within a week student will receive a personalized entrance card and a Tenancy Agreement.

4.6.   If the student does not move in dormitory in 3 days starting from the day which is registered as the student’s moving in day, the student’s booking will be cancelled, and the university will deduct the payment for rent in dormitory from student’s security deposit.

4.7.   The student must inform about any changes in the arrival details at least 5 working days in advance.


5.           Deposit refund

5.1.   To receive back the dormitory security deposit the refund form has to be filled in (it can be found at and signed by dormitory administrator on the moving out date. The form must be submitted to the dormitory administrator or brought to ICFSD office in 1 Kalku Street, room 318.

5.2.   Deposits will be reimbursed if all contractual obligations have been fulfilled and the room is left in conformity with the inventory of fixtures drawn up when the Tenant took possession of the room. The reimbursement of deposit for room will be made after termination of the Tenancy Agreement and will be transferred to student’s account within one month after the departure.

5.3. The bank commission for transferring the refund back is covered by the student

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