Reports are due by Sept 15th, 2017

2017 Bluebird Recovery Program Printable  Report Form

Please Print clearly


Street Address

City                                                         State                  

 Zip Code                                              County          

Single Boxes Monitored                

Pair Boxes Monitored (2 boxes-15ft apart=one pair)

Number of Eggs Laid?

Number of Eggs Hatched?

Number of Birds Fledged?

Are you a Member of the Bluebird Recovery Program ?    Yes                    No

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Mail Report from to :Wally Swanson-128 South Buchanan-Waterville, MN 56096    

Questions call Wally @ 507-362-8760.   Email Wally at the following address: swansonw@frontiernet.net Thank you for taking the time to report