Orientation Document

Welcome to City Life RPG!

This document is going to provide you with all the information needed for a smooth start into City Life RPG.

Before you start reading this, make sure you have the City Life RPG Launcher installed which can be found here.

Once finished installing the launcher and reading this document you also have to make sure you got our mod fully downloaded before jumping on our TeamSpeak 3 server for your orientation interview.

During the orientation you will be asked a few questions to ensure you understand what you have read but you will also have the chance to ask questions if there is still something unclear.

Role Play

City Life RPG is a roleplay server. This means that you must play a role and act out playing that role. While on the server, you should consider your actions and whether they are appropriate in the situation.

It is not acceptable for you to shoot an officer of the CLPD or other civilians for no reason or an unjustifiable reason within your role.

For example: It is not in roleplay to shoot an officer who is giving you a speeding ticket.

You can, if there is a legitimate reason.

For example: You may have committed a crime, such as murder and are on the run from the CLPD and they are actively hunting you.

The Launcher

Once you installed our launcher please open your “SETTINGS” tab and ensure that the following options are ticked:

Also please make sure you logged in with your correct username which can also be checked in the “SETTINGS” tab. Your name needs to be typed in case sensitive, if that’s the case you got it right.

If you did not log in with your correct name un-tick the “Enable auto connect” option and close your launcher, reopen it and you will be able to log in again - this time with your correct name.

Once that is done check the “Enable auto connect” box again so you don’t have to login again every time you open the launcher.

You won’t be able to hit the “PLAY” button without finishing your orientation interview first. Once you finished the interview you will be assigned TeamSpeak tags at which point you will be able to play!

TeamSpeak 3 Tags

Upon joining our TeamSpeak 3 server for the first time you will notice that every member has a different set of TeamSpeak 3 tags assigned to them.

We use these tags to make it easier for everyone to see what member holds what responsibility within our community.

Here are some of our more important tags:

tags 2.png

Once you finished the orientation interview you will get the “Normal”, “Civilians” and the “Orientation” tag assigned.

Task Force ArmA 3 Radio

At City Life RPG we use a custom version of Task Force ArmA 3 Radio. This TeamSpeak 3 plugin is required in order to play on our server!

Follow these instructions in order to install TFAR:


  1. Make sure TeamSpeak 3 is completely closed.
  2. Open up your CityLife 3 launcher.
  3. Click on “PREFERENCE”.
  4. Click on “Task Force Radio Setup”.
  5. A message in the corner of your screen will tell you to enable the plugin on TeamSpeak.
  6. Open TeamSpeak 3.
  7. Go to “Tools”, then “Options” and then “Addons” and look for “Task Force Arma 3 Radio” in the list of your addons.
  8. If it’s not in the list click on “Reload All.

If this did not work for you or you encountered any issues during this setup, a helper will gladly help you install it during your orientation interview.

So what is TFAR and how does it work?

In order to play on our server you have to make sure you always have this plugin enabled and be on TeamSpeak at all times while playing on our server.

Once you are fully loaded into the game the plugin is going to move you into the “TFARServer1” or “TFARServer2” channel.

You have to stay in this channel while being on the server, otherwise people on the server will not be able to hear you and you won’t be able to hear them.

Instead of using the default “Direct Chat” you will have to use your TeamSpeak 3 Push-To-Talk button in order to talk in the immediate area.

If you leave that channel or get pulled out by an admin, make your way back into the channel as soon as possible by reloading your plugins.

By default, you are given a Mobile Phone. To open up your Mobile Phone  press Ctrl and P. If you are connected to a call, press “Caps Lock” in order to talk.

As a Civilian, long range radios are illegal and can only be bought at the Black Market.

Once bought from the Black Market, press Alt and P in order to bring up the interface - which works in the same way but looks different. To communicate press Ctrl and Caps Lock.

Clan Tags and XMLs

Here at City Life clan tags are not allowed at all as they incite unlawful and violent behaviour between rival external clans. All associations must be from within City Life RPG.

Example of what’s NOT allowed:

clant tag 2.png

Instead, we encourage the use of XMLs to indicate any people, company, gang or faction you are associated with in-game.

They are images on vehicles and tags at the end of your name that can be put on or taken off in the player profile of your ArmA 3.

xml 2.jpg

If you are interested in creating your own XML visit this page.

Bug Tracker

The Bug Tracker, or Feedback Tracker, is a tool we use to keep track of all the bugs that may occur ingame. Please report any bugs you see as soon as you can so we can fix them right away.

You can find the bug tracker by opening up our forums and check the top for the button that says “Feedback” - once you clicked on it, it will redirect you to a new page.

You will have to create an account on the bug tracker in order to use it - please make sure you use the same name as on the forums.

More information on how to report and retest bugs can be found here.

Besides reporting any bugs that you may encounter, the bug tracker is also there so you can post a replacement request if you lost something in-game due to a City Life related bug.

More information about the replacement requests can be found here.

The Cliki

The “Cliki” is City Life’s wikipedia page, it provides you with information about every aspect of City Life RPG!

City Life is a big, custom mod with a lot of possibilities and the Cliki will answer all of your questions in regards to our ingame systems, if you have any.

here is the link to Cliki, it can also be found on the “Apps” drop down menu and below the CHATBOX on our forums.

Skin Shop - Donations and Donating

City Life RPG operates a voluntary Donation Store to help pay the servers costs.

If you were to donate for a vehicle skin make sure you have 4x tires, 1x engine and 1x crushed metal block on you in order to claim your skin at our ingame donation store. If you don’t know how to obtain these items you can contact a Donation Admin who will then help you out.

We do NOT sell the vehicles, just the skins!

Bear in mind, you can only claim skins for your side of the mod.

For example: Civilians can only claim civilian vehicles and not EMT/CLPD ones.

The Skin Shop can be found here.

Alternatively, you can also donate to receive custom made skins for vehicles or clothing. More information can be found here.

If there’s nothing in the donation store you’d like to obtain but still want to support our community you do that here.

EMT Service & The CLPD

City Life Police Department

The CLPD is tasked with protecting civilians from harm and upholding the law. Laws can be found on the Cliki, as well as the in character punishments you will receive if you break them. If you have an issue with the conduct of an officer you can request a higher ranking officer or contact the CLPD Commander for a formal complaint.

If you are interested in joining the CLPD you have to be a member of our community for one week and be crime free for three days prior to applying.

Emergency Medical Technicians

The EMT Service provides medical aid and rescues. If you are in a situation where you are in need of medical attention e.g. you died the EMTs will be on their to you and will treat you appropriately.

You are not allowed to harm or kill EMTs, steal their equipment, gear or vehicles as they are a neutral party within the community.

If you are interested in joining the EMT Service you have to be a member of our community for one week and be crime free for three days prior to applying.

You will not be able to play either one of these roles until your application got accepted.

City Life Menus

At City Life RPG we use custom menus besides the default ArmA ones.

The Inventory

Used to hold all of your CL Items. It can be accessed by pressing “Shift + 1” or by using the scroll wheel menu and selecting “menu”.

On the top right, there are several actions which can be completed like “Use”, “Throw”, “Drop”, “Give To” and more.

So let’s say you wanted to hand someone 5x Water, in order to do that you’ll have to click on the drop down menu on the right side, select the name of the recipient and then select the item on right side followed by clicking on the “Give To” button.

You can change the quantity of the item by changing the default “1” to any number you wish.


The Action Menu

The action menu is used to perform various action such as interacting with your house or change your view distance. It can be opened by pressing CTRL + SPACE at the same time.

As a civilian, it is divided into three subsections:

Settings - here you can change some CLRPG ingame settings.

Generic - various options such as your vehicle key list or the Shite Chat.

Communications - this gives the options to send different messages all over the server and sides.

311: Non-emergency server-wide messages.

911: Emergency notices to the CLPD and EMT Service.

141: Anonymous server-wide messages with a random chance of being traced.


Server admins can still see who sent each 141s in the logs.

Taxi: Calls a taxi to your location.

Megaphone: This will broadcast your message within a 50 meter radius.

The Animation Menu 

You can access this menu by pressing: "~" (TILDE) or "`" (BACKQUOTE), directly below the Esc key on most keyboards.

While you are holding down the key you will be able to select and complete a particular animation.


Shop Menus

There are two menus associated with shops.


The first one gives you a few options:

shop 1.png

The second one is the inventory of the shop and the checkout:

shop 2.png

Finding Locations on the server

  1. Open map
  2. Click on "City Life RPG"
  3. Click on "Locations"
  4. Find where you want to go and click the link

Away from Keyboard - AFK

Members believed to be AFK whilst on TeamSpeak and in-game will be contacted by an Admin.

Failure to reply to the Admin within a certain amount of time will result in a kick from the server. If that happens multiple times you might receive a member report!

On our TeamSpeak 3 server you can find the “AFK” channel at the bottom for those of you who are AFK.

Whilst in-game, you do not want to end up in the AFK channel. It is only for the people that are not on the server!

If you are caught in there whilst playing, you will be punished as according to 5.7 of the rules.

In order to avoid being automatically moved to the AFK channel or kicked from the server (be it TeamSpeak or in-game), you cannot:

Once you are afk for 60 minutes (that is, without talking or switching channels), the server will move you into the AFK channel.


At City Life RPG, we have a zero tolerance for hackers.

If you are caught hacking on our server or you are caught with a different game key and/or a battleye global banned from any server you will be permanently banned from our community!

Unless you can prove that you’ve not hacked at all.

Even if the hacking wasn’t your fault and someone else did it on your account, it is your account and you are responsible for it!

Chain of Command

In City Life we have a chain of command. If you have a problem or a question follow this from top to bottom in order to receive help or to answer your questíon.

  1. Cliki 
  2. Friends
  3. FAQ
  4. Forum 
  5. TeamSpeak Helper Channel that is appropriate to your situation
  6. Helper
  7. TS Admin
  8. Sub Admin
  9. Super Admin

It is very important that you follow this at all times.

Do NOT directly contact a TeamSpeak, Sub or Super Admin.

Server Status and Restarts 

On TeamSpeak there is a group of channels which will tell you the status of the server.

If the switch is under the “Open [CONNECT AND UPDATE]” channel, you can connect and update.

If the switch is under the “Restarting [DONT CONNECT OR UPDATE]” channel, you should not connect or update.

If the switch is under the “Down [DONT CONNECT OR UPDATE]” channel, you should not connect or update.


If the server needs to be restarted or an update is about to be pushed you will be told to log off the server by an admin, so make your way to the next save point and log off.

You will be informed once the server has been restarted or once the updates are ready so you can reconnect.

Server Registration and Player Setup

When you join the server for the first time you need to pick a civilian slot.

After you have loaded in you will have to register an ingame account. This consists of entering your correct date of birth and a custom password to use.



After you have registered, a login box will appear and you will have to enter the same information again.

From now on you will only have to enter the same information when logging in.

Once you spawned in do not rush setting up your character. You will have an option in your scroll wheel menu saying “Player Setup” - click on that and you will be able to change your face and clothing.

Do not press “ESCor minimize the game while doing it as this might close the setup and your chance of creating your character is gone unless you are willing to donate for a face lift kit and also supporting our server at the same time.

Before you jump on our TeamSpeak 3 server for your orientation interview make sure you have done the following:

If that’s the case you are now ready to join our TeamSpeak 3 server and can get your orientation interview done by a helper.

Common Questions

Where can I download City Life RPG?

A guide on how to install City Life RPG can be found here.

Why do I get kicked off TeamSpeak upon connecting?

Your name is most likely wrong, make sure you connect to our TeamSpeak 3 server with your exact same forum username. It also needs to be case sensitive.

What should I do first when I’m on TeamSpeak?

If you have done all the things mentioned above then please jump into the “Waiting for my tag” channel.

If you still have questions even after reading this document please check out our FAQ page or ask a helper during your orientation interview.

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