Valhalla Camp 2017 Expectations and Dues

2017 Placement: 3:30 & D.  

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Updated 8/11/2017

Welcome, person.


If you received this doc as a formal dues request, please pay dues via either:


If you received this doc because you’re doing this thing with us or you think you want to do this thing with us, take a read through, ask us any questions you want.


Valhalla Work Days:


We currently have roughly 20 open positions as of 8/11/2017.  If you know people who want in give them this doc, then have them email Reggie and reference you.

Wtf is this?

Clearly we’re a Viking camp.  Obv.  

2017 will be our 4th year on playa together, but many of our campers are veterans of other camps before Valhalla.  The majority of our camp members are based in the San Francisco Bay area, but we have a wide range of Vikings scattered across the globe.  We tend to cap out around 50 people to keep the group still fairly tight, but not annoyingly tight.

Burning Man 2015                                        Burning Man 2016

So, like, what do you do?

All theme camps are public art projects. We build a Viking longhouse chill space, with a bar and some music, and invite the world to come hang out. The longhouse is 50’ x 25’, filled with giant platform beds, covered in sheep skin fur rugs, with beats and a bar. This is our art. This is what we’re giving to the Playa.  Some of our effort will go towards building and running that space, and we want to keep the camp safe, nice, and friendly.  We also tend to host a feast once in the middle of the week in said massive longhouse.  It's kind of a big deal.

If you don’t want to spend effort running a project for other people, you don’t want to camp in a theme camp.

Shit takes work, and while we all do the work together to lessen the load, its still effort and is expected of all camp members.

Seriously.  Look at this fucker.

Always remember: we did this on purpose.  Burning man is a week long festival held very far away in a place which closely resembles most cultures’ ideas of Hell. It is hard to get to. It is hard to leave. It takes work to survive. You will leave feeling like you went through a vision quest: exhausted, injured, bone tired, with strange new ideas about your life. You will also have some interesting scars.

We are all on the same crazy trip with you. It’s a lot of work for all of us; we’re all going to be tired, and sore, and trying our best. We need you to smooth things over, clean things out, and work to make everyone else’s trip as smooth as a brain melting vision quest to the desert can be; and in return, we’ll do the same for you.

That time we did that thing in the place and everybody came 2016 Edition.

So that’s your art n’ shit, but what about how the camp works?

Valhalla offers a number of amenities to its members in exchange for dues and labor of love.  This is what is currently budgeted for and in the works for 2017:

UHaul Truck

Somethings gotta get all this crap there.


Drinkable and grey.  There’s a camp solar shower to clean your business or someone else’s business with.

Full kitchen - Meal plan + Snacksgiphy.gif

All food, snacks, and water are included in the dues. You need enough food and water to DRIVE TO Valhalla, but once you’re here we got you.  

We do a day of cooking pre-playa that covers everyone’s meals on playa.  This isn’t gnawing a biscuit of dry ramen.  You’ll eat better on playa that you most likely eat a home. This covers all food, cooking utensils, plates, napkins, and compostable forks.  We can accommodate diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-intolerance, etc if you let us know ahead of time. (see that shit?  Its in a color, which means its important)  If you have something super weird, like only shark intestines, you’re probably better bringing stuff, though.  Also, snacks:  fuck yeah.

We have been to the playa many times. The desert does weird things to your ability to eat food at all, most people can only put about ⅓ of their regular food portions in their stomach before they are DONE. Eating well on the playa is about protein and fat and sugar, meals that are simple to prepare, and simple to clean up. We’ll be doing a lot of pre-cooking and freezing, and we want help with that.  We also provide runner's salt tablets, to replace the salts sweated out in the heat.  

Tent City/Shade

We have a huge shade structure from Black Rock Hardware to put tents under (think 2880 sq ft).  Everyone’s tent should fit (hexayurts won’t), so you’ll be slightly less hot than those other people.  Don’t bring your own shade.  We gots this.

Shade.  That’s cool.


A Bar

There’s a bar in that MF longhouse, which means there’s alcohol.  Note if you’re interested in working bar shifts you need to be cleared with Reggie first.


Legit. You could have all this and more.giphy.gif

That’s chill.  What am I agreeing to?

Work Time

Everyone wants a successful camp experience; and that means everyone works. When everyone works, no one works as hard, and you’re hanging out with your friends.  We have an on playa shift schedule that lets us rotate through members helping to cook and/or keep the camp clean and semi respectable.  Members are expected to work 4 shifts on playa.  If you know you’re camping with us now is the time to sign up for shifts before you’re stuck cooking breakfast every morning.  If you want to trade shifts with someone talk to Reggie or Nerine (like nectarine, but sweeter ;)


The goal of the Valhalla Work Shift Policy is to clearly communicate to new burners the level of work they are expected to contribute to run a week long party, and to overstaff all shifts. Like a good orgy, extra hands are the key to success.  This makes the work fast, easy, over quickly, and done with friends.

We members must also help setup or tear down the camp.  Camp strike is super important; we can’t leave until the camp spot is PRISTINE; and it hurts us if people party too hard and then leave before we’re done tearing down.  For those setting up we can provide early entry passes.  For those that would like to tear down we do so on Saturday and Sunday with the intention of being complete before Temple Burn so we’re not crying while trying to take down the longhouse.  


Bar Shifts

Working a Burner bar isn’t really work.  It kind of is, but not really.  Its mainly a lot of fun, but you can’t work the bar unless Reggie has checked you out on it.  Being busted by the cops for serving underage people is REALLY NOT FUN, and we aren’t going to do that.  If you want a bar shift talk to Reggie first.

Off Playa Work

We expect 2 work days from members pre-playa, and help unloading the truck after Burn.  This typically goes down at NIMBY (Oakland) where we store all our goodies or someone’s house for a cooking day.  The goal is to have more people that needed for the job so the job isn’t as big of a deal.  It also kind of turns into a small party before the big party (bring alcohol).  

Valhalla Work Days:


All campers are expected to pay dues, but we’ve also never turned someone away due to their inability to pay them.  We’re a flexible people and are shooting for what’s fair.  Those not local are found other jobs they can do from their location and/or are subject to additional dues.   Dues for 2017 are $350.  I encourage you to check out the budget and ask any questions you may have.

I’m down with all that.  What’s next?

Its critical that you get in touch with Reggie immediately with:

Sign up for camp work shifts and mark the pre-playa workdays on your calendar.

Read the sexual consent and assault document.  Legit.  This is important and if we’ve found you haven’t read the policy its grounds for expulsion from the camp.

Join the Facebook group if you’re not already a member.

Once you’re confirmed in by Reggie pay your dues.

Misc Viking Stuff

Early Arrival For Build!

Early Arrival allows Burners to travel to the desert in advance of most participants to build their camps and art. We have 15 Early Arrival passes for 2017. We drive up Thursday/Friday for a Friday entrance. This is a build trip, it’s several days of work on the playa to setup the camp. Early Arrival counts towards your Valhalla work days. If you’re interested in Early Arrival, let us know.

Gender / Race / Sexuality / Monogamy Diversity

Valhalla is as diverse as we can recruit. We’ve had a range of race, gender, sexual, and relationship-style identities from the beginning. We have strict anti-harassment policies, and a written sexual assault policy.

Sexual Consent and Assault

We have a written sexual consent and assault policy (which could use some polish). You need to read it. We will not put up with coercion or harassment of any kind, by anyone in or visiting our camp. Everyone in our camp is empowered to enforce this, aggressively.

We don’t provide shipping

Shipping people’s stuff turns into a huge mess, and crazy inflates our load and unload times. Unless you are in the early arrival crew, your stuff doesn’t go on the truck. This also makes strike and truck load MUCH easier for everyone.

Please Use Playa Bike Repair Bike Rental

PBR is a very established camp. If you’re going to buy a bike for the playa, just rent one from PBR, because you don’t have to transport it!  Do it NOW, because the rates go up. As of 8/11, the rental rate is $250.


Will there really be enough food?giphy.gif

Yes. YES. We always leave the playa with extra food. There will be enough food.

I’m vegan / vegetarian / gluten sensitive

State your piece now.  The meal plan is laid out, and is being prepared in a base+protein arrangement, where you add the protein you need (or not if you’re not into that). We’re accommodating those that have spoken up, but if the count is off because you didn’t speak up that sucks for you. These are common food restrictions in the Bay Area, and we’re experienced dealing with them if we know they exist.

What if I paid dues, but I can’t go?

No refunds after Aug 10th. Valhalla isn’t a company; it’s a bunch of people going camping. We spend your money on food; we can’t get it back if you back out.