Linking Hyperlinks and Documents to Words and Phrases

Are messy links in your course getting out of control?




Don’t show your creative file naming conventions. In-line hyperlinks are easy to create. We’ll have your documents and urls organized with just a few quick steps.


Linking Websites

First, plan and write out your text. Then highlight the phrase that you would like the url to be attached to.




Next, click on the Hyperlink button. Look for the chain-link in the toolbar.




A new window will open. Type or paste the url of the website into the indicated textbox and click Submit. Note: It’s a good practice to get into the habit of making sure your links Open in a New Window. Go ahead and click on that checkbox. This makes navigation of materials outside of Blackboard much easier.



The url will appear as follows and is now linked to the phrase of your choice:




Attaching Files to Words and Phrases


First, plan and write out your text. Then highlight the phrase that you would like the url to be attached to AND copy the phrase (either by right clicking or using CTRL+C).



Next, click on the Attach File button. Look for the paperclip in the toolbar.




A new window will open. Navigate to the area where the file you would like to link is housed by clicking the Browse My Computer button.



Once the file is attached you’ll see the name of the file (as you have it saved on your hard drive) in the box highlighted below. We want to use the phrase that we copied to our clipboard though so delete that text.


Then paste the copied phrase into the Name of Link to File textbox.



Click Submit to preview your changes.




Finally, click Submit in the text area one additional time to save your edits.


The file will now appear as a linked phrase instead of a file path.




Be Careful!


Sometimes Blackboard will add additional spaces after the phrases you’ve linked or attached files to. If your url or linked file appear like this:




Simply backspace to remove the extra character and tidy up your work.