Agenda for Council Meeting #2

Monday, October 29, 2012

6:00pm, Price Center Forum


 I.  Call to order [6:05pm]

II.  Approval of agenda [6:05pm]

A.              Amendments to include committee appointments.

III.  General announcements and public comment [6:06pm]

A.            Wednesday, October 31st, Halloween Bash, 6pm in PC Ballroom, Hillcrest shuttle extended to midnight

B.        Sugar Skull painting at the Loft, Tuesday, October 30th

IV.  SFAC / Lance Hepler [6:09pm]

A.            Looking for 2 graduate representatives to serve on SFAC

B.            With continuing budget costs, the committee has a lot more responsibility, essential to gain graduate participation on the committee

C.       Committee meets Fridays, 12-2pm

V.  Vote II on the new governing documents [6:12pm]

A.              Motion to strike current constitution and pass the amended document

B.              Language changed to flow better and remain consistent, follows more logical order, updated to best reflect current GSA standards

C.              Passes, new constitution is adopted

VI.  Introduction of amended election bylaws [6:15pm]

A.            Like the amended constitution, it is mostly cleanup—clarification of syntax and consistency

B.            Will be voted on the next council meeting

VII.  Introduction of new elected and appointed officer bylaws [6:18]

A.          VP Diversity will serve as a graduate representative to graduate life steering Committee

B.          Moved VP Diversity to where the other Vice Presidents are located, was previously in the appointed positions section

C.          VP Academic asks to strike two committees from the bylaws since there is no record of their existence and amend “Academic Dishonesty Hearing Board” to “Academic Integrity Board”

D.          VP External Affairs points out typo, President suggests that VP Internal be able to make such amendments on her own.

VIII.  Presentation by VP Diversity [6:22pm]

A.        Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues has a position open

B. Other committees have open positions, contact VP Diversity

IX.  Finance Bills* [6:24pm]

A.            GRF 01: $900 to Carson Dance for Cog Sci Happy Hours  

1.    Motion to approve. Seconded.

2.    Question as to why the dollar amount requested increased. Higher attendance requires more food.

3.    Motion passes.

B.  GRF 02 & DRF 01: $500 / $177 DRF to Siddhartha Nath and Roshni Chandrashekar   for AIGS Diwali.

1.                  Requesting more money because of projected higher attendance.  

2.                  Motion to approve. Seconded. Motion passes.

C.  GRF 03: DRF to Siddhartha Nath and Roshni Chandrashekar for AIGS Diwali.

1. Motion to approve. Seconded.

D. APRF 05:  $495 from APRF to Rachel Morrison and Hao Ye for R – users weekly meetings.

1.  Funded $560 last year, but scaled back for this year.

2.  Motion to approve. Seconded. Motion passes.

E.  LIF 01:  $750 from LIF to Neha Chachra and Rakesh Varna for buying refrigerator for CSE Graduate Students Lounge.

1.    Motion to approve. Seconded.

2. Even though GSA is only partially funding the refrigerator, it is still property of GSA.

F.  DRF 02:  $500 from DRF to Ashvin Kini for Queer Pin@y Conference: Pre-Conference Institute

1.      50 Graduate students expected

2.      Motion to approve. Seconded. Motion passes.

*For complete versions of the finance bills please see below.X.  Committee appointments: [6:31pm]  

X. Committee Appointments

A.  To the Finance Committee: Roshni Chandrashekhar, Shokufeh Nourollahi, and Jennifer Tseng  

1.      Motion to approve. Seconded. Motion passes.  

B.              Campus Community Board—Dniel Jacobsen, Chris Ahn, Nathan Combes

1.      Motion to approve. Seconded. Motion passes.

C.              Internal slate.

1.      Advisory Committee on Sustainability, Tamara Lynn Sheldon (2 year appointment)  

2.      ARCHAC, Michael Rivera, Carson Dance

3.      Bookstore Advisory Committee – Daniel Schwartz

4.      Chemical Safety and Surveillance Committee, John Ballard

5.      Wellness Cluster Student Advisory Board (WCSAB) – Tram Dang, Vanessa Cabling

D.              Diversity appointments—Lynn Waterhouse, Nathan Wood-Cohan

XI.  Call for agenda items for Council Meeting #3 [6:36pm]

A.            Request to make GSA events more family inclusive.

XII.         Adjourn [6:39]



Attendance: Mat Jarvis, Emily Elizabeth Goodman, Jordan Gosselin, Rahul Kapadia, Ash Arianpour, Taylor Bright, Don Johnson, Scott Guenther, Lara Bullock, Jacqui Le, Roshni Chandrashekhar, Chris Ahn, Dan Jacobsen, Priyal Thakur, Jeremy Davis-Turak, Michael Yu, Shigeki Miyake-Stoner, Shokufeh Nourollahi, Chris Abdullah, Jackie Ward, Anthony Rush, Dan Frost, Richard Tibbles. Brie Iatarola, Russell Reas, Rakesh Varna, Garo Bournoutian, Travis Brayak, Shayla Melo, Sayanan Sivaraman, Joe Smalley, David Idol, Robert Terrell, Patrick Hennigan, Yutaka Ishida, Anthony Nguyen, Laura Andersen, Daniel Hoff, Hossein Sadeghi, Darcy Barron, Michael Rivera, Nicole Henniger, Lynn Waterhouse, Danielle Ishihara, Jennifer Tseng, Scott Ouellette