Discuss these questions with those around you.

1. From what you remember from the presentations, what laws were common across each ancient civilization?

2. Does making something law make it happen?  In other words, do people always follow the law?

3. Several of you had schooling and education as part of your empire.  Should education be something that is mandated by the government?

4. Several of you had laws that told people to “treat each other equally.”  What does it mean to be “equal” under the law and how do you think you would enforce this law?

5. Several of you had laws guaranteeing a job or saying that people had to work.  What does it mean to “contribute to society” and how do you think this law would be enforced?

6. What are the problems with the law of “an eye for an eye”?  What are the benefits to this law?

7. One of the laws in Rome was to kill a child if they were born deformed.  Should we allow abortion if a child is not going to live a full and complete life?

8. Can we make laws that force people to be “happy” in the “Love/Belonging” category of Maslow’s hierarchy?  For example, some groups had laws mandating dating or marriage by a certain age, or having a friend, etc.

9. One group had laws that mandated having children.  Is it part of morality to reproduce?

When I say there are a few minutes left, answer this question as a group:

10. What is better having 10 laws or 100?