Obesity has become more common among college going girls. The main cause of this epidemic is their pattern and behavior of breakfast consumption. This study evaluates breakfast consumption habits and their physical activity on a large scale.

Design: A dietary questionnaire was prepared for the evaluation of the breakfast consumption of the college going girls that included 2 weekdays and 2 weekends. Total numbers of steps were also recorded each day to measure their physical activity level. The study was carried out as a part of Nutritional Survey Project in Girl’s colleges in Mumbai

Subject: A population sample of Hundred (n=100) college going girls, aged 17 to 21 yrs. participated in the study.

Methodology: The sample was divided into Breakfast consuming girls (n=50) and Non-Breakfast consuming girls (n=50). We evaluated Breakfast eating habits and Physical Activity through Pedometer before and after the educational intervention of both the categories of the sample size.

The objectives was to assess the nutritional status and physical activity pattern of college going students an study the level of physical activity in college going girls. Inclusion criteria was only adolescents & young adult participants and history of disease condition, or currently on medication, smoking, alcohol, caffeine were excluded.

Conclusion: There is a positive association between breakfast consumption and an increased physical activity in regular breakfast eaters. Breakfast consumption increases macro nutrient in the diet and a habit of healthy food choices.