® ℠  [1] LLC
New York NY


February 26 2017

The url ® ℠  has remained under the same control and ownership since its inception in 1996.

The url was obtained February 12, 1996;  and has remained under the continuous stewardship of ® LLC, a New York State LLC. ® LLC obtained USPTO Reg. No. 3,210,640 on February 20, 2007. ® LLC obtained a USPTO acknowledgement of a filing of its Certificate of Incontestability on October 13, 2012.

The web site is operated by ® LLC.

Operating History:

Starting in about 2006, ® ℠ began working exclusively with

In 2002, was purchased by Travelocity.

Travelocity went on to purchase a UK competitor, ® ℠ worked exclusively with Travelocity’s World Choice Travel Division  from 2002 until Travelocity was split up and sold in pieces in 2013/14.

World Choice Travel (the Travelocity division we worked with) was acquired by Orbitz’s Partner Network Division.

Through November 2016, all travel services sold at ® ℠ were supplied by Orbitz.

In that sense, wasactually no more than a home page which redirects to the Orbitz’s Partner Network Division’s fulfilment website.

[insert recent changes re Priceline].

New ideas:

We’d like to enter the business of publishing news about last minute deals.: and we welcome proposals.

[1] USPTO Reg. No. 3,210,640