WAL how to find the perimeter and area of some classroom objects.

Term 4





P= 2 (L + B) mm,cm,m

A = L x B/W

(sq mm,sq cm,sq m)

Maths book

L=25 sq cm        B=20 sq cm

P=45 sq cm

L= 25 sq cm

B =20 sq cm

A =500 sq cm

Modelling book

L=40 sq cm        B=30 sq cm

P=70 sq cm

L=40 sq cm      B=30 sq cm

A=1200 sq cm

Large Rectangular Table

L=120 sq cm   B=80 sq cm

P=200 sq cm

L=120 sq cm   B=80 sq cm

A=1600 sq cm

Tote tray

L=40 cm     B=25 sq cm

P=65 sq cm

L=40 sq cm B=25 sq cm

A=1000 sq cm

Learning Reflection

I found this hard because I did not understand how to do the area

and it took a long time to figure out the answer and I found getting the answer for the perimeter easy because you just had to measure the perimeter and you had to add them together.