Belcarra USBLAN for Windows  


1.0 Driver Overview

 1.2    Address management and discovery

 1.3    Composite Function

2.0 Evaluation - Demo Driver

3.0 Installation Kit

4.0  OEM Kit Customization

5.0    Operation

5.1    IP Address Configuration

Windows can configure the IPv4 address using:

This is accomplished via the standard Windows networking configuration.

5.2    Media Status

The USBLAN driver will indicate the correct Media Status, one of the following:

The USBLAN driver will indicate the response to Management Network Notifications from the USB Device if the device:

This allows the device to control the configuration of the host (PC) network interface and when (or if) Windows applications can use it.

In all other cases USBLAN will indicate the Media status as Media connected for the duration of the connection.

N.B.: RNDIS devices indicate Media Connected when the OID_GEN_CURRENT_PACKET_FILTER_REQUEST is sent

5.3    Multiple Devices

Multiple supported USB devices can be used at the same time. Each will have its own Network interface.

5.3.1   Installation of Multiple Devices with Serial Numbers

The first time a USB device is connected that can be uniquely identified (vendor ID, product ID and device serial number) Windows installs the drivers for that device. Regardless of which USB port the device is plugged into Windows continues to use the drivers and configuration associated with the device.

A similar device (same vendor ID and product ID) with a different USB serial number will require installation of drivers and will have a separate network configuration even if plugged into the same USB port.

Likewise, plugging a device with a unique serial number into a different serial port maintains the same driver.

5.3.2   Installation of Multiple Devices without Serial Numbers

USB devices that do not have USB serial numbers are associated with specific USB ports to which they are connected. This has two side effects:

Another device with the same vendor and product ID, but with no serial number plugged into the same port previously used for another device will not require driver installation and will use the network configuration associated with that USB port.

6.0  Debug

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