Major Studio 1

     Associate professor. Anezka Sebek


Jiyeon Kang




     My Target Audience needs to check their health states in a more interesting way. Also, people need a relaxing moment that allow them to realize their existence by focusing themselves in just a moment.

     The history of this problem is started from the fact that checking their daily health condition is a hassle and boring job. Also, people sometimes forget their existence as a human being and their heart is still lively beating every seconds in their busy daily lives.


     When researching the context of this problem, many other designers have addressed this problem in way of showing their health data via health apps that just show graph types of data in a direct way on wearable devices. Based on my research of biophilic psychology, I could infer that people would prefer natural objects in nature over formulaic graphs.


     Instead, I propose a visualization of their health data (heart beats) with a symbol of nature. From the dynamic shape combined a tree and a heart, people can feel their life with the breath of nature. Basically, I wanted to give people a moments to be able to focus on their being by watching the interface designed a connection with the visualization of a heart of tree while feeling their heart beats. Also, I visualized “empathy with nature” metaphorically.


     When testing my idea with my target audience, a lot of people like the symbol of nature and really concentrate on the experience, feeling their pulses. Thus, I decided that they would respond well to check their health states and hope to test my series of low resolution prototypes with my target audience to see how it works in practice.





     I will be making a wearable gadget (band) that tracks people’s heart beat with a pulse sensor and shows a visualization of their real-time pulse. The look and feel will address the preferences of my target audience in dynamic way. The project will be made out of Arduino Pulse Sensor and Processing visualization. So, I connected Arduino to Processing by Serial Communication function.

     The project will be tested in the context of use by the target audience and its role in their lives.  Implementation will be tested, as prototypes will be achieved as prototype resolutions become more refined and robust.