Character: Adaran Vulkax; Ruthless Labrador master swordsman .

=Combat Stats=

HP:9/9  FP:2/6

ATT:10 DEF:5 VIT:3







=Special Moves=

Dark blood: Vulkax will go into a unstoppable attack that does double damage but has a low hit chance, on the next turn takes half extra damage from all ranged and magic attack when using this move.

Fear master: This attack can cause the one opponent to skip next attack on roll 4 or 6 misses on all other rolls.

sharp edge: a fast attack that can't miss but does recoil damage.


Sword master: when attacking with swords vulkax does half extra damage, but when attacking with non sword weapons or magic only does half damage

Ruthless: Will always hit first on draw rolls, will take less damage from non sharp weapons.

Sword keeper: Sword in the possesion of allies in his group will give the user 1 extra attack point.

=Quick Info=

Adaran Vulkax, ruthless Labrador master swords man, wears light armour. Gold highlighs on his gauntlets to show his prowess with the blade.


Vulkax is a male black Labrador, about 6'7 in height, thin and extreamly athleatic, brown eyed, serious and lightly musseled a ex-sword master turned hero, his name is know in every corner of his homelands, he is very untrusting of magic users he will only fight if forced too and has only one task, to kill the man who has tried to kill him so very many times, he does not know the name of his attack but knows his face, and his golden edged sword.

-Other notes-

Vulkax will always have 3 scabbards on him even if he has one sword, he hates birds with a passion and will not believe a word they say, any sword he uses is forever sharp due to his deep knowledge into swords.

Basic Background.

Not much is know about him than what he says, he is a sword master, the greatest in his homelands, he talks with an unknown accent that he would seem to have picked up from his travels, he would appear to know some magic but due to his distrust of magic he never uses it.