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Policies and Procedures  

Subject: Fiscal Accountability

Effective Date:

Policy Section:  FINANCES

Supersedes Policy and Procedure No:

P & P No: 3

Approved on: 6-21-11

Approved by: Board

Reviewed: 9-27-12, 9-23-14, 10-04-16

PURPOSE:        To ensure fiscal accountability and protection of organization funds from misappropriation.

POLICY:     The executive director may approve an expenditure of petty cash or other funds of up to $5,000 pesos.  Expenditures of more than 5,000 pesos must be approved by an officer of the Board of Directors.

                     No staff person or volunteer may order work to be done or purchases of materials to be made that costs more than 200 pesos without prior approval by executive director.  Without a receipt or factura (see P & P #1) money will not be reimbursed.

        No staff person or volunteer should order staff or volunteers to do projects that will require expenditures for the purchase of materials unless they have been approved by the executive director.

        All contracted labor not included in the board approved budget must have prior approval by the a Board of Directors member.

RESPONSIBLE PERSON(S):   Board of Directors


  1. A staff person who sees a need for the purchase of resources or labor should get approval from the director before making any commitments to buy things, contract with persons to do labor, or tell other staff to do jobs that will require the purchase of materials.

  1. When a staff person wishes to make an expenditure of more than $200 pesos and the executive director is not available to ask for approval, the expenditure should be delayed until the executive director returns.

  1. If the executive director is not available and an officer of the board can not be reached, the President may authorize expenditures which she/he deems to be of urgent need (see P & P #1)

  1. All those who pay for services and materials should always request a written

      receipt and a factura” (Mexican invoice) which should be given to the executive  

           director and a copy sent to the President.

  1. Any staff person or volunteer who makes a purchase or pays for services out of their personal funds must consider this as a donation if the purchase has    

       not been pre-approved. 

EVALUATION: Review bi-annual