Oklahoma Slow Pitch Coaches’ Association

Making Strides in the Advancement

Of High School Slow Pitch Softball


Dear All-Stater:


Congratulations on being selected as an Oklahoma Slow Pitch All-Stater! You have received the highest honor that can be awarded to a student-athlete in our state. You will have the pleasure of playing at the Oklahoma Christian University’s Softball Complex on Saturday, June 17th. The Small(A-2A) Schools will play at 11a.m. The Middle (3A-4A) Schools will play at 1p.m. The Large (5A-6A) Schools will play at 3p.m.


This letter is to inform you of certain obligations that are required of you and your coach. First, each All-Stater is required to purchase an ad in the All-State program. The cost of the ad is $100 per player. Your school or booster club is usually happy to help with this expense, or sometimes local businesses or relatives will assist in paying for your ad.


Concerning the ad itself, you may design your own page, including pictures and artwork or you can simply send the information required. You can email the pictures and information, or send them on a CD in the mail. We will need at least two photos for the program. The team page requires a head shot. It must be a head shot only, (example-Senior Picture or School Picture). The head shot must be in portrait orientation. The other photo/photos will be included on your ad page and may be of your choosing. Please read the enclosed note about the specifics for the pictures and artwork for the ads.


Please mail your checks for the ads too Leland Williams, PO Box 244, Arapaho, Oklahoma 73620 by June 1, 2016. Please make you checks payable to OSSCA. (Other contact information is listed at the end of the letter.)


Blunck’s Studio will take pictures of teams and individuals. The A-2A  pictures will begin at 9:30 a.m.; the 3A-4A  pictures will begin at 11:30 a.m. and the 5A-6A  pictures will be taken at 1:30 p.m. on the south side of the stadium.  It is imperative that you arrive on time. We will not delay the team pictures for anyone who is late. Also this is where you will check in with your All-State coach.


Mr. Butch Taron, a representative from the Herff Jones Company, will be available so you may order an All-State ring. Each All-Stater is responsible for buying her own ring.


If you choose not to or will not be able to participate you must call Leland Williams, OSSCA President, at (918)774-3536. We will then get an alternate to replace you on the All-State team. It is important to understand that if you do not show up for the games on Saturday, June 17TH, you will not be recognized as an All-State Player. You will not receive the plaque nor will you be able to purchase a ring. Your school will be notified by letter that you did not attend. We must do this to maintain the integrity of the game and ensure participation.

Also, if we have not received your ad page by June 1, an alternate will be selected to take your place. If I am unavailable to answer your questions please call Chris Ray (918) 716-0051 or Paul Watts at (580)372-0936.


All-Staters, please wear your school’s uniform to play in the All-State game; bring your glove, bat, helmet; and ask your high school coach to attend and escort you during introductions. The Slow Pitch Coaches’ Association will give you a t-shirt and plaque to commemorate the occasion. Other t-shirts will be available for family and friends to purchase. We hope your experience will be one you remember for a lifetime. Again, congratulations and we look forward to seeing you on June 17th.







Leland Williams, President Email: lwilliams@arapaho.k12.ok.us


Paul Watts, Vice President


Chris Ray, Executive Secretary