Tinker Session

Add your apps & thoughts about how you would/could/might/will use what  you’ve seen so far.





For my Earth Science unit, I’d like to explore using the app to have students explore various landforms and assess their understanding of how these structures are formed.  


Allows you to edit and annotate 360 images and videos, to essentially create your own Google Expedition.


New York Times stories in VR - interesting stories and a way to explore some in more depth

Google Street View Camera

- I could use this to photograph art shows and art pieces. This would also be a great way for students to share artworks? I was talking with some people and you could also include a student talking about their artworks. This would also be great for students who are drawing outside to record the space. Then they can refer to their phones as drawing for more ideas while they are inside.



Not available in all countries yet, but has some really interesting content - looking at GAZA and Syria

Google Streetview Camera

Google streetview.jpg

I think that this would be useful for any unit, but most especially whenever asking students to narrate a physical journey (e.g. hike, tour, etc.). Particularly, I think that I will try it with my upcoming unit of inquiry on Sharing the Planet (Biodiversity).

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Where I have been collecting articles, apps, tips, etc. about VR and AR in education.

Jaunt VR

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Over 100 VR videos

Discovery VR

VR videos, including many from the channel’s popular shows, like Mythbusters, Shark Week, and Seeker.


Really cool interactive stories about all kinds of topics. I was just thinking one is about reef destruction...my first graders are studying issues surrounding oceans right now. Really want to “lead” kids on an exploration of this movie/reef so they can see and explore the difference between healthy reefs and destroyed reefs.

360 Panarama

Capture 360 photo spheres that can be saved to the camera roll. Hooray!

VR- viewer

Viewer that enables you to open photo spheres from camera roll.

Wordpress plugin

Enables you to upload photo spheres to Wordpress blogs and then interact with them on tablet and desktop browser.


Mr. Caffey

As an art teaching, giving students a context for works of art can be hard, especially with younger students. We have an Egyptian art unit coming up. Egypt AirPano is an Google Expedition that has 5 scenes that I can use to start I will have my students all connect to this using CARDBOARD when possible. I think it will really give the students a sense of SCALE. Scale is a hard concept to teach in a classroom. I think that using CARDBOARD and exhibitions will be a great way for me to introduce Egypt students to students and introduce the concept of SCALE. One of the goals of this unit it to discover the characteristics of Egyptian Art. We can also have a look at Assyrian art and see some of the similarities of characteristics to Egyptian art.  Hope to find more museums in Expeditions.

Reality hacker.

Many different options to use. Sobal Edge makes everything look like a drawing. You can also show people what the world looks like if you are colour blind. This would be a great way for students to simply the world they are looking at when drawing. I have a student , T, who has special learning needs and she gets frustrated really fast. I’m wondering if by using this program, it would help her visually see the simplifications one makes when drawing. So that then perhaps, she can train her eyes to see it without the VR cardboard.