Year 3 Newsletter Term 4 2015


Welcome back.  We have made it to Term 4! This is another busy but exciting term so keep an eye out for details on the activities and learning experiences in the newsletters each fortnight..

Welcome to our new families. Please remember that we see every child as important so don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or the Year 3 Team Leader in Room 17 (Mrs Rist) with any queries or concerns.

Term Focus

This term, we continue our focus on Wellbeing. Please come along to the auditorium to view our Inquiry Showcase.  It is a celebration of all our inquiry learning about Wellbeing this year. Amazing discoveries were made, problems were solved, plans were made, ideas were investigated closely and we discovered how different things affect our wellbeing and how to look after ourselves. 

The display is open in the auditorium from 8:30am until 3:30pm from the 27th - 30th October.

Later this term our learning will be based around books. Different books will be read, characters will be described, investigations will be launched and yes, we will dress up for a book character parade. Get those costumes ready!

Each Friday for the next five weeks, each Year 3, 4, 5, and 6 student will be involved in an activity that will promote choice, collaboration with others and learning a new skill. Please ask your child what they’re doing and what new skills they have learnt.

Being sun safe

Hats are compulsory this term.  There is a ‘No Hat, No Play’ policy this term.  This means that if any child comes to school without a hat, they will sit in the shade area on the deck during lunch or morning tea breaks.

School hats can be purchased from the uniform shop. A reminder also that correct uniform is to be worn and this includes black sandals or shoes. Students who are not in correct school uniform will need a note from parents.

Dates for this term

Week 3  

26 October - Labour Day

27 - 29 October - Inquiry Showcase

28 October - Kelly Sports Day

30 October - Mufti Day

Week 5 

6 November - Soccer Clinics

13 November - Room 17 Buddy Day

Week 7 

5 November - Rooms 17 and 18 to Te Tuhi

23 - 26 November - Scholastic Book Display in Library

26 November - Student Led Conferences

27 November - Book Character Parade

Week 8

2 December - Grandparents Day

Week 9

10 December - Celebration Concert

     Y 1 & 2 - 6.00- 6.30 pm

     Y 3 & 4 - 6.30 -7.00 pm  

     Y 5 & 6 - 7.00 - 7.30 pm

11 December - Principal’s Assembly

Week 10

14 December - Final Awards Assembly

15 December - School year ends @ 1.00 pm


These are work in progress by the students and the teachers. The students appreciate their parents and family members taking time to visit their e-Portfolio blogs and commenting on the work they have shared.  Students will upload more evidence of their learning and reflections into the e-Portfolio blogs as the term progresses.

Formal teacher feedback on achievement was uploaded to the e-Portfolio sites at the end of Term 3 and further comments will be made during Term 4. Please remember the sites need a login to be accessed.

PE and Arts

This term the Year 3 students will participate in PE sessions that will cover basic athletics skills.  The skills taught will be long jump, high jump, throwing and sprinting. Later in the term the Year 1-3 students will take part in a fun sports day that will use some of these skills. This term we are again fortunate to have Youth Town deliver a skills-based programme to our students.

Learning at Home

This term your child will still be bringing books home as part of their guided reading programme in class. Later in the term they may not have a class reader so they are encouraged to read from the library books or read a book from your own collection.  We would appreciate your support  in helping your child continue to practice their basic facts and spelling homework each week. These skills support our Writing, Reading and Maths programmes.  

Litter Free Lunches

We are working towards being a rubbish free school.  We encourage the children to try and bring  food in reusable or recyclable containers.

Rooms 17 and 18 are responsible for the worm farm and the compost bin and we can recycle fruit and food scraps by feeding the scraps to the worms in the worm farm or putting them in the compost bins. The children are asked to take their other rubbish home each day.

Activity Fees

Please help us by making sure your child’s activity fee of $25 is paid early in the term. You are welcome to discuss payment options with the office staff.  If you are unsure about this please speak to your child’s teacher. This will ensure your child is able to participate fully in all this term’s activities.

You are welcome to pay online through internet banking but please ensure to include your child’s name and room number in the reference:

ASB Highland Park

Elm Park School Board of Trustees    

Account no.   12-3109-0012543-02