Racin Topia Concept

RACIN TOPIA, the racing omniverse

This is the concept for RACIN TOPIA, the racing omniverse. For practical reasons, RACIN TOPIA will be referred to as RT from here on. RT is meant to be a virtual world for racing enthusiasts. It is to be the place where they can virtually live their passion.

RT is a meant to serve multiple causes:

- A virtual world where ideas for real life racing are simulated/tested.

- A platform for modders/artists to live their ideas.

- A substitute for real life racing. Real life racing currently doesn't have the immediacy that virtual racing provides.


The RT levels of zoom:

- island (single race track),

- continent (consists of multiple islands),

- planet (consists of multiple continents),

- planetary system (consists of multiple planets),

- galaxy (consists of multiple planetary systems),

- universe (consists of multiple galaxies),

- multiverse (consists of multiple universes),

- omniverse (all multiverses).

- A platform geared towards racing vehicles with 4 and 2 wheels while supporting any other type of racing.

- Participants can construct tracks and vehicles with the given content or create them from scratch and implement them into the game (modding).

- Annual (or more frequent) Jochen Rindt Show where the track and car creations done in the Bruce McLaren Studio are presented.

- Sandbox for cars (wind tunnel, dyno, etc) and tracks (weather, lighting, etc)

- Not just a racing game but a powerful tool for people to build and grow on.

- Simulator and Arcade Modes



- In the middle: parks / galleries / etc.

- Ovals min 2 and max 6 turns.

- Max 11,25° of positive or negative banking.

- Max 11,25° of uphill or downhill direction.

- Each track crosses itself.

- Each track made for minimum 12 and maximum 144 cars.

- Transparency for each component that can be switched on and off.

- Tracks can be raced in both directions.

- Holographic track markers/indicators.

- Non-racing area marked with own colour and made of slowing material.



FORA (Fourwheel Omniterran Racing Auto)

- Telescope wings. Wings can be expanded and contracted from the centre.

- Telescope suspension adjustable for fast and slow tracks.

- Round wing endplates.

- Wings adjustable from 0° to 45°.

- Closed cockpit (cover opens by sliding it towards the nose (horizontally) or opening it towards the nose (vertically)).

- Durable, environment-neutral engine.

- Use transparent materials as much as possible / rational.

- Use easily replaceable parts as much as possible / rational.

- Cockpit with full arc-spanning rear view (switchable between mirror and camera display) and gauges switchable between helmet, wind shield and wheel.

- Durable, non-pneumatic tires (inside filled with material instead of air).

- Variable tire profiles:

- - Dry

- - Rain

- - Offroad

- - Snow / Ice (spikes)

- - Car is raceable on all sort of tracks, including ovals/speedways.

- Variable suspension from smooth race track to offroad.

- No more than 1 wing plate at front and rear on all configs.

- Optional: artificial sound (anything from combustion engine to saxophone) in case the natural one does not please.

- Safety and spotting sensors.