Posting Guidelines

Campus Posting Guidelines

The posting of signs, flyers and posters by students or others is permitted at designated locations throughout the campus, subject to the following guidelines:

F. Enforcement of Policy

This policy will be enforced by officers of the Bridgewater State University Police Department or other university staff members according to their particular areas of responsibility.

G. Violations of Policy

Campus community members who engage in activities in violation of this policy may be subject to administrative disciplinary action. Nonaffiliated persons may be subject to relocation or removal from campus. Any participant in disruptive or otherwise illegal activity may face criminal charges and the payment of damages, etc.

H. Appeal

Any person who believes that his or her rights as stated in this policy have been violated may file a complaint with the vice president for student affairs. In the event that a decision made personally by the vice president is at issue, appeal may be made through the Office of Student Affairs to the president of the university, whose determination shall be final.

rev. 3/2/2010

Updated August 2017 by Beth Moriarty, Residence Life and Housing