Diablo 2

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Originally a Horadrim during life, no one knows how Radament was brought back or why - all they know is he took residence under the city of Lut Gholein, terrorizing the city folk at night by taking any he could find. Once in his grasp, the victims were slaughtered, their organs used to add life to this undead monstrosity. Eventually slain by a passing hero, his evil essence can never be forgotten - so many were the lives he destroyed.

Jeff’s Choices


Warrior (Tank)

Trait- “Common Sense”

Before adventuring to kill Radament the townspeople give the adventurer all the advice that's needed to defeat the creature… interesting that even with all of this knowledge none of them are willing to kill the creature themselves. Because of his undead mummified state in Heroes of the Storm Radament will not be affected by poison effects. Anything that does damage over time via poison will not harm Radament. This being said, he will still take the initial damage of the attack, just not the DoT. On the other hand his bindings are extremely flammable and he takes increased damage from fire attacks or explosions.

Mount-  Sphinx Mount

Q- “Mummified”

Radament is a mummified creature built on the flesh and body parts of both animals and his victims. When this is activated Radament leaves a trail of his magical embalming on the battlefield that trails behind him. This embalming is constantly moving back and forth slowly in an arc- similar to the size of Ariel’s “Q”.  If this embalming happens to touch an enemy hero it will latch on and they will be connected to Radament and be pulled in any direction that Radament is moving.

W- “Flesh of the Living”

It is said that Radament revived his own mummified course with the flesh of the living. This gruesome tale proves to be true when the adventures find Radament and defeat him before he can continue his dark ritual. This ability is able to be used when an enemy hero is close to Radament. His hands spread out and he begins to magically rip the flesh off of their very bones. All damage done with this ability returns to Radament as health. While channeling this Radament is not able to move from his fixed spot.

E- “Extra Fast”

Derived from the Diablo 2 modifier that Radament has this ability allows him to be 10% faster both mounted and on foot. With this sort of ability Radament will be able to reposition himself on the battlefield for the perfect body blocks and to gain the upper hand. Radament will be a fast moving warrior that has great health sustain and can reposition himself to aid the team.

Heroic 1- “Book of the Dead”

When this is activated Radament summons Skeleton warriors to his side to help in the fight. The number of Skeleton Warriors that can be summoned is determined by the number of dead friendly heroes. Radament has a “friendly Heroes killed meter” similar to Mercy in Overwatch and choose to activate this at anytime. These warriors are not minions… but powerful minions that when destroyed leave poison pools that deal damage to the enemy.

Heroic 2- “Book of the Living”

A good friend would do anything for you… and in Radament's can… he has 4 new “really good” friends every 20min! This heroic is a passive ability that allows Radament the ability to drain the live essence from fallen friendly heroes. When a friendly hero does near Radament he will gain both attack damage and heath. This lasts for a short amount of times and can stack up to 4 times.

Specialty Skin

Imhotep from “The Mummy” Mount would be a Sand form. He would turn to sand and reappear when dismounted.



Monster Mash Dance with “The Mummy” dance move.

Kristen’s Choices






        Organ Donor

Made from ancient Horadric magics that allow him to infuse organs from all manner of life with his own essence, Radament can choose a target enemy unit to harvest, gaining a buff based on who he chooses.


        Slams fist into ground, calling for a sand arms that move him around the battlefield.


Poison Breath

Radament hasn’t brushed his teeth in hundreds of years. His breath is now so foul that he uses it as a weapon, breathing a cloud of it onto the battlefield. If a Hero runs into and remains in it for a half second, they are poisoned. This poison damage stacks the longer they remain in the cloud.



Soldiers fall and Radament is there to see them live once more. Every few seconds, Radament summons forth a quick moving, weak zombie that will attack his target.


Warmed Limbs

The icy grip of death often cools the limbs, limiting their ability to move. Luckily, Radament can break this by imbuing himself with ancient magics lost to the sands. When activated, Radament moves extra fast.


From Many, One

Radament reaches out to the dead all around him. During the channeling of this ability, Radament stands in one position, chanting, as zombies burst from the ground and run toward him, feeding him what little essence they have. Once the summon is completed, Radament’s heroic is bolstered in both speed and reduced stacks based on how many zombies reached him. In this form, Radament only has a basic attack but this basic attack stacks. If a single enemy Hero is hit too many times, they will fall to dust, immediately dead.


        Tales from the Crypt

Missing home, Radament seeks to establish the sewers of Lut Gholein within the Nexus. Centered on him, Radament can summon forth a maze of walls, trapping both friendly and enemy units inside, forcing them to fight before the memory of the sewers (and the spell itself) is broken.



Red robes and a sweet snake staff, he could even transform into a cobra during one of his heroics.


        Belly Dance

He knows how to shake what the lords of Hell gave him.