Friday 21 August 2015  – Term 3 - Week 5

Value Focus for next two weeks: Quality and Respect

This Week In Review

Dance FestivalDance.JPG

On Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th of August,  two dance groups went to the Dance Festival at Elim Christian College. The groups we had were the boy’s Hip Hop group and the girl’s Dance Group

The girls danced to Paint the Town Green. The boys danced to a remix. We all think we did a great job because we tried our best at all times.

On the first night we were all very nervous because the dances were going to be performed in front 800 people. We had really cool capes that swirled out when we danced under the bright lights. We were so excited that we all got goose bumps. We would love to do it again.

Paige Thompson says “I am a dancer from Mrs Rist's dance group and I loved the concert. She is a great dancer and we just love her. We are proud to say that she is amazing”.

Maths Week/Te Wiki o Te Paangarau was a great week with lots of maths activities, problem of the day for all Year levels, and the eagerly looked-forward-to Maths Olympiad from Year 2 -6.  The teams competed fiercely and some winners had to be decided on how many questions had been "passed on”!  Very exciting.  The classes supported their teams marvellously and a great time was had by students, family supporters and teachers.  A huge vote of thanks to everyone who made Maths Week so enjoyable.

Roll on Maths Week 2016!  Below is the list of place-getters in the Olympiads.  Nga mihi nui

Sue Hodge

Year 2

1st   -         Rm 09-- Cooper Aish, Shivam Gulati, Dennis Sun, Taylor De Silva

2nd  -         Rm 11-- Corey Cooper, Kaeden Evaroa, Chathuni Ariyaratne, Jerry Du

3rd   -         Rm 08-- Kallum Mohamed, Frank Xu, Yeryeong Son, Brooklyn Lambert

Year 3

1st   -         Rm 18 : Daniel Pham, Devaansh Gupta, Ayah Wahid, Oscar Leung

2nd  -         Rm 17: Jason Lu, K'Sharn Engu-Cordtz, Lisa Lin, Keanu Ward

3rd   -         Rm 17: Anthony Roke, Kayden Liggett, Moksha Kothapalli, Jazmin Brown

Year 4

1st   -         Rm 28:: Nadia Mistry, Daniel Lee, Damien Hollins, Joshua DeSilva

2nd  -         Rm 14: Jordan Messenger, Sean To’ofohe, Kahlan Watchorn, Marrick Purcell

3rd   -         Rm 14: Marco Wei, Vinuth Ariyaratne, Erik Beutlich, Julie Xu

Year 5

1st   -         Rm 25:  Cameron Hall, Chloe Stopforth, Gemma Moran, Moriah Williams  

2nd  -         Rm 29: Quinn Calkin, Tanzee Guo, Calvin Hanna, Johnny Vu

3rd  -         Rm 24: Gavin Chen, Matthew Graham, Matthew Ren, Xavier Brown

Year 6

1st   -         Rm 20: James Wilner, Xi Yang, Sydney Sellar, Jesica Pratt

2nd  -        Rm 21: Caleb Schalkwyk, Joshua Christophers, Earl Padaen, Saufoi Tavete

3rd   -         Rm 21: Matthew Leake, Macu Hukui-Leebody, Jeffery Liu, Oliver Cao

Yr 6 Olympiad

Teacher markers: Sue Dane, Irma Hughes, Sara Melville, Jess van Dort, Michelle Lennon, Sue Hodge

Looking Ahead

DENTAL CLINIC -  The mobile dental clinic will be returning to Elm Park School on 25 August and will remain here until April 2016.

CHANGE OF CLOTHING - We are experiencing a lot of falls in puddles and slips on the wet ground at the moment.  Please ensure your children have a change of clothes, especially track pants / shorts / culottes and underwear, as we do not always have clothing available for them to change into and sitting in wet clothes all day is neither comfortable nor healthy.

PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD - We now have the facility for you to pay with Credit Cards when making payments in the office.  Hopefully this will be helpful to many of you.  

Art Exhibition 2015

‘Paint my World’

25th August- 27th August Auditorium 8.30- 5.30

This year each class has been given the primary colours to paint with.  Students have been busy learning about colour mixing and paint techniques.

Art work will be on sale for $2 a piece.  Please come and support our young artists.

 Award Winners


Congratulations to the following students who were selected and acknowledged this fortnight for their responsible, friendly behaviour.

Room 1

Jenny Wang

Room 15

Janelle Baker

Room 2

Edwin Cheng

Room 16

Azmyth Kahi

Room 3

Axton Bell

Room 17

Alexius Hay

Room 4

Bella Petera

Room 18

Kleiza Santos

Room 5

Junaleah Samuel

Room 20

Khushnaz Masani

Room 6

Kimberley Rogers

Room 21

Khristian Aplaten

Room 7

Tiffany Cheung

Room 22

Renee Ali

Room 8

Cameron Louw

Room 23

Artemas Kelsall

Room 9

Rashha Hashimi

Room 24

Joshua Leevers

Room 10

Lukas Dickerson

Room 25

Ongjaneh Rott

Room 11

Ezra Christophers

Room 28

Emma Streeter

Room 13

Riley Stanaway

Room 29

Norah Lee

Room 14

Zarko Jotanovic

Personal Presentation Winners - The following students were voted as the overall fortnightly winner in their year level for the most neatly presented in their uniform.

Year 1

Chuck Kelsall

Year 4

Joshua De Silva

Year 2

Taylor De Silva

Year  5

George Zhang

Year 3

Dunika Kotze

Year 6

Seth Adams

Focus on Children

As part of our inquiry into wellbeing, Room 11 have been learning all about plants and how they absorb water. We are busy conducting an experiment with lettuce and flowers in coloured water. We are wondering if the lettuce leaves and flowers will change colours to match the food dye. We will let you know what happens!!





Community Notices

Au Pair - Are you looking for good childcare and also want to give back? Our au-pairs are looking for wonderful Kiwi families to look after your children and experience the typical Kiwi lifestyle. Registration is free and we cater to all kinds of families (big, small, city, rural, part time, full time). More info can be found on our website: Make sure to swing by our new Facebook page and Like us to keep up-to-date on the latest news:

We are a boutique au-pair agency with a big heart where your family becomes part of our family. Looking forward to welcoming you into our home, the Au Pair New Zealand team.

COME LEARN TO PLAY TENNIS  Junior coaching starts 12sept 8.30-10am,join before end of sept get $10 off.interclub available.check website for more details or phone 5769973.many thanks Maree

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