Plot Reclamations

This document will be updated periodically along with reclaims. Feel free to link to this document in forums or chat, however we ask that the page not be copied and pasted as it may change over time.

The Steps Involved

Plot reclamation and the sale of reclaimed plots can be a bit confusing, so let us present to you clarification in what reclamation is, who it affects, how it is done, and what parties are involved in the process.

Why do we have Plot Reclamation?

Plot reclamation is a process where the Istarian Government takes back plots from inactive subscriptions in order to make them available to the active community. As players come and go, many leave their plots behind, where they can not be accessed or used by active players. We do plot reclamation because we want to give all of our active players a chance to claim a piece of Istaria and build their community. 

Who is affected by Plot Reclamation?

Plot reclamation affects those players with more plots than their subscriptions services provide. Each player's game account can have one or more subscriptions and some subscription types (Gifted, etc.) entitle a player to own a plot in Istaria. Multiple subscriptions allow multiple plot ownership. When a subscription becomes inactive, the game services provided by that subscription also become inactive

What is involved in Plot Reclamation?

The Istarian Land and Title Office controls the buying and selling of every plot in Istaria. When your account holds more plots than provided by subscription services, the Land and Title Office will take steps to contact you, asking you to sell one or more plots back to the community or to another player. When these notices start going out, the permissions on your plot will also be changed to deny access to the plot.  After the final notice has been sent, the Land and Title Office will reclaim as many plots as necessary to bring the total number of plots owned by all characters on an account in line with the number of plot services provided by active subscriptions on the account. The plots selected for reclamation are chosen at random.

The Istarian Land and Title Office's goal is to have the maximum number of plots owned by those among the Gifted who will actively maintain and build their plot, but also recognize how much time and effort is required to build a plot by those who previously owned it. Therefore their policy regarding structures and items stored on an abandoned plot has been reviewed and changed.  When a plot is abandoned, and subsequently reclaimed, structures on that plot will be immediately deconstructed and novians given to the owner of the plot.  An attempt will be made to return items stored on the plot to the owner of the item, but depending on where the item is stored on the plot may be lost when the structure is deconstructed.  Once this procedure is complete, the plot will be placed as immediately for sale to other Gifted.  The plot will no longer remain owned by the person who had abandoned it until such time that it is re-purchased.  This applies to plots and lairs in both Guild and non-Guild communities.

How is the whole process performed?

The reclamation process proceeds as follows:

    1) Players who own plots that are candidates for reclamation will be sent an email detailing how many owned plots will be reclaimed and when the reclamation will occur. This email will include suggestions on what the player may do to prepare for reclamation.

    2) Plots owned by inactive accounts, or accounts who do not have enough Gifted subscriptions to support the number of owned plots, will be reclaimed by the Istarian Land and Title Office on a set date.

    3) Plots are then prepared for sale.  This process involves returning all items stored on the plot to their owners.  All structures on the plot will then be deconstructed and novians returned to the plot owner.  A deconstruction fee of 30% will be taken for use by the Empire of all resources reclaimed in this manner.

    4) The Istaria Land and Title Office then places the plots immediate sale. The base price of the plot will be determined by the Land and Title Office.

Reclamation of plots will occur on a regular basis.  For this reason plots will no longer be auctioned off during a bidding process.

Details of Plot Sales

It's important to note that The Land and Title Office has issued an official warning that they must demolish buildings that do not meet with updated zoning regulations. Although the Land and Title Office has the intent of plots maintaining as much intrinsic value as possible, they must be safe for the people of Istaria.

Individual Circumstances:

If you are in a situation where you have a plot that will be reclaimed, there are several things you can do:

  1. You may add one or more subscriptions to your account so that the number of subscriptions is equal to the number of plots you currently have.
  2. You may add one or more subscriptions to your account until the number of subscriptions you have is equal to the number of plots you wish to keep and sell the remaining plots.
  3. You may keep your current number of subscriptions and sell the remaining plots.

Here are a few examples:

Scenario #1:

You previously had one Gifted subscription and that subscription is inactive.

You had one plot.

Re-subscribe before the reclaim takes place and you will retain that plot. Do nothing and that plot will be automatically reclaimed.

Scenario #2:

You previously had two subscriptions but only one subscription is active at this time.

You have one plot.

Since you have one active subscription, you are entitled to own one plot. Your plot will not be reclaimed.

Scenario #3:

You previously had two Gifted subscriptions but only one subscription is active at this time.

You have two plots.

Since you only have one active subscription, you are only entitled to own one plot. You must sell one of your plots prior to the reclaim and the other plot will be left intact.

If you own more plots than your account has subscriptions, Plot Reclamation Maintenance will automatically select the appropriate number of plots and reclaim them. The plot selection for reclaim is random.

If you wish to add a subscription to your account, please log into and add a subscription to your account.


Will reclaimed plots (both personal and Guild) contain the original buildings when available for purchase again?

- Answer: No.  Any plot which is reclaimed will have the buildings deconstructed and a portion of the materials used to make those buildings returned to the original owner.

Will guilds with an inactive Master Plot be contacted before reclaim? or must they contact us in order to transfer plot ownership to an active account?

- Answer: The owners of Master Plots will have already been contacted many times before the plot is reclaimed. If you own a plot in a guild community and know that the owner of the Master Plot in your community is inactive, you should contact us with who the plot should be transfered to and how we can contact this person to make arrangements for setting up a time to transfer the plot.

We have an Expert shop/Vault/etc on a plot owned by an inactive account, how can we keep it from being destroyed?

- Answer: You must purchase the plot. The longer the plot remains owned by an account without appropriate subscriptions, the more likely the buildings will be removed when the plot is reclaimed.

If the Master Guild plot is owned by an active account, but the rest of the community isn't, does that community go up for sale? How many players must be active in a Guild Community to keep it?

- Answer: If a plot is owned by an active subscriber, even a Master Guild plot, then we aren't reclaiming it. For existing active subscribers, there is no minimum number of active players in a guild to maintain the community. We aren't in the business of evicting those who pay their rent (subscription fee).

Can anyone purchase a Guild Plot?

- Answer: You must be a member of the same guild as the owner of the Master Guild Plot in order to purchase a guild plot.

What happens if a Guild Community has all subplots owned by an active account but the Master Guild plot is unowned? Does the Key plot go up for sale to other guilds?

- Answer: The members of that community need to contact customer support at and file a ticket to arrange who will take ownership of the Master Guild plot. If the Master Guild plot remains unowned at reclaim, then another guild may ask to take over this community, and the current owners of plots in that community should expect they will be asked to move.

If you have any questions regarding any of this information, please contact customer support at


Controlling Guild – The guild of the player who owns the master guild plot in a guild community.

Controlling Interest - The controlling guild within a community owns 50% or more of the plots within that community.

Guild Master - The member of a guild who is listed as the "Guild Master" in the Guild Manager window. There can be only one.

Guild Plot – A plot in a guild community that isn't the master guild plot.

Master Guild Plot - The plot in a guild community that determines which guild owns the community. The guild of the owner of this plot is the guild that controls the community.

Plots - in this document the word 'plots' refers to both lairs and plots.

Reclamation - The process of taking plots from inactive players (or players with more plots than subscriptions) and returning them to the Empire's possession.