Welcome!  Below is everything you will need to get started reaching the unreached through facebook.  Before you learn how to do it, this 2 minute video explains why we do it.  This 4 minute video is an overview of how to reach the unreached through facebook.  This training will teach you how to use a second facebook account to initiate a gospel conversation with groups of unreached people who are mutual friends and living in the city of a missionary that you and your church are partnering with.  You and others you involve can begin now by watching the training videos and following the step by step, written instructions found here.  These instructions are a few years old and facebook changes things from time to time, so you might need to make some adjustments.  Questions are welcomed at abdilmesiih@brazoslink.com.

Certainly evangelism within the context of personal relationships is more fulfilling than sharing the gospel online with strangers.  However, there are hundreds of millions of unreached people, most of whom do not have a relationship with a believer.  If there are not enough of us who are willing or able to live among them and establish a relationship with them, let us at least introduce them to a relationship with Jesus by sharing the gospel with them.  Romans 1:16 tells us that “the gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.”  Romans 10:17 says that “faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”  Unreached people need a more clear understanding of the gospel more than they need a relationship with a Christian.  

If you are reaching Muslims, you are welcome to use my Messaging Muslims document of common replies to Muslim friends.  It is a lot of text, but searchable by keyword.  You need not be an expert in Islam because you are messaging, not instant messaging.  This gives you time to read, pray, and search for the appropriate reply.  Discerning who is interested in faith conversation is easier… they will respond to you message.  If they do not respond, they are not interested.  You may also use the URL database to make sure that you or your team do not "friend" the same person twice on facebook.  This also allows you and your team to track how many people you are reaching.  Before beginning, here are a few things you should consider.  Use this site to copy/paste Bible verses into your messages in multiple languages.  You may want to read this sample conversation between myself and some Muslim friends.  Hopefully these updated tips will help you along the way.

Don’t be discouraged if there are only a few positive replies.  Muslims will not easily write “I want to become a Christian” for their Islamic government to see online.  Just because you do not see the fruit of your work, it does not mean that fruit does not exist.


You are welcome to forward the link to this document to missions mobilizers in churches or other ministries.  Below are some of the quotes from Muslims in Saudi Arabia that I have been corresponding with via facebook...


~ what is the difference between the way to heaven in injil (Bible) and in islam? i am now in saudi arabia. belive me i am interested.


~ i believe god sent u to me. to be honest i like the christian religeon and find it very peacefull and humain.. i thought about converting and i read about many religeons trying to find the right pathway. eventually i cant do it because i will get killed and my family will leave me i ll be a poor drity dog who everybody kicks. thats my life i would like to hear more from you about the pathway that jesus gave us.


~ you, my friend have already decided that you will die a Christian. I haven't decided that I will die a Muslim.


~ here in Saudi Arabia it's hard to find someone believes in Bible and ready to teach me. 2 years ago I have read the Gospel 1.2 and 3 of John and it was in Arabic I find it interesting but it was alot of thing I didn't understand and didn't find a person to help me


~ you know that this is the first time I read a verse from the holy injil (New Testament) ?


~ Actually I'm enjoying too! Although it's my first time to have a religious conversation with a Christian.


~ I pray for the God to help me to know the true and I am following God by the way of Jesus and I will not return back but I will not let any Muslim friends know about that . and I am starting to read a bible 2 weeks ago and I am feeling better . Really I am so happy to give me a pleasure to know more about the God and Jesus and I will pray for you for helping me and it is my pleasure to pray for me to be a Christian for all my life


~ Every day and every answer I get from you I learn more about Christianity. I've been reading in the bible.


~ It's impressive how Isiah 53 seems to be talking about Jesus. i didn't know there was such a passage.


~ I saw the website. This is the first time I see a Muslim become Christian.


~ the conversations we have had a profound effect on me..... my Grandfather told me to always listen to a man who contradicts me, no mater what the topic is


~ Hello, we never met before. i just heard about your work in converting muslims. and i'd like to see what you hold for me


~ I would like to be a Christian as soon as possible because I am fed up with the lives of Muslims filled with envy and hatred and resentment, especially from the most devout.


~ Changing my faith and converting Christianity took place at 2002.  I wanted to go to the church and get baptizing, but unfortunately , we don't have churches in Saudi Arabia . that was my story


~ what are the steps if someone want to be a Christian?