ICS Job Postings

(also posted on: http://lightbringers.oacs.org/)

Interested in working for Immanuel Christian School?

All teaching positions should include a resume with references, cover letter, statement of faith, evidence of successful teaching (video, student work, etc) and a personal philosophy of Christian education. Send your applications to: Immanuel Christian School, Attention: Principal

75 Caverly Road, Aylmer, Ontario N5H 2P6. Email: office@immanuelchristianschool.net.


Supply Teacher. We maintain a small supply list based on locally-available candidates. Looking for occasional work, or want to gain additional experience? All candidates must have a vibrant Christian faith, must be an OCT, and must be flexible in teaching across an elementary school.

Job openings are posted on http://lightbringers.oacs.org/.