Chapter 2: Hope

        It has been hundred, and twenty four years since the founding of the new Lord of Tachyon. The time has finally come for his ceremonial honoring for truly becoming the Lord of Tachyon. Neoum has grown quite well under the guidance of the Elders, and the teachings of his allies that he required when he was just a boy. Neoum has trained in the arts of master tachyium control to be able to help those who need assistance with their tachyium, and to defend those in danger of course. He has learned a lot on how to defend himself from his enemies that Jelnorelus has told him about. The education that he was given for the past years also helped him get the idea of how to restore the order to the Order. Neoum has changed since his childhood to grow into a more darker blue skin, with much more rough edges to his body features. He has also lost the fear that he had much of at his youth, so now he doesn’t worry of the things that could happen for he would not allow them to happen.

        This day has waited for too long to be prevented by anything. Neoum has trained too hard for this to go sour, for now is the time for his final test before becoming the Lord of Tachyon. He doesn’t know what is awaiting him up ahead for this challenge, but he will succeed for all of the Tachyeans, for all of the Order, for all he cares about, for all who have past in this time without a lord to guide them. This will be for the father he never knew. I am ready universe, give me whatever you please.

        Neoum got up out of bed early that morning, not aware of the changes that had gone on just yet. He walked over to the next room ready to prepare himself with any other bits of knowledge that he could find lying around. Then he tripped, starting to fall for a decent few meters before getting a beat off with his wings. I didn’t have a giant hole in the ground the last time I checked. Did Jelnory do this, or was the training last night that destructive. He realized that he was in a cage of Tachyium, surrounded by cameras filming him. {What is this, some sort of joke. I don’t appreciate it very much guys.} {Oh, but my lord, it’s finally time for your test to become the true Lord of Tachyon that everyone has needed for so long,} said a high pitched voice nearby. {Who are you, and how come I have to be in a cage?} Neoum was a bit nervous of the situation. He has never trained for such an odd event to consist of the test. {How could you not know who I am, I feel absolutely insulted. If you really can’t tell, I am Sulfern, the great writer of Tachyon.} {Wait, I do know you, you are famous throughout this galaxy as the host of the most dangerous game known to the universe.} {Yes my lord, folks I think he’s got it. I was told by the Elders to design the perfect test to prove to the Leaders of the galaxies that you are worthy of leading, and fixing their problems. I thought they were joking, to let me create a test for you would be a honor I told them. They agreed that I would be perfect for I’m the one thing that you wouldn’t be prepared to go up against, so with that in mind I went straight to work creating the most intense challenges the universe could offer. Then I put my touch on them making this the most extreme test any Lord of Tachyon has ever seen. I do hope you enjoy it for it maybe impossible even for you, young lord. Oh, and one last thing before I go, and you start your ‘test’ I must tell you the consequence is a thousand years before you can try again to prove yourself to be the Lord of Tachyon, meaning that the universe will suffer even more than it already has thanks to you if you lose, so good luck. You’re going to need it.}

Neoum was very confused, and wanted to talk to Sulfern before the start, but he was pushed out of the cage on to the ground, with a timer starting away for him to get ready for the first part of the test. The universe will suffer even more than it already has thanks to you if you lose, How am I going to pass with that punishment on mind. Neoum got up, the crowd nearby cheering for his doom. The name of the game was Galactic ShowDown. People from all over the universe, even tachyeans, would travel to compete in this competition to win the grand prize of a Tachyon Heart, and the title of Champion of the Universe. From the short study that Neoum did on the game, it seemed to be a scam for people's entry fee, for it has never been won in the history of the game, which has been going on for a hundred years. I can’t believe that the Elders have put me into this. The Timer went off with the gates opening to the horrors inside that await for him.

Jelnorelus and Trearomm were with each other at the time Neoum was shown on the show. They had become very close since Trearomm brought the boy to the Elders all those years ago. They saw this flash on one of the monitors stopping them in their tracks. {Why have they done this to the child, why didn’t they give us some sort of heads up before they decided to put him to a death sentence!}  the thought shouted by the enraged Jelnorelus. Trearomm tried to come her down for she would rarely ever get this worked up over something the other Elders would do. {Jelnory, don’t let this ruin this perfect day, for all we know he is only a guest on the show.} {Yeah, a guest on the show, of course. Why didn’t I think of that, it isn’t like they would just throw him into the most dangerous thing in the universe just to prove his title right.} The monitor got louder.  {Let's see our contestant as he tries to prove that he can be the Lord of Tachyon that we need!} Yelled Sulfern to the audience. This only made Jelnorelus more upset. {I’m going to have some strong opinions to share with those Elders right now, how could they do such a thing behind my back.} She blasted away toward the Chamber of the Elders. {Wait for me Jelnory!} Yelled the calm Trearomm in her mind. The two raced over to the over Elders ready to have a civilized chat.

They knocked the door down with extreme force to enter the chamber. The Elders were flustered by the way they barged in. {Elder Jelnorelus, explain why you come in with such an anger. We can’t have you having another one of your tantrums like you did will Neoum that long time ago, now can we.} {Speaking of the Lord, Why is he in the game right now? Shouldn’t he be having his test?} {Wait, is that what that goof decide for him to do. Well it seems that when we allowed him to create a test for a Lord of Tachyon, he wasn’t holding back.} This realization made Jelnory feel like an idiot. {This is my fault then that he’s in there, right.} Trearomm stepped up to the Elders. {Why do you treat your fellow Elder like she is a moron when she is just concerned about the well being of her apprentice, and our Order while you all sit there not even sure that you under any control of the situation. How come this is such a horrible mess my Elders. I suggest that you fix the mistake that you have made with both the boy, and Jelnorelus before things get out of hand, my Elders} The Elders were impressed by the way that Trearomm defended poor Jelnorelus. {Well, the thing is we can’t stop the game even if we wanted to for the fact that it is too dangerous to take a player out of the game if they haven’t lost yet,} said one of the Elders {Yeah, if we stop it then some of those dangerous challenges might come out of the confines of the game. If we had the power to, we would have shut down that game a long time ago, but with the amount of influence the game has on both politics and economics throughout the Order, it is simply impossible to stop it.” “Wow, I see, it seems that our Lord of Tachyon has to win or else we will have to allow the sport to continue forever,” stated Jelnorelus. They became all the more worried for young Neoum.

Neoum entered the first room with a simply puzzle it seemed. He walked toward the puzzle to start it with the floor caving in. Neoum jumped back to safety with little effort, annoyed by the fact the he will have to solve it from there, so that he doesn’t waste the floor titles. It was simply just to arrange the puzzle pieces in the right order, so it makes a picture of a key. He had it about figured out when creatures started crawling up from the ground that were about double his size. He finished the puzzle solution in his head, and started running toward it and the creatures ahead. They seemed to be some aquatic beings that he recognized as either Ghanerfies, which zap their prey with hundreds of thousands of volts of energy with every shot, or Tehakjeys, which spit out puddles of oozing acid that can melt through tier six strength Tachyium. He was hoping for them to be Ghanerfies, so that he can just absorb the energy to make his Tachyium stronger, and more energized and move on. When he got into the view of the creatures they began their attack, which they were of course Tehakjeys. Neoum generated his shield fast enough to block the direct pile of ooze coming his way. They were about seven meters in length with their tail able to wrap around their targets. Neoum was caught by one of them, dragged on the ground with the other five Tehakjeys about to finish him off. He then used one of the hands he was able to free while being dragged to punch the creature in the stomach, so that it would both realise him, and shoot at the nearby Tehakjeys. They scrambled away from the area allowing him to arrange the pieces of the puzzle to form exactly what he expected, Sulfern’s face as the key. The door though was on the other side of the area with the Tehakjeys waiting for him to come back.

{Now let's test his luck shall we.} The crowd goes wild with excitement for the Die of randomness. Sulfern prepared the infinite sided die to prepare for what will interrupt Neoum’s descent to the next room. He launched it into the air for it to seen to all the live audience for them to get more excited, and to prepare the stage for what to come next. The die fell to the ground with the result of floods to enter the room. {It’s time for a flood of views to come in folks, let's see how Neoum proves against a flood of magma to enter the room. Let's hear it everyone.} {Flood of magma! Flood of Magma! Flood of magma!} The audience cheered some more as they heard the thoughts of the Host enter their minds. Neoum below was able to hear the audience, but was to worried of the things coming his way than to stress of why they thought this was a good thing to watch.

Neoum generated his shield ready to avoid the creatures when the tidal wave of magma flowed into the room. He jumped into the coming Lava with the shield facing toward it. Then creatures in the area screamed as the lava came in for now it was in the surface of the room. Neoum road down the wave of the lava, barely dodging the drops of it heading towards him. Why does he have so much control over the audience. How can the audience put so much faith that he won’t let them die in this madness. What if they are willing to die for him. If Sulfern truly has all of this control over them, why couldn’t he just manage the Order without worry. I just don’t understand , he is so much better at leading people than I do, and the worst part of all of this is just how much danger he’s putting the audience in. How will I be able to beat him at this game if I don’t have the confidence to believe I can do this. Neoum only continued to worry of the trouble that was caused by this game as things got more dangerous.

The next room was full of gas that could only be Disulfur decafluoride, thus causing panic to the young Tachyean. He went to work quickly to empty the room of the substance using his skin to filter the gas into its individual elements. The byproducts produced a pile of sulfur, and fluorine crystal. Then he realized the challenge of this room was not to save himself from the toxic gas, but the audience. {Wow, for a moment there I thought that he forgot about you folks. Let's hope that he can save you though, for you are all poisoned by Disulfur decafluoride which can kill you all in a matter of moments. Now we shall see who will survive the deadly game of Universe Showdown.}

Neoum went to the audience up above to see that the only way to save all of them will be with Tachyon speed. He started the acceleration process, building up the velocity to light speed. The audience started to panic as he started to fade away from them, and he had only done this a handful of times, so this only made him more stressed. The speed was at light speed in a few seconds, but the speed only intensified within the next second. Tachyon speed was dangerous if it can’t be controlled. Luckily he had it under control with just enough speed. The speed allowed him to see throw the bonds of the Elements, and molecules so that he could work on the civilians. They were shaking by the look of Tachyon speed which made Neoum think that they were being odd, though he couldn’t focus on the appearance of the audience. When at such speed, Tachyeans have the ability to go in between the molecules that make up all of existence. There are other ways to save the audience, but this was the only way to save them all. Neoum started to phase through one of the people of the audience with a strain of Tachyium to pull out the gases. It was a seemingly slow process to do, but it was at Tachyon speed making it happen in less than an attosecond to handle all of the audience with the process. It would be faster, but the audience is at a value of about ten million. There is a lot of errors that could occur during the process like of atomic bonds breaking if the Tachyium does touch one of the other molecules that it wasn’t trying to get. This causes that molecule or element of the molecule to accelerate to unimaginable speeds that could break the fabric of existence. Luckily Tachyeans are fast enough to fix such a problem, or if they didn’t, the void would open up to suck in all of the surrounding matter into nothingness. Neoum did mess up a few times with the ability to fix it and repair the people that he damaged at that moment. By the time he slowed back down to average time the audience began to scream like he was disappearing. They were told that they were saved by the young Tachyean having the audience cheer in happiness.

 {Wow folks he did it again, maybe he will be the first to win the Universe Showdown.} Ha, you think that you are in control of this place, don’t you little Tachyean. What you don’t understand is that this is my game, my place, My World. Here, I’m in control of what happens, and you have no idea what game you gotten into. When this is all said and done, No matter how poorly this ends for you, it will be the most exciting Universe Showdown ever.


The Elders watched the poor Neoum go through the worst of the worse in the universe as he continued into the game. {How did we allow such a mess to occur is beyond me, I thought that we were just going to get a normal test for Lords, like fighting off creatures from destroying a planet other something. How come that he chose this as the final challenge for Neoum,} Jelnorelus complained to the others. {Elder Jelnorelus, you must understand that maybe the whole purpose of the game was to be his test. Maybe it becoming what it ended up was just for paying to make such a challenge. Whatever the case, we can’t change it now, let us just hope that we don't have to worry about him losing.} {Yeah, look at how well he’s done thus far. For all we know, he will just breeze right through this,} Trearomm stated to the Elders. {Trearomm, I hope your right.} They all felt helpless in the regard of the young Tachyean they sent to their doom.


Neoum entered the next room for it to be some sort of obstacle  course that seemed to go up for many kilometers. He started his descent right away to not waste time with such silly challenges when the doors behind him closed, and the doors in front of him opened to reveal hordes of wild animals of all kind ready to attack. This is going to be fun, thought Neoum. They came at his with immense force to tear him apart, but he was able to evade them in time to pass up to the next floor. {Wow Neoum, those animals have feelings to you know, but what do I know, I just threw them in cages to wait for them to attack you. Now the next floor will have even more excitement! Come on folks, cheer for the floor.} “Floor go! Floor Go! FLOOR GO!” They audience went wild for the floor to cave in under Neoum’s feet causing a slip on to his face. He hurried up as the audience laughed at his pain. He knew that if this show continued that he would never be able to pass this “Test”, and he would let the universe down. Things were only getting worse as each floor was a sort of trap waiting for him to trigger as Tachyium turrets firing at him, and more creatures came to attack him as the climb itself was getting hard for the way to get up only got more rigid and cramped. The crowd was enjoying his misery too much for him to believe.

Things continued to get worse when guards entered the room to shot at him with tier three Tachyium blasters that would be able to stun him if they hit. He created a shield to block off the attacks, but realized that shield couldn’t fit through the Tachyean shaped door ahead. He shut down the shield, but the shots got him a couple of times slowing him down a bunch. Then it was worse when the next wave of Hantoryorian guards charged into the same floor as he was. Neoum generated his blades ready to fight them off, but then the door behind him finally opened, so he went for it to the next floor. He then destroyed the entrance to the floor with ease. The chase though was still on as they tried to climb up the side of the floors. Neoum ran through the next three floor avoiding all the enemies that came by his path. He was worried for that the audience kept by the distance that they were at he would have to defend them as well as continued up. {Neoum, don’t run from the new friends that I was trying to introduce. I would go back to play with them, or else they will play with the audience instead!} The crowd started to silence a little bit. Then the guards went to “play” with them. How could he know that was what I was thinking of. Neoum rushed out of the caged floor to help the defenceless audience from the in coming attackers. He regenerated the swords from earlier to prepare for a fight. The first one jumped on the platform ready to strike, then Neoum dodge the strike, and span around to his back side to knock him off. Next was a group of ten guards charging at Neoum he jumped above them to then slam down on top of them with immense force from his blade. The force sent a shockwave around him to send the attackers flying off the stage. He kept up the defense trying to protect the audience from these darn  Hantoryors. (Hantoryors are snake like creatures that stand on hind legs with similar builds to that of the Tachyeans with their shiny skin, and their sharp pointed tail. And their heads are shaped in the way of a tyrannosaurus rex.) They only continued to come onto the platform with only more of them each time. They also started using the blasters on the audience, which only made Neoum’s job that much harder.

Neoum got tired of all the waves keep coming so he used one of the blasters of the Hantoryor guard to shoot at the jetpacks of all the other guards that were coming up. He then jumped back onto the floors of the building to continue the climb up. The Hantoryor guards started after Neoum in a hurry to prevent him from leaving. Neoum dodge all the obstacles of the next ten floors before the guards up in the higher levels noticed him. They started to shoot down waves of bullets at him with force to do actual damage to him. Their blasters were very top of the line tier nine version blasters. The more of them that appeared at the top of the large battle tower the more the tower shook with the weight. Neoum knew there was a way to get thru without too much trouble from the guards, but that could potentially kill them and he knew that if he were to kill them, he would never become a lord of Tachyon. The guards only increased with more tension on the tower, and soon the tower started to fall apart from all the blaster fire. This is what Neoum concerned of. He worked fast to prevent the tower from collapsing in on itself, hoping that he could rebuild it. It was too late as the towers sides imploded onto itself with the guards falling to their doom.

Neoum flew almost at Tachyon speed to catch the guards before they landed with them seemingly thankful for the help. The mess of the guards at the bottom of the building waited for Neoum to drop off the others that he saved… before shooting at him. Wow, they are certainly thankful for my help, aren’t they. He then flew up to the entrance of the seemingly end room of the Universe showdown. As he entered the blaster fired stopped without warning. Neoum was less tense now without all the random challenges in the way. {Now folks, Neoum has gotten farther than any other contestant thus far, this is new territory for everyone, except me of course, but now let's watch as he will have to save the life of Every Being On The Station! For right this moment a bomb has gone off that will slowly shut down every Tachyium system on board this vessel, and since the station itself is made of Tachyium, it looks like we are all goners!} With that the audience began to panic, and warning alarms blared all over the place. Neoum realized that the source of the bomb must have been on the outer edge of the station, and restoring the energy was still possible for the station was intact. Neoum spread his wings, and blasted off to the edges of the solar bridge they were on. As he flew, he noticed that the bridge wasn’t being drained of energy as Sulfern suggested, it looked as if it were turning itself off. Now I see your game Sulfern, you think you're so clever to try to pull a fast one on me by simply expecting me to believe everything was turning off. Clever you are indeed. Neoum slowed down to the nearest area of high concentrated Tachyium to investigate it. He was right for the Tachyium was rigged to slowly turn off when someone entered the “Final Room”. He didn’t realize that was the final room, so with that at mind he started to turn on all the tachyium post areas. After fixing the first five he ran into some of the remaining guards from before guarding the Tachyium post. Why is it always these guys Sulfern, why not some more polite beings. He rushed in with swords ready to defend himself from the oncoming attacks of the Hantoryors. He slashed their blasters in half and then knocked them stone cold into the nearest wall. It seemed that it was a bit easier than he thought it would be.

{Folks, do not concern as Neoum is fixing the station as we speak! Soon you’ll all be fine to relax, and go back to your seats! For now though, continue to enjoy the Universe Showdown!} Sulfern was preparing for the final stage of the game as he got a message view from the Elders. {Hello, it is I, Sulfern,  here to assist you.} {What do you think you're doing risking the lives of everyone on that station just to play} {Come down leader of the Order, why are you stressed for. You did send me a Lord of Tachyon didn’t you. This should be a piece of cake for him to fix. Besides, I would be more worried of the next challenge that he’s going to face for it will be the most dangerous of them all!} Then Sulfern ended the message. {What was that. He just ended the call like I were just a fan asking dumb questions. I demand that he comes back on.} {Jelnory, just come down. Maybe Sulfern is right that this isn’t a problem. We have seen Neoum’s abilities at his most optimal level . Let’s just continue to watch, and hope that everything ends the way it should.} Trearomm then went to her to relax her. {I hope that you’re right Trearomm for I worry for the young Tachyean. Neoum be safe.}

Neoum speed though the next ten post, defeating guards in his way, and was able to save the few people from falling off the bridge. It seemed that he was going to be able to pass this test easier than he thought. As he continued, he noticed that the cameras were following him intensely, trying to get every scene of this process.  He was confused as he didn’t think that this was that entertaining to just watch him go turn things on and beat up the three or four guards in each group. He decided just to ignore it for he only had to activate two more Tachyium post. The task wasn’t that hard for there were only a couple of guards that were waiting there for him.  I’m almost finished with this, then I can be the Lord of Tachyon. He charged into the guards, knocking them into the wall out cold with the post active before they even hit. Then he flew to the next post to finish the job. Neoum was in view of the only guard at the last post. The guard shot directly at Neoum’s head, and Neoum dodge it with ease to smash him into the ground. He walked over to the post and reprogrammed it with the alarms turning off, and he could hear the audience cheering for him in the background. He then started the descent over to the “Final Room” to complete his mission.

Sulfern was waiting for him to arrive in the room for the final challenge to begin. Neoum walked into the room with the crowd going wild for him as he entered. {Good job Neoum, you have finally made it to the room where the game ends. I can now say that you have won the Universe Showdown… Of course that would be after you do one more challenge to determine if you have truly earned the right of being known as the Lord of Tachyon. That challenge will be the hardest challenge that you have faced thus far, and it is to defeat the greatest warrior this arena has ever known, the only tester to truly get past this trial, the one, the only … Me!}

With that the crowd went insane for this was going to be the first battle of this show. Neoum thought it was some sort of joke that he wanted to fight him, but then Sulfern descend to the arena floor. He generated his weapon, being a sword of sort with a handle in the middle of the blade and what looked like a giant cane for the handle with the size of the weapon almost exceeding his own. He then created a key that fit into a small hole in the ground, and started turning it, changing the arena around them. The floor opened up into a giant battle ground with rough edges and walls of Tachyium all around and Sulfern was rising off it with a ship full of weapons designed to destroy the young Tachyean. {Oh, by the way Neoum, I have a gift if you win along with the Tachyium heart and the right to being the Lord of Tachyon, and that is the legendary Triblader that your family used in the great war. If you lose this then you will never have the opportunity to get it again. Get ready Neoum for this will be the greatest Universe Showdown ever!} Thus the battle began.

Neoum generated his shield and sword, ready  to take on Sulfern, but unexpectedly panicked by the quick start to the battle. Tachyium missiles and turrets were firing off in all directions from Sulfern attack ship as he waved around the Triblader. Neoum moved swiftly to avoid the incoming fire only to almost run directly into a nearby missile. The ceiling of the arena was also dropping large chunks of boulders down on top of Neoum, which only made the battle more tense. {Isn’t this exciting folks!} Sulfern thought to the audience as their eyes were glued to the battle. Sulfern continued the crazed assault with chainsaws at least twice Neoum’s size came out of the vessel, and toward him. Neoum prepared his shield only to get a trip to the other side of the arena by one of the missile explosions. Neoum then jumped above the charging attack ship to barely dodge being sliced into two. {Neoum, you won’t win for this is my game. That makes me the hero, and you the villain of this story. If you win then you will make everything different, and no one likes different, right Audience!} The crowd screamed with excitement as the battle intensified.

Neoum had to think of a good plan to stop the ship fast, or else he would be flattened by it. He noticed that it didn’t have any protection on the top side of it so he would have to bait Sulfern toward him. As he thought of the plan, the floor beneath him was caving in, causing him to jump above. Then Sulfern came right on top of him with barely any time to react, Neoum just generated his shield and hoped for the best. The machine broke through the shield with a ton of force, knocking Neoum against the wall. Neoum felt weak compared to Sulfern, but then remembered what he was fighting for. He was fighting for the restoration of the Order of Tachyon and for peace for all who are in it. Neoum knew that if he failed now then the universe would never come to order. He knew that he has put too much effort just to be stopped by some show host. Neoum got up, ready for Sulfern to come at him.

{Oh, the boy wants some more, let’s see if he can handle anymore of this.} Sulfern went at full velocity toward the area that Neoum stood. Neoum then jumped above the vessel to come down onto it with extreme force, causing the attack ship to be split in half. Sulfern jumped out before Neoum could hit his ship generating his weapon yet again for the fight to continue. {Hey Neoum, that ship costed quite a lot, can you not break my things like that anymore. Anyways, I think it's time to continue this thing for I can’t let you win.} Sulfern charged at Neoum with his blade, as neoum was able just to generated his shield in time. The shield shattered by the force of Sulfern’s attack, and he only continued to come with more speed every attack. {Why are you doing this Sulfern. Don’t you know that this game is just too much for people to go through.} {Neoum, you just don’t understand do you. Remember who I told you that I was at the beginning of the game. I said that I was the great writer of Tachyon. That also makes me a Elder, yet I’m only known to people as this crazed host of the most popular game in the known universe. I wanted to be known for the fact that people didn’t care about me.} They were still fighting viciously as Sulfern activated a panel of buttons on the handle inside the blade. Then he started pressing it like crazy causing explosions nearby, and creatures to come and attack Neoum. The battle was only becoming more and more insane.

Neoum was confused that he didn’t realize that he was the writer sooner. Sulfern only continued his thought. {When the Elders told me that I could finally help them with something important, I was excited to help. I thought it would finally be the opportunity for me to be important, to finally get some hope of my future. Then they decided that you were not going to have a test at one point after I built this fabulous arena that we are standing in. When I got that news I was absolutely furious. I was even having Tachyeans testing it already, and then I was given a suggestion to make it some sort of obstacle course by one of the testers. I thought about it with fear for I was such a shy Tachyean back then. I made the last finishing touches to see that it was complete to have the show start. I of course was able to fund the show for the fact that I did make a large amount of currency back in the day, and I could easily have people just come in for free at the time, But I knew the only way for others to find it was to invest into it. But enough of my talk, let’s finish this with a giant hole in you!} Neoum stood his ground ready for Sulfern’s strike only to be tripped by the cane end of the sword to then see that Sulfern grabbed the center handle for maximum force onto Neoum. Luckily Neoum was able to roll out of the range with barely millimeters of space from the blade.

{Neoum, just give up for the poor writer that everyone forgot about, or else I’ll make them all forget about you!} He pulled out the sword, and charged toward Neoum with walls popping up all around him, giving no escape. Neoum then found the weakness to his blade. How he didn’t notice it before is beyond what one would think, but it was a stressful moment of battle, so don’t blame the poor child for not noticing. Neoum ducked down to then slash at the handle in the middle of the blade into the wall. Sulfern was furious by the cleverness of Neoum’s action that he just went for a full strike with his fist. This attack did decent damage to Neoum to knock him on the ground. {Why can’t you just let me win Neoum, I just can’t be forgotten again. Just because I’m out of my tricks doesn’t mean I will lose yet. I haven’t trained for this moment to be easily defeated by a child like yourself for I am just too determined not to continue. Now, Neoum bring me what you got so I can finish you off.}  Sulfern summoned the Triblader to him, ready to finish this battle. Neoum got up, exhausted by this whole experience that if he would want to beat Sulfern, he will need an ingenious plan. Neoum got out a new sword to combat the enraged Sulfern. This will decide the battle.

Sulfern charged at Neoum with full force, ready to end this once and for all. Neoum dodged most of the attack with a bit of a tear in his skin. Neoum then struck at the back of Sulfern just to see that he was able to block it with Triblader. {You can’t win Neoum, not unless you kill me for I will refuse to be defeated and live the shame after. Come on Neoum, I know that you have more in you than that, prove to me that you truly are ready, or else I’ll end this right now!} Sulfern activated the legendary three blade mode of the Triblader to prepare for the conclusion of this battle. {Sulfern, I know how it is to feel forgotten. I know how it is to feel that you simply can’t change what’s going on around you. I also know how it is to feel all alone sometimes, and I want to help you through these time. We can’t continue this battle or else one of us will end up with their guts splattered all over the arena.} {Neoum, Don’t lie to me right now, I can’t believe that you could possibly know the pain that I’m going through. Just stop with the stalling, and you can hope that I won’t make you suffer.} {No., Sulfern I do know how it is to be alone. I can see, and feel the memories and emotions of the previous Lords of Tachyon to know the feeling of being forgotten, for even you forgot some of the decently important Lords of tachyon in your encyclopedia, for they knew they would be just left behind in the time they ruled. I also can’t do anything now to help change the future of the Order for the better if I don’t win this battle. And I feel that I’m always alone when it comes down to the way I am always going through the worst of the worst memories of the Lords of Tachyon before me, you can’t even imagine how it is to go through the battles of the war over, and over again, even though I wasn’t even there to begin with.} {Enough of your talk Neoum, it’s time to finish this.}

Sulfern started his charge over at Neoum with the Triblader ready at its most powerful state. Neoum Knew there was only one way to finish this fight, and it would seem to be the only solution. Sulfern was sprinting toward Neoum with the rest of his energy, noticing that Neoum seemed that he couldn’t move. Neoum waited for the perfect moment to go with his plan. Neoum generated a small rock of Tachyium on the ground, big enough to trip Sulfern. Sulfern didn’t notice the rock until it was too late. He tripped and flew toward Neoum spinning out of control, with Neoum stepping out of the way. Sulfern crashed into the wall with the Triblader flying out of his hand into the hands of Neoum. Neoum went to Sulfern, sword at throat, ending the battle. The audience went silent.

{Ha, can’t believe you beat the strongest weapon in the universe… just by tripping the user. You really are clever, aren’t you my Lord.} The crowd cheered with joy to hear those words. {Now, I feel like it’s time to give you your rewards.} Sulfern got up as Neoum moved the sword from his way. Sulfern then took out another key to unlock another small hole in the ground nearby. This then opened up the container that flew from the ground with the Tachyium Heart inside. {Here you go Lord Neoum as for winning the Universe Showdown, I am honored to give it to you. Now folks, let’s hear a warm round of applause for the new Lord of Tachyon!} The crowd went wild. {Oh by the way Neoum, you are going to need to pay me for all the damage that you caused to the show. I’m afraid that it is a large bill to so don’t think that you’re going to get yourself out of this one just because you're the Lord of tachyon now.} {How about I just give you back your tachyium Heart, and call it even.} {How did you know that it was my Heart Neoum.} {Because you’re looking at it like you’re going to die without it.} {Ha, I was pretty obvious, wasn’t I Neoum. I can’t wait though for season two of Universe Showdown. Next time with more excitement, and thrills…} {Let’s just calm down about that for now, and enjoy your season finally.} {Okay fine Neoum, just wait for the next time, friend.}