Students 143  PEDICULOSIS CAPITIS (Head Lice)


Any student suspected of live head lice shall be sent to the school nurse. Parents/guardians will be notified if their child has live head lice and the child will be sent home

Instructions will be provided to the parent/guardian and student regarding the treatment and future prevention of head lice.

The student may be readmitted after appropriate treatment and an examination by the school nurse confirms the elimination of all active head lice.

The school nurse will conduct ongoing assessments of individual students as needed.

For students in Pre-K through 5th grade, a notification shall be sent home to parents/guardians of students in the infected class that a case of head lice was confirmed.


Statutory Reference:

RSA 200:32, 38 & 39 (School Health Services)

ED 306:32 (a) (4) (b) (3) (e) (Health Education Program)

Appendix JLCC-R

Revised from: 11/12/02 (Communicable Diseases); 4/14/14

First Reading Coordination: 4/11/16

Second Reading and Adoption by BOSC: 4/11/16