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You can leave your hat on by Joe Cocker

Level: Easy to Medium; Language: Phrasal verbs, Clothes

This song became famous from the movie “Nine and a half weeks” which has a famous scene where the actress Kim Basinger does a striptease to the song.

It's a song which uses a lot of phrasal verbs. For example, in the title “You can leave your hat on”. Remember, a phrasal verb is a verb + preposition (sometimes we can put a noun between these two elements). In this context, “to leave your hat onmeans “to continue wearing your hat”. Before you listen to the song, imagine how to complete the gaps using other phrasal verbs (verb + preposition)

verbs:   turn    come     take     take     take     take     raise     tear     go

prepositions:   apart     off     off     of     off     on     up     over     on

Baby ______  ____ your coat                                (clue: stop wearing your coat)
Real slow 
And ______  ____ your shoes                            (clue: the same as the clue above x 3)
I'll ______  ______ your shoes 
Baby _______  _____ your dress 
Yes yes yes 

You can leave your hat on (x3) 

_____  ____
 over there                                      (clue: continue walking)
______  ____
 the light                          (clue: what do you do when a room is dark?)
No, all the lights.
_______  ______
 here                                       (clue: walk to me)                        
Stand on this chair 
That's right.
 your arms ____ into the air                      (clue: “elevate” your arms)
Now shake them.
You give me a reason to live (x4)
Sweet darling 

You can leave your hat on 
You can leave your hat on 
You can leave your hat on (x4)

Suspicious minds are talking
Trying to _____ us _______                                    (clue: trying to separate us)
They don't believe 
In this love of mine 
They don't know I love you 
They don't know what love is (x3)
I know what love is 
Sweet darling 

You can leave your hat on 
You can leave your hat on 
You can leave your hat on 
You can leave your hat on 

Now listen to the song to see if you were correct:

Use phrasal verbs from the song to complete these sentences:

1. The little boy always ________  ____ his hand when the teacher asks a question.

2. In Japan, people usually _____  their shoes _____ before they go into a house or a flat.

3. Excuse me, where is the football stadium?

    Uhmm, you need to ____  ____ for about five minutes and then turn left.

4. I put my clothes into the washing machine but then I forgot to ______  it ____ !

5. Do you want to ______  _____ to my house on Saturday. We're going to have a barbecue.

6. People say that money problems can ______ a lot of couples ______ .

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1. raises up

2. take their shoes off

3. go on

4. turn it on

5. come over

6. tear a lot of couples apart

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