Oakdale High School

Latin I Syllabus - 2014-2015

Ms. Pearson

Course Description:

        This course introduces the basics of Latin grammar and vocabulary, as well as simple sentence structure patterns.  Students will be able to read, translate and write simple Latin sentences by the end of this Latin course.  In addition to translation, students will also be able to important aspects of Roman history, culture and daily life.

Required Materials:

Classroom Rules:

        1. Follow all rules established in the Student Handbook

        2. Be in your seat when the bell rings.

        3. When the bell rings you should be working on your warm-up.

4. Do not work on homework from other classes unless specified by me.  If you are caught doing this I will confiscate it.

5. No food/beverages (excluding water) are allowed in my classroom without my permission.

6. Respect and courtesy will be shown to fellow students and me at all times.  This includes not talking while I am talking, nor when other students are doing presentations.  Bad attitudes and talking back will not be tolerated.  


        If you choose to break a school or classroom rule, a violation will be issued.

Grading Policy:

        Grades are earned based on an accumulation of points on a weighted scale.

If you turn in a paper without your name on it, you will not receive credit.  

This rule applies to EVERYTHING- even TESTS!

*Participation points will be awarded at the end of each term based on weekly participation, preparedness and behavior.  Students are expected to volunteer and answer questions in class a minimum of 3 times a week.  

**Extra Credit assignments an amount of points will be assigned at my discretion and can range anywhere from research projects to extra credit homework activities.  Individual extra credit will never be assigned.  Opportunities from extra credit will be few and should not be relied upon.

Grading System:

        Grades will be posted on Pinnacle and updated at the end of each week.

Other Classroom Policies:

Academic Honesty:

Lateness to Class

Cell Phone/ BYOD Policy

Teacher Website:

        My teacher website can be found on the OHS website, go to Staff- Science-        Madeline Pearson.  On my website I will keep an updated weekly homework board so that parents and student alike may check what work will be for the evening or week.

Teacher Availability:

        I am available before and after school in A212.  I am also always available for SET for extra help.  Please sign up using the SET board in my classroom.

Contacting Me:

*I reserve the right to add or change this policy as needed throughout the year.  Students and parents will be notified BEFORE changes are made to the syllabus.