All MHSAA rules apply unless specified below:

Bases will be 60’ and pitching machine distance at 35’. There will be a pitching circle measuring 16’ diameter. There will be hash marks half way between first and second, second and third, and third and home. An 11” ball will be used. Pitching machine will be used for the whole game.

Pitching machine speeds will be 40 MPH.
Regulation game will consist of six (6) innings.

No inning starting after 1 hour and 30 minutes of play from the start time. No Time Liimit for semi-final and championship gamesThe umpire or field supervisor may stop a game at anytime he/she believes conditions are unsafe for play. Coaches and parents need to have teams ready to start the game at the scheduled time!

Pitchers and batters must wear a protective face guard

1. A maximum of ten (10) players may be used for fielding purposes, 4 of which must be in the outfield and 6 in the infield. If not playing on a regulation size softball field, an arc measuring 20’ from the back corner of all bases (except home plate) will must be drawn. All outfielders must be behind this arc at the time of the pitch, and can move forward after the release of the ball.

2. A mercy rule is as follows:
EIGHT RUN RULE: A game will end when a team is ahead by eight or more runs anytime after 5 innings or 4 1⁄2 innings if the home team is ahead.

TEN RUN RULE: A game will end when a team is ahead by ten or more runs anytime after 4 innings or 3 1/2 if the home team is ahead.

MERCY RULE: At any time after the end of three innings a team is ahead by 15 or more runs, the game is considered a complete game. At any time after two innings a team is ahead by 20 or more runs, the game is considered a complete game.

3. Play stops once the pitcher has control of the ball and two feet inside the pitcher’s (16’ circle). The umpire shall determine the position of each runner. The runner will advance to the next base if more than half way or return to the previous base determined by the chalk marks between bases.

4. Bunting is allowed.

5. Teams may start a game with a minimum of 8 players. If a player arrives late for the game she must be entered last in the batting order.

6. If a player leaves, or is injured during the game and is unable to bat her position in the batting order she will be skipped with no out recorded.

7. If a ball is overthrown trying to make a play on a runner or batter/runner all runners may advance (at their own risk) to all bases. Play will be considered “live” until the pitcher has control of the ball and two feet inside the circle.

8. Runners are allowed to steal all bases during the entire game. The runner cannot leave the base until the pitched ball crosses home plate. Delayed steals are not allowed. If a runner leaves before the pitch is thrown the ball will be called dead immediately, and is ruled a no pitch—runners may not advance, and must return to the base occupied before the pitch. The runner that left early will be called “out”. This rule also applies for runners that leave any other base early.

*First offense for leaving early will be a team warning

There will be a hash mark placed 1⁄2 way between all bases. If the ball is returned to the pitcher while in the 16’ circle, the runner must return to the base without penalty or a play being made on her.

9. Each team will receive one warning per game for throwing a bat. The second violation of any team member throwing the bat shall be called out. (This is a dead ball situation).

10. There is no infield fly rule.

11. If a fielder has the ball and is in position to make a play on a runner, the runner must avoid an intentional collision. If the runner, in the opinion of the umpire, intentionally or maliciously collides with the fielder, she will be called out.

12. In order to prevent delays, a courtesy runner is required for the catcher. You may choose to use a substitute player that is not currently in the game or the runner can be the last recorded out.

13. No dropped third strike. A batter may not advance to first base if the catcher fails to catch or hold onto a third strike.

14. No jewelry is to be worn during games. Starter earrings must be taped.
15. All uniforms provided by each organization must be worn. No sandals or metal cleats.

16. All equipment and teammates must remain inside the dugout, with the exception of the on deck batter. Batter and on deck batter must have helmets on until they reach the dugout.

17. Home team scorebook is official score.

18. Managers only may question an umpire’s book rule interpretation--- NOT JUDGMENT CALLS. The manager must question the call before the next pitch.

19. No harassment by coaches, spectators, or players will be permitted. Managers are responsible for conduct of coaches, spectators, and players. Unruly spectators may be asked to leave or cause forfeiture of the game.

20. You may have one coach on the field when your team is in the field.
21. No tee-ball bats are permitted. Only bats with the ASA symbol are legal bats for play.

22. NFHS rules are in place unless specified above. Refer to your latest edition of NFHS softball rules for specific details.

23. Each team may bat the entire roster, this is up to the manager, the decision needs to be declared prior to the start of the game, if you choose not to bat everyone, then the team will only bat 10 players and the rest of the players on the roster will be treated as substitute players. Please remember you have to finish with how you start the game.

24. Pitches that are swung at will be considered a strike regardless of the pitch location, pitches outside the strike zone not swung at will be a no pitch (umpires discretion)

25. Home team and dugout is determined by coin flip

26. In championship game, winners bracket is the home team

* Only coaches and scorekeepers are allowed in the dugout during the game. Coaches must attempt to maintain an orderly and safe dugout environment at all times.

**Please make sure dugout is cleaned up after each game. Also, encourage your fans to pick up after themselves at all times.

Before each game discuss any roster changes that might have occurred and make it known to each coach what age girls are.