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YouTube: Shifting from Consumers to Curators to Creators

Session Description

YouTube: Shifting from consumers to curators to creators. During this session we will look at how you and your students can start with consuming on YouTube, by navigating to a great collection of YouTube videos for education.  Moving along to curation, we will share playlists and embedding into other Google Apps For Education.  Lastly we will shift to creators by setting up your own account and lessons where students can create their own videos for various applications in elementary and secondary.  This works from a BYOD classroom, to a single class iPad/Tablet or a 1 to 1 environment.

Strands: #beginner

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Presenter: Brandon Zoras

Position: Teacher

Organization: Toronto District School Board

Location: Toronto

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Brandon Zoras is a secondary science teacher in the TDSB. He has completed Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2. Brandon has switched over to fully using all Google Apps for Education apps in his class over the last year after using aspects of Google Apps for the past 7 years. Brandon believes teaching with technology not only engages students but provides them with the skills they will need for the future.