PGTI’s Cheat Sheet on

Executive Order 11246

  1. Executive Order 11246

EO 11246 was signed by LBJ in 1964. It was amended by Jimmy Carter to include goals for women in federally funded construction on May 8, 1979. An annotated version of EO 11246 can be found at

  1. Part 41 CFR 60

EO 11246 applies to federal regulations Part 41 CFR 60. Title 41 covers “Public Contracts and Property Management.” Part 60-1 covers “Obligations of Contractors and Subcontractors.” Part 60-4 covers “Affirmative Action Requirements.” To find, Google “Part 41 CFR 60”.

  1. Contractors Manual

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance issued a 99-page manual for contractors on how to meet 11246, called “Technical Assistance Guide for Federal Construction Contractors” in May of 2009. The manual can be found at