Rhino Tutorial: Create an Orthographic Layout from a 3D Model

Approx Completion Time: 15 min
Goal: Learn about Orthographic Drawing

What you will draw:

File Setup:

Make a copy of the Chest tutorial that you already completed.

Rename the copy:


Open the renamed file to use in this tutorial

This entire tutorial will be created in TOP view.

Double click the word TOP to focus on that viewport.

Step 1: Select the entire chest

Easiest way: command(CTRL) + A

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

The Make 2-D drawing command will automatically make a new layer.

Hide all layers except your “Make2D” layer

Step 5:

Make a new layer called “Dimensions

and select it.

Step 6:

Set these Osnaps:

Step 7:


Step 8:

Show the width of the top of the chest by clicking on the two endpoints of the left side of the shape.

It should be 20.00”.

Step 9:

Use the same method to show the height of the chest (which should be 38.00”). To line up the dimensions, roll over the chest width dimension line while drawing the new dimension.

Step 10:

Add all the following linear dimensions:

  • Height between one set of drawers.
  • Height of one drawer
  • Width of one drawer
  • Width of overall chest.
  • Length of opening at bottom of chest (side)

Step 11:

Click on the lower left handle. Drag the dimension off the left side of the chest.

Step 12: Hide the grid


Right-click anywhere on the viewport grid and choose:

In the option window, uncheck these properties:

Then, close the window



Then click on GRID

In the option window, uncheck these properties:

Then, close the window

Step 13: Change the background color


on the right:


Choose: White


on the left:


Choose: White

Step 14: Add drawing information to the corner of the top view window.

Place your text box near (122,15).

Enter the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Chest Design
  • Version Number (probably 1)
  • The date
  • The drawing units (inches in this case)


Step 15: Hold Command (CTRL) and Shift + Press E

You’ve completed this tutorial!!! 

TURN IN screenshot AND 3D file

Save your file as:



OrthoYourName.png (or equivalent)