There, their or they’re?

Let’s practise using these words by filling in the gaps.  Have another look at our slideshow to help you work out which word to use.

Tom and Miria are going to the beach for a picnic.  The summer sun warms them as they walk towards the reserve.  Have they remembered to wear their hats?

“What will we do when we get there ?” asked Miria.  “There are too many people for a game of touch.”

“We could go over there and play cricket”, said Tom.  “Oh look!  Over there starting to line up for a swim.  Should we go over there Too?”

Add 2 -3 of your own sentences to this writing.  It must include there, their and they’re!

Task 2: In a Google drawing, create an infographic to help you remember the difference between there, their and they’re!  Publish to your blog as an image.  Labels: 2017, Writing, Infographic, Homophones, Grammar