Butterflies en Mexico/Mariposa Project

Policies and Procedures

Subject:  Definition of Levels of Service

Effective Date:

Policy Section:  Programming

Supersedes Policy and Procedure No: Replacing Collaboration

P & P No: 5

Approved on: 2-24-16  Made Void on 10-04-16

Approved by: Board

PURPOSE: To clearly define to groups and individuals what a collaborative effort or partnership is in order to solicit and categorize groups and individuals.



The definition for Butterflies en Mexico/Mariposa Project of Levels of Service for program and projects of the organization are as follows;

Communications – Use of the Internet (and other electronic devices), provide space for face-to-face meetings to assure all parties are in agreement in order to be connected and have a meaningful relationship with each other; be aware that there will be times when there is disagreement and be willing to share honestly about the relationship.

Coordination – work with each other in a harmonious manner to organize and solicit others; i.e., volunteers, additional funding, etc.

Cooperation – provide willingness to work together and share responsibilities with clear lines of who will do what, where and when there is a need to seek help where talents or inabilities exist.


Contribution – give to a common fund, furnish ideas, thoughts and tangible products which assume risk and/or bring about results, provide a skill or area of support that is required to bring about results.

Levels of Service -

Supporters – work with BeM/MP in 1 way of the above

Affiliates – work with BeM/MP in 2 of the 4 ways above

Sponsors – work with BeM/MP in 3 of the 4 ways above

Partnership – work with BeM/MP in 4 of the 4 ways above

PARTNERSHIP or Collaborative Effort is the highest Level of Service with BeM/MP - All four elements are needed to consider the relationship a Partnership (also known as a Collaboration). Only one representative of a group/organization will attend and be considered as a voting representative of that group/organization.


EVALUATION: bi-annual.