Framework Solution or Sympathy - Group 2

Elect a recorder for your group - That person will take notes over your instruction activities and your brainstorming as you discuss. The group should brainstorm about your instruction activities. Not sure where to get started? Think about:

Group notes:

(Kristy) No formal information literacy framework roll-out on my campus; no formal instruction course.  Exploration activities can be geared for any sort of course, any sort of topic.  

(Sarah) Assignments that are vague - how to incorporate the framework? Generalized guidance from faculty is needed.  Exploring example topics -- run various searches to see their knowledge -- ability to help students figure out topics, sculpt the research questions.  How to work through building blocks of a major assignment?

(Dan) Five step approach to topic -- choose something that you’re interested in -- narrow the focus on one way.  Now ask a question about that idea to make it more specific.   Use questions to reinforce ideas; use a question to make a bold statement later as your answer.   Lots of success with this process; ask yourself, what don’t I know about this topic?  Students then become comfortable asking questions and locating research.  Activity works towards making a proto-thesis statement.

Challenges with upper level classes -- to make things more advanced -- how to refine for upper levels?  

(Kate) Lesson plan for reading a scholarly article -- with nursing students.   Working with upper level students to determine critical reading skills.  Discussion to assess their knowledge at beginning of session; Freshmen students given first exposure to scholarly writing in second semester in program.

(Group) Possibilities of various activities for citing practice (APA) -- games and other ways to engage the class before instructions.   Storytelling -- use a story that you’re passionate about and how does it relate to the framework?  Story to pay attention to details -- let the story be your own.  Story about how a local bill makes it to the state supreme court.  Stories are powerful!