Fataha Nur Robel

BSc (Hon’s), M.S. (DU)

PhD student (under MEXT scholarship)



Assistant Professor

Dept. of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering                                                                                              

Noakhali Science and Technology University

Sonapur, Noakhali-3814

E-mail: rubel.acct@yahoo.com


Research interest:

My research interest includes a number of areas such as Material Sciences, Polymer and Composite materials, Environmental Chemistry, etc.      

Present Status:

PhD student (under MEXT scholarship)

Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kumamoto University






  1. Fataha Nur Robel, A.M. Sarwaruddin Chowdhury. “ Phytochemical Study of Xylia dolabriformis”, Dhaka Univ. J. Eng. & Tech. Vol. 1(1) 75-76, 2010 (July).
  2. Fataha Nur Robel, Md. Shaikh Ahsan Ullah, Choudhury M. Hasan, A.M. Sarwaruddin Chowdhury and Md. Abul Kaiser. “ Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activities of the Crude Methanolic Extracts of Xylia dolabriformis”, Dhaka Univ. J. Sci. 59(1): 121-123, 2011 (January).
  3. Fataha Nur Robel, Towhidul Islam, Arifuzzaman Tapash and A.M. Sarwaruddin Chowdhury. “Fabrication and Characterization of Jute Fiber Reinforced PP-Clay Based Nanocomposite”, Journal of polymer and composites. 2(1):19-29, 2014.


Personal details





Fataha Nur Robel

Father’s name


Md. Farid Uddin

Mother’s name


Tahera Khatun

Permanent address


Vill+P.O: Rupasdi, Upazila: Banchharampur,

District: Brahmanbaria

Blood Group


AB (+ve)