Final Exam Review- Food and Nutrition 1

Kitchen Equipment- Know what these are used for and give an example of a recipe where you would use:

Grater:                                                        Whisk:

Food Processor:                                        Pizza Cutter:

Casserole Dish:                                        Vegetable Peeler:

Garlic Press:                                                Rubber Spatula:

Spatula vs. Turner:                                        Pastry Blender:

Bench Scraper:                                        Ladle:

Blender:                                                Saucepan:

Measuring Spoons:                                        Tongs:

Colander:                                                Cutting Board:

Rolling Pin:                                                Glass Measuring cup:


What do these abbreviations stand for?












1 Tablespoon=________teaspoons                        1 cup=_____tablespoons

1 stick of butter=_______tablespoons                1 Pound=_____ounces

1 cup=_____ounces

Double The Recipe

1 c. flour x 2=______                3/4 c. sugar x 2=_____        1/3 c. brown sugar x 2=_____

3 t. baking powder x 2=_____ (How many Tablespoons?)             1/2 c. butter x 2=______  (Sticks)

1 1/4 c. peanut butter x 2=____

Food Preparation Terms  (verbs)

Melt                                Knead                                Mince

Toss                                Grate                                Sift

Boil                                Simmer                        Thicken

Chop                                Brown                                Preheat

Beat                                Stir-Fry                        Mash

Cream                                Coat                                Saute

Steam                                Puree

Recipes- How do you make?

Omelets vs. french toast-

Twice Baked Potato-

Quick Breads vs. Yeast Breads


Pizza Crust-


Stir Fry-

Fruit Smoothie-

Recipe Questions?

1. What makes muffins rise?  What happens if you over mix muffins?

2. What makes sandwich bread rise?

3. What does a Roux do for a recipe?


In addition to reviewing your safety test:

1. How many seconds should you wash you hands?

2. Even though you’ve washed your hands, what could keep microbes present?

3. How many times should you wash you hands when you are cooking?

4.  How should you store foods in the refrigerator?


Kitchen Safety

How many (minimum) cutting boards should you have and why?

How do you put out a grease fire?

How do you remove a piece of stuck toast from the toaster?

What are the crucial temperatures to remember for food safety?  

Why is it dangerous to use a wet pot holder or a dish towel to remove something from the oven?


Health and Nutrition:

How do you know if you’re  eating right?


What are some of the world’s healthiest foods?  Give nutrient dense examples:



What happens if you do not eat right? (can be preventable issues/diseases)


What is a Calorie?


What are carbohydrates?  What do they do for the body?



What are the building blocks of Protein?  What do they do for the body?



Where do saturated fats and poly or monounsaturated fats come from?  

What diseases or health issues are related to nutrient deficiencies?

Fill in the MyPlate and give examples of each food group: