Distribution process

Just prior to the opening of each school year, days are set aside for families (each enrolled student, with a parent or legal guardian) to attend a deployment session.  In August 2016, deployment for rising 4th – 8th graders will be at Lexington Middle School (see the website for details).

What you can expect at deployment:


Students will return their fully functional device at the end of each school year in a process specific to each school.  Both the device and power cord must be returned.  Upon transfer or termination, any device not returned within 5 days will be reported as stolen and a police report will be filed.  

Devices go through standard maintenance and reimaging over the summer, but the same device is reissued to the same student the following school year.  The device and accessories remain the property of Lexington City Schools.  The district reserves the right to collect and/or inspect a student’s device at any time and to delete any material or applications deemed inappropriate.  Sleeves issued by the district to protect devices follow the device through the three-year cycle.  Use of a device sleeve is required.  Replacement for any reason will be at the user’s expense.

Report cards or diplomas can be held from students who do not return devices at the end of the school year.  Continued failure to return a device will result in the district filing a theft report.  The student will be responsible for intentional damage to the laptop and accessories – in which case payment for repair or replacement will be required.

Home and School Use

Devices are purchased and equipped specifically for use at school and home.  In addition to software, any device connected to the internet is filtered through the district purchased cloud server – offering additional protection against landing on an inappropriate or undesirable site.  We are constantly working to improve the filtering integrity of our network, but rely on users (teachers, parents, and students) to guide these improvements.  Parents and students are asked to report concerns about any site to the tech coordinator or administrator at their school.  As always, adult supervision and parental guidelines are the best internet filtering available.  District-issued devices are maintained by district personnel, and all devices are updated with the latest available software when available.  Instructionally, teachers can easily give assignments for completion at-home or school when all students are using the same device and operational platform.  Students without “at-home” privileges are required to arrive to school early enough to check-out a device for class before school begins.  Likewise, students must take the time to return devices before departing for home each afternoon.  Each school will establish detailed procedures for day-users.

Device Replacement

Students will be assigned a device and will use that same device, year-after-year, until the device is upgraded or replaced by the district.  During the summer, devices will be collected and re-imaged, but reissued to the same student during deployment for the following school year.  Should a device fail during the school year and require repairs, a loaner device may be issued to a student for the time it takes to repair the original device.  As part of this process, it is important to remind students to regularly save all personal files to an external source or cloud storage.  Some insurance companies offer coverage against theft – check with your insurance agent for details.

3rd party theft insurance is offered at deployment.  Families will be responsible for full replacement value of any device lost or stolen.


Usage Charge

Devices issued by the district include an annual, non-refundable “usage charge” to help off-set the cost of hardware, software, certain repairs, networks, infrastructure, security, filtering, tech support, certain digital resources and more.  Charges are assessed during deployment (or online prior to deployment) and can be paid by cash, credit card, or check.  Assistance “Fee Waivers” are accessible to families in need as deemed eligible by free/reduced lunch status. Forms for free/reduced meals must be completed and submitted to Food Service to be eligible.  Payment plans are also available for families needing several months to fully cover usage charges.  Devices will only be deployed with payment, agreement to a payment plan, or Fee Waiver approval.  The usage charge is $30 per device for students in grades 4-8.

Online Payments

In an effort to make the deployment process more efficient, we strongly encourage parents to go online to pay the usage charge prior to arriving for deployment training.  The company we are using to manage payments is MySchoolBucks – a service used by many other school districts for online payments of all kinds. This is the same service we currently use for lunch accounts.  Visit https://www.myschoolbucks.com to begin the process.


Upon finding the site, you will need to set-up a parent/guardian account if you are not already utilizing myschoolbucks with your student's lunch account. On the mySchoolBucks.com website, create a user profile by clicking on the Register button on the home page. Add students to your household - you'll need the child's name as it appears on the informational letter you received from the school and birth date and 7 digit student ID#. If you do not have this information, you may contact the Nutrition Department 731-968-8457. Once these steps are completed, you can select the school store and choose “1:1 Usage Charge” for the appropriate school. Select your student’s name in the dropdown and then select the payment amount. Click “checkout” in the top right corner. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation/receipt email (within a few hours) … which you will need to bring to deployment for verification of payment. Step-by-step instructions can be followed by going to http://caywood.org/LCSS/index.php/en/1-1-myschoolbucks-payments.


Optional insurance to cover theft (but not negligence), burglary, and robbery will be offered at deployment by a third-party insurance provider.

Wi-Fi Options

Accessibility to Wi-Fi is an important success factor for students at school and home.  Our survey results from families indicate that a large majority of families have access to consistent and high-speed internet at-home.  However, there are about 10-20% of our families who struggle with having reliable access to the internet at their residence.  To serve these students in the early stages of 1:1, we are partnering throughout the community with business and industry, in the service and government sectors, and other groups and individuals to level the playing field by providing access close to the home or in the home of every student. Following is a summary of the options students have available to them for 1:1 educational work: