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 Fine Arts Ministry

2016 Calendar
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1st & 3rd Sundays Welcome to Between Services
Open Studio
Wyburn Roderick Hall

Instructor: Everyone
(Who Insists on Holiness)

Contact Barbara Armijo: • 915 533 4915 • 10 - 10:45 or 9:45 - Noon • W-R Hall • Buy your breakfast in Mayfield  • Kids go to Sunday School at 10:45. 2016 visit & comment on the new BLOG:

Collective Divine Inspiration

Come  enjoy the fellowship as we develop our ministry together. Ideas, sketches, patterns
& plans are us. Grace is spiritual elevation.

Opening Prayer:

Dear Lord:  thank you for establishing the Church of St. Clement in 1870 at the Pass of the North in " El Paso" -- may we continue to delight you with our love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,faithfulness, gentleness and self-control and in the name of Jesus Christ we ask that you bless this Fine Arts Ministry with your guidance.

Pre Requirements:

Passionate love of holiness & that which is good right & true as gifted to us all by God through Moses, the Prophets, our Promised Saviour Who has come: Jesus, & the Apostles; from Genesis through Revelation.

Materials Needed

Sacramental art we are working on: Even as His love has no limits, the decorative arts, poetry, music., etc.

Scroll to Gallery below & please add to it via email or the Response Form  for your
instant communication ease.
To your glory, Father, we give back to You.

Making His Praise Glorious as in Psalm 66

And, studying Nehemiah 8 for the tone & purpose of a future art fair in the Holy Spirit. Always bring an opening prayer to share  There can never be too many.

Hear the Bible for free.

Hear Bethel playlist. Lovely praise music.

Bosque with Katrine was lovely! View album .

View a Jody Schwartz Photo ‘story’ here.

Week 1

September  6

Extra Notes: We will be meeting in W-R Hall with the goal of migrating to 510 across the street on Yandell soon.

Week 2

September 20


Week 3

October 4

Extra Notes: Extra credit for homemade treats!

Week 4

October 18

Extra Notes: bring your own uncooked white free range egg.

Week 5

November  1

Extra Notes: Call for rough sketches for Art Fair booth construction, turn of last century props,  Old West artwork.

Week 6

November 15

Week 7 & 8        EGGS Studio December. 6 & 20

December 6                            El Paso Museum of Art with
 Cheryl Bower, Clergy & Vestry following CASH lunch at Amigo’s  2000 Montana.  RSVP lunch selection & carpool on poster.

Your Thought Gallery:

Ukrainian Eggs

Sign-up please.
Bring an uncooked jumbo egg
with simple pencil designs.

December 6 & 20 as well as ‘how-to’ weave. 10 AM WRH.

Hear Barbara Peterson’s delightful story book about Ukrainian eggs!

Come to the Bosque 11/6&7!


image00.png video clip

November 1 The Voice of Confirmation

Between Services W-R Hall 10 AM -10:45 AM Explore Photo Journaling questions here.

Ask  R & B Peterson about her wonderful parents writings as missionaries!

The Renaissance Collection has such a treasure of art with CHRISTIAN subject matter.

It is an illustration of the Bible
from start to finish.

Join Cheryl Bower, Clergy & Vestry for Tour Part I:

December 6 after church & a CASH lunch at
Amigo’s 2000 Montana.
Choose from 3 popular dishes prepared just for us! RSVP on Poster in Welcome Center..


October 4 - Ready to cast to dress!

View mini movie.
Father, bless the
Church of St Clement


Jody Schwartz

Portrait Photography

January 17 & 18, 2016


Please make use of this response/input form:

Plume et galet (1) | by B@

Holly’s shot of Rick Garven at the

RG Picture 003.jpg

St Clement Fine Arts Ministry

Mrs. Robert T. Hoover, III (Karen) 

Harvey Girl Poem

Melanie Wayne

Katrine Stewart

Bernie Sargent

Barbara’s  photo album of 
Bernie Sargent’s talk.

First  Churches of the Southwest will follow in the future!IMG_5945.JPG
how morality tames the West mini movie 

Dancing Dress by Teresa Oduor
Chased & stamped  copper & brass.

by Our Costume Designer!

Clem’s & Clementine’s

October 19 in the Mayfield Room

Mrs. Robert T. Hoover (Karen)
 Church Founders Research
including Gaylord J Clarke

  Communion 10:30, Speaker 11, Lunch 11:45

Scroll down to ‘HD Encore’ which will be “Aida” on Wed. 7/29/’15
Power outage - we all got rainchecks!.

Woody K provides us with informative handouts for the Metropolitan Opera HD

 performances. They are very exciting.

Join the next Group & Go!

Let’s do Plein Air

Just check Plein Air & add  your name.

Mute Swan from St James Park

by Sophie Knee

Comment on the video announcement script in progress that David Guerin will soon help us to
produce with photos.

Nancy Howell will read (edit) the section regarding her old friend, Katrine. Karen Hoover is invited to speak the parts regarding our church history. Your input is always welcomed & valuable.

Click here:

Fine Arts Ministry QR on the

bulletin board to share this link.
Fine Arts Ministry / Event Calendar

Why a Fine Arts Ministry?

Updated overview.

Brochure from Spring 2015 
(an ongoing repertoire

The  El Paso Chopin Music Festival announces the
2015 season!

An Opening prayer
by Graham Cooke

"Spiritual warriors give more than is required. Measure has no meaning for them. Abundance is their language and way of life. When you meet real warriors they overwhelm you with possibilities and refresh you with their certainties."


Sounds like the work of Kingdom art!

IMG_5774.JPG St Clement Fine Arts Ministry has a surprise! Ukrainian EGGS are easy! December 6 & 20 Between Services in W-R Hall 10 - 10:45 AM
Bring a jumbo uncooked egg with simple pencil designs & $2. Dyes, bee’s wax, candles & kistkas are provided.  Kids need a grownup & go to Sunday school at 10:45.IMG_5778.JPG

Cool video.

Please note:

We don’t always have to have a speaker. It is important to gain momentum towards an art fair by hanging out together in
Open Studio fashion.


And please

Dew Drop Inn:

the survey to register your comments, ideas & question. Thanks!

Dream discussion diner parties around IMPRIMIS from

Always short, sweet, & pertinent!
Listen to:



‘Brother square-Toes’— Rewards and Fairies
Posted by Ba 7/28/’15

Nancy announces Katrine.

I will praise thee

with uprightness of heart,

when I shall have learned thy

righteous judgments.

Psalms 119:7

From Mary O on Facebook. Yes!



  Reminds one of America!      


Choir of St Paul’s

Kid’s Art Fair Ministry Gifts
to Give
& or do?

How’bout  color symbol prayer ‘chain’?
Or Bible Trivia games we make?

Love Crochet  by Ba

Church History presentations in snapshots turned into a mini movie:


We need to start video taping the presentations!

Croquis & Clues Weave Stories

Katrine’s Confirmation Day Seminar

Start children off on the way they
should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

 Proverbs 22

Come to dear Dan O’Rourke’s Art Opening
& bid  Dan & Bren, a fond adieu!

E.g. Unity in diversity applies not only to various arts, but, also to letters from God. 

Art teaches

how to solve interesting problems without a map or instructions in order to develop innovation,

not factory training.

And it develops leadership.

 Nice article clip: click here.

God is the favorite art teacher!

There’s always a kid’s art supplies table. Our kids know how to “keep” a studio because we “keep” Him first and foremost..

All our kids are hardworking, prayerful,
great budding artists

making God’s praise glorious!

From Tricia on Facebook.

[ To the Church in Laodicea ] “To the angel of the church in Laodicea write: These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation.
Here I am!

I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person,

and they with me.

Revelation 3

He is our favorite Rock,
the Rock of our Salvation!

For we are
God’s handiwork,
created in Christ Jesus
to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesian 2

Bosque Retreat was lovely!


image00.pngBooks by K

November 1 The Voice of Confirmation

Between Services W-R Hall 10 AM -10:45 AM Explore Photo Journaling questions here.

Ask  R & B Peterson about her wonderful parents writings as missionaries!

Bernie Sargent
Week 2 on September 20


Chairman of the EP Historical Commission

Watch a mini video.

Rick Garven
is playing !!!  
Aug 5 - 16

For those that are interested, [Rick] will be playing "prelude music" for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (maybe that says something about me??) , Midnight Cowboy, The King and I, In the Heat of the Night, Back to the Future, and Dead Poet's Society. It is a good series of films. I enjoy it as it is SO different than playing a
Holy Eucharist.

An Awkward First Date

(Holly Packard Cobb) viewing.

Leila’s Ascension Drawing

Clem’s & Clementine’s

3rd mondays

History’s Dirty Little Secrets

Charles Stapler


Snapshot Story September 21, 2015

Video recording coming soon!

He IS my sign. E.g. for Week 1: 9/6/15

He hid His letters for us in Psalm 119.



A Mahrla Manning costume sketch.  We love her bagpipes & Robert’s technological helps!

Perla's Woven Pouch

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:
Hebrews 12:14 KJV


An “Open Studio” Day Story

click here  IMG_4329.JPG

A Meditation on the Way to Holiness

A sacramental abstract expression by Barbara Armijo. Music by celestial minded 11th c Abbess, Hildegard Von Bingen

(public domain)

click here

What you heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus. Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you—guard it with the help of
the Holy Spirit who lives in us.

Read all of 2 Timothy 1

Thanks, Deanna Nim

Clem’s & Clementine’s

October 19 in the Mayfield Room

Mrs. Robert T. Hoover(Karen)
 Church Founders Research
Gaylord Judd Clarke


  Communion 10:30, Speaker 11, Lunch 11:45

10x15in. XVII Cathedrals On The Earth 32412 007 R300.jpg

Celestial Vaults

by Barbara Armijo

Barbara’s perspective on

 St Clement's Fine Arts Ministry:

Art not only saves lives, but sacramental expressions of faith foster healing, fellowship, clarity of church identity and vision (pray for the team seeking His face!), and individual joy and a means to actually rest in His presence long enough to share His glory.

Clem’s & Clementine’s

November 16

Tricia Tighe’s Writings
Letters to teen self.

Saint Clements . com

The LORD The LORD Signs of Life.
An inlay weaving

Clem’s & Clementine’s

Anita Steadman

December 21

Joy to the World

Her faith and the music.

 September 21, 2015


guest speaker


El Paso Historical Commissioner

His introduction.

All are welcome to this wonderful
3rd Mondays St Clement tradition.
10 am Communion

10:45 Speaker, 11:45 Lunch

Hear “I Love You Lord”


please send in a nice illustration for this music clip.

Clem’s & Clementine’s

January 18, 2016

Jody Schwartz Photography