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The Board of Education of the Albia Community School District will meet in regular session Monday, November 13, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. at the Central Administration Office, 701 Washington Avenue East, Albia, Iowa. The following agenda items will be discussed. The Board of Education may, by Board vote, take action on any or all items.







4.     APPROVE

          A.  Minutes

          B.  Financial Statements

          C.  List of Bills



          A.  Citizens

          B.  Students

          C.  Board Members

          D.  Board Secretary and Superintendent

          E.  Correspondence

          F.   Board Member Reports


6.   REPORTS                                       

6.1    As Specified in Board Overview



                7.1        Personnel:

                         A.         Resignations:

                         B.         Terminations:                                                          

                         C.         Contracts:              

                         D.         Approve Employment:

                         E.         Approve Volunteers:

                         F.          Others:

                7.2        Set Salaries for Transfer Positions

                7.3        Approve Maximum On-Time Funding Modified Supplemental Amount for Increased Enrollment

                7.4        Certified Negotiations Decision

                    7.5        Board Policies

                7.6        December Board Meeting

                7.7        High School Roof Project

                         A.         Approve to seek Bids on Identified Roof Project

                         B.         Approve Process of Securing Bids

                         C.         Approve Public Hearing Date/Time on Roof Project

                7.8        IHCC Contract of Education Services



                8.1        Commencement Policy

                8.2        Early Retirement/Early Resignation Incentives

                8.3        Board Policies

                8.4        Energy Projects

                8.5        Board Work Session Follow-up

                8.6        Items for December Meeting

                8.7        Board Member Concerns



                9.1        Thanksgiving Break-November 22-24, 2017



          Additional items may be added to the agenda before the Board meeting if posted a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled meeting.  Such items will be posted at the newspaper office and the school business office.



Regular Board Meeting – Monday, October 09, 2017 – 6:00 p.m. – Central Administration Office


Present:  Cindy Cronin, Roger George, Linda Hoskins, Mark Robinson, Mallory Stocker, Craig Ambrose, Jeff Liston, Kevin Crall, Melissa Bauer


Visitors:  Erin Peterson, Larry Achenbach, Joe Judge, Bernice Butler


3.             Agenda:  Motion by Stocker, seconded by Hoskins, to approve the agenda as presented (addendum attached).  Motion carried unanimously.


4.             Minutes, Financial Statements, List of Bills:  Motion by George, seconded by Stocker, to approve the minutes, financials and list of bills as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.




5D.          Superintendent:  Superintendent Crall reviewed the District’s current weapons policy with the Board.  He said the American Legion is planning a large Veteran’s Day Assembly at the High School on Saturday, November 11, 2017.  They traditionally do a twenty-one gun salute as part of the ceremony and would like to do this on school grounds.  The consensus of the Board was this would be acceptable as the guns were shooting blanks and it would be similar to shooting off the cannon at football games.  They want to support the honoring of our veterans.




6.1           Guest Principal:  High School Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Larry Achenbach said things are off to a good start at the High School and fall sports are already close to wrapping up for the season.  Our athletes have worked hard and done a great job representing Albia Schools.  Mr. Achenbach said the transition from elementary principal to working at the secondary level is going very well.  He is learning to relate well with students and understands kids just want to be listened to.  He said his goal is to continue to build relationships with staff and students throughout the school year.


Mr. Achenbach said the implementation of PBIS in the Junior High is going very well.  The staff are working hard to recognize and award students for positive behavior and actions throughout the day.  This is improving the interaction between staff and students and improves the overall learning environment.


6.2           Staff Development Overview:  Superintendent Crall reviewed the professional development guiding principles and standards with the Board.  He talked about the professional development model from last year and about the initiatives that will continue to be developed such as standards based reporting, reading and early literacy and 21st century skills.   This year staff will also be exploring new social studies standards and Non-violent crisis intervention.  Superintendent Crall said staff have been working hard and the full day and early out professional development time allows them to strategize and learn new ways to improve student instruction.  Board members expressed an interest in visiting with instructional coaches and PLT teams to hear them talk about the work they are doing.  Superintendent Crall will invite coaches and a couple of the teams to present to the Board in November.


Jeff arrived at 6:15 p.m.


6.3           Building Principals’ Reports:


6.4           School Nurse Report:  Board members discussed the responsibilities of the school nurse including student health plans, illnesses and emergency situations, as well as training and learning opportunities.  Superintendent Crall said Nurse McCarty has worked very hard to develop health plans to deal with ongoing student health situations and trains staff members t

o provide the necessary care in her absence.   He will continue to monitor this throughout the school year.


6.5           Certified Enrollment Preliminary Account:  Superintendent Crall said preliminary reports indicate the District will see a decline in enrollment of close to thirty-three students.  This will have a major impact on the District as this is a loss in revenue of close to $220,000.00.  Superintendent Crall said this loss combined with an anticipated zero percentage increase in State Supplemental Aide will require careful planning to ensure a positive unspent balance and solvency ratio.  The Board would like a survey sent out to parents who choose to open enroll to find out their reasons for going to non-resident districts.  Superintendent Crall will bring a draft back for their review.



7.1           Personnel:  Superintendent Crall recommended approval of the personal items as presented.


Motion by Liston, seconded by George, to approve the personnel items as presented: Resignation:  Jessica Jacobson-District Office Manager, Heather Moeller-Kitchen Assistant, Amy Williams-Kitchen Assistant, Volunteers:  Nikki Helm, Becky Teno, Lea Kunkel, Nickie Carter, Mark Teno-Coach, Joy Prothero.  Motion carried unanimously.


7.2           Bus Lease Agreement:  Superintendent Crall recommended approval of the bus lease as presented.  This has been a positive way to upgrade our bus fleet.


Motion by Liston, seconded by Hoskins to finance a C2 (65 passenger) Thomas Bus at the cost of $86,101.00 in four (4) annual payments with the first payment due in advance.  Motion carried unanimously.


7.3           Centerville and Moravia Librarian Agreement:  Superintendent Crall recommended approval of the librarian sharing agreements with Centerville and Moravia schools.  This agreement has served all the Districts involved well for a number of years.  Board member Hoskins said Mrs. Seddon showcased our District, served the other districts well and these were win-win agreements for all involved.


Motion by George, seconded by Liston, to approve the library sharing agreements with Centerville and Moravia as presented (addendums attached).  Motion carried unanimously.


7.4           Board Policies:  Superintendent Crall recommended approval of the policies as presented.


Motion by Stocker, seconded by Cronin, to approve the Board policies as presented:  Review-303.6, 303.7, 303.8, 303.9, 303.10, 304.1, 304.2, 304.3, 305, 306, 307, Revise-303.5, 400.  Motion carried unanimously.




8.1           Negotiations Update:  Superintendent Crall explained to the Board that because of proposed bargaining law changes last February, the agreement for the 2017-2018 Certified Master Contract was done in a very short timeline.  He said because of this fast process all the ramifications of the changes were not realized until they impacted employees.  A number of teachers are now bringing home less per check than they did last year.  This is due to where these employees are on the salary schedule and to the increased employee contribution to insurance.  This was not the intention of the bargaining committee or Association when the agreement was reached.  The Board Bargaining Committee and the Teacher’s Association have met to discuss the issue and will make a recommendation to the Board at the November meeting to improve the situation.  Board members on the committee feel this is a positive step and will be a step in the right direction.


8.2           5-yr. Infrastructure Plan:  Superintendent Crall asked the Board about the next steps they would like to move forward with updating and approving the 5-year infrastructure plan.  There are a number of possible projects the Board has discussed in the past and items that must be implemented into the plan in order to maintain the District’s facilities.  One of the major needs the District has for the next several years is roofing repairs on a number of the facilities.  Greg Brown from Garland Company has inspected the roof on each building and developed a priority list for needed repairs.  The Board agreed it was important to maintain facilities and would like to move forward with roofing repairs as recommended.


                The Board would also like to see data on energy savings with new LED lighting and the potential energy use of air conditioning units for the Jr and Senior High.  They have asked to have a representative from the lighting company come to talk about the expected savings at the November meeting.  The Board would like to have the estimates for LED lighting and air conditioning incorporated into the 5-year infrastructure plan with Matt Gillespie at Piper Jaffray.  This will give them a better idea of the affordability of the projects.  The Board will continue to monitor energy usage and research the option of solar energy as we improve the District’s energy efficiency.


                The Board also discussed the possibility of a one-time opportunity to refinance the current bond before 2020.  Refinancing the bond could provide the Board with lower annual bond payments through the life of the bond or a lump sum savings of approximately $290,000.00 that could be used to finance another project.  The Board could also wait until the bonds become callable in 2020 and refinance at that point.  Depending on interest rates, this could provide a lump sum savings of approximately $560,000.00.  The overall consensus of the Board was to wait to gain the maximum possible savings.  Superintendent Crall will arrange for Matt Gillespie to speak with the Board about the 5-year infrastructure plan in a few months.


8.3           Board Work Session Follow-up:  Superintendent Crall said that Harry Heiligenthal from IASB will be sending proposed Board operating principles based on the discussion they had at the work session on October 2, 2017.  The Board discussed options for some type of personality test they could take to help them learn their personality traits and learn how to work together effectively.  Board member George has taken a test called Strength Finder and feels this may be a good fit for the Board. He will present his information as an example at the November meeting.


8.4           Board Policies:  The Board would like information from IASB on why they recommend removing the definition of family in policy number 401.3 Nepotism.  This information will be provided in November.


8.5           Items for the November Board Meeting:  Superintendent Crall will present a list of monthly agenda items for the Board, will set up a presentation by instructional coaches and PLT teams, have information presented about LED lighting and roofing projects and will present a draft open enrollment survey.


8.6           Board Member Concerns:  There were no concerns presented.




9.1           Parent/Teacher Conferences – October 30 and November 2, 2017

9.2           No School – November 3, 2017

9.3           IASB Convention – November 15-17, 2017


Motion by George, seconded by Hoskins to adjourn at 8:02 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.








Board President Craig Ambrose                                                               Board Secretary Melissa Bauer




Job Posting:  The Albia Community School District is currently seeking applicants for a

High School Assistant Soccer Coach for the 2017-2018 school year.

Please apply at Central Office or online through Teach Iowa.

Regular Board Meeting – Monday, September 18, 2017 – 6:00 p.m. – Central Administration Office


Present:  Craig Ambrose, Denny Amoss, Mallory Stocker, Robin Haselhuhn, Jeff Liston, Roger George, Kevin Crall, Melissa Bauer


Absent:  Pat Johnson


Visitors:  Joellen Breon, Cindy Cronin, Linda Hoskins, Mark Robinson, Joe Judge, Diane Chidester, Richard Montgomery, Dave Paxton


3.             Agenda:  Motion by Stocker, seconded by Haselhuhn, to approve the agenda as presented (addendum attached).  Motion carried unanimously.


4.             Minutes, Financial Statements, List of Bills:  Motion by Ambrose, seconded by Haselhuhn, to approve the minutes, financials and list of bills as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


5.             Trash Bids:  Board Secretary Bauer reported to the Board about the reason for the proposed rate increase from McGee Sanitation as tabled at the August meeting.  She also presented information for other local vendors regarding service in our area.  At this time, the other area vendors are not able to meet the waste removal needs of the District but would like to continue to receive notice of request for bids.


Motion by Haselhuhn, seconded by Ambrose, to approve the bid received from McGee Sanitation for trash removal services for the 2017-2018 school year.  Motion carried unanimously.


6.             Accept Election Results:   Superintendent Crall recommended approval of the election results as reported by the Monroe County Auditor Office.


Motion by Haselhuhn, seconded by Stocker, to approve the election results as presented (addendum attached).  Motion carried unanimously.


7.             Recognition of Outgoing Board Members:  Superintendent Crall presented Board members Robin Haselhuhn and Denny Amoss with appreciation awards and thanked them for their many years of service to the District.  Board member Haselhuhn has been on the Board for 19 years and member Amoss has served for 10 years.  Their commitment to staff, students and the community is greatly appreciated.


Motion by Ambrose, seconded by Liston, to adjourn at 6:08 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.






Present:  Craig Ambrose, Mallory Stocker, Cindy Cronin, Linda Hoskins, Jeff Liston, Roger George, Mark Robinson, Kevin Crall, Melissa Bauer


Visitors:  Joellen Breon, Joe Judge, Diane Chidester, Richard Montgomery, Dave Paxton


3.             Agenda:  Motion by Stocker, seconded by Robinson, to approve the agenda as presented (addendum attached). Motion carried unanimously.


4.             Administered Oath of Office to New Board Members:  Board Secretary Bauer administered the oath of office to members Liston, George, Hoskins, Robinson and Cronin.


5.             Election of President and Vice-President:  Motion by Cronin, seconded by Liston to elect Craig Ambrose as President.  The Board discussed the process for nominating the president and vice-president for new members and expressed their interest in Board leadership.  The motion for Craig Ambrose for President passed unanimously.


                Motion by Liston, seconded by Robinson, to elect Roger George as Vice-President.  Motion carried unanimously.


6.             Administer Oath of Office to President and Vice-President:  Board Secretary Bauer administered the oath of office to President Craig Ambrose and Vice-President Roger George.


7.             Adopt Written Rules and Procedures for Meetings:  Superintendent Crall reviewed the policies relating to Board meetings and asked the Board for any changes.  The Board discussed the meeting dates and times and the consensus was to move the meetings to the second Monday of each month so they don’t interfere with City Council meetings.  They did not want to change the time.


Motion by George, seconded by Stocker, to move the regular meeting times to the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Liston, seconded by Hoskins, to approve policies 210.7, 210.7-R1 and 213 as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


8C.           Board Member:  Board member George expressed his appreciation for the installation of the new flag pole at the football field.  He said it was placed in a great place and is beautiful.  He has heard appreciation for the addition from local veterans.




9.1           Guest Principal:  Principal Joellen Breon reported to the Board about the many things going on in the District.  Ms. Breon said staff are implementing a new math curriculum this year in grades K-8.  This curriculum is supported by the Department of Education and will eventually extend to grades 9-12.  In English Language Arts we have made some fairly large purchases for new text to expand the curriculum for our students.  The District has also purchased a new K-6 assessment system that provides better supports and diagnostics.  We are one of the first districts to get this program up and running and have already tested students in grades K-4.  The assessment system allows students to log in, take the assessment and provides progress monitoring as well as instant feedback to the teacher.  Staff and students will be able to use this data to improve overall student achievement.


Principal Breon continued by saying this is the year that the District will need to purchase new science curriculum.  Teachers are working to update the standards and a committee of teachers will research and make a recommendation for a new science series.  The District is also in the first of a four year plan to update the social studies standards.  Teacher Joe Judge is part of the process with the State that will include the District writing an implementation plan the first year.


Board members are interested in continuing to look at electronic versions of the new curriculum and appreciate that the new curriculum includes many electronic resources and workbooks for student use.


9.2           Building Principal Reports:  Included in packet.


9.3           Class of 2017 Average ACT Score Information:  High School Principal Richard Montgomery reported to the Board about ACT scores received by students in the class of 2017.  He noted there was improvement in scores for the 2016 school year when the District implemented the ACT prep course for junior students, but the overall results slipped in 2017and are still under the State average.  The District is considering new course material that students could utilize beginning as freshmen to prepare for the test.  Mr. Montgomery said there are a number of factors to consider when talking about the number of students taking the ACT and in regard to their scores.  Students planning to attend Indian Hills are not required to take the ACT but take a college entrance test instead.  While we would like more students to participate in the test, we want students taking the test to put their best effort into getting the best score possible and not just taking the test to have done it.  Mr. Montgomery also shared information regarding the student tracking system used by the District to follow up on the path students take after graduation.  This information helps guide the District to make the best decisions for our students.


9.4           Iowa Department of Revenue – Projected 2017 SAVE Payments:  Board Secretary Bauer explained the expected revenue for the year is slightly under the projections from last year.  This funding helps to pay for transportation, technology and infrastructure needs as well as annual bond payments due.




10.1         Personnel:  Superintendent Crall recommended approval of the personnel items as presented.


Motion by George, seconded by Liston, to approve the resignation of Brandon Banning – HS Assistant Soccer Coach and the volunteers as presented (addendum attached).  Motion carried unanimously.


10.2         Building level Goals:  Superintendent Crall presented the building goals developed by the PLT teams and recommended their approval as presented.  The staff developed “if/then” statements for each goal that provide measurable strategies for reaching the goals.


                Motion by Cronin, seconded by Stocker, to approve the building goals as presented (addendum attached).  Motion carried unanimously.


10.3         After Prom-Haunted House:   Superintendent Crall recommended approval of the After Prom Committee’s annual haunted house fundraiser.  This has been done for a number of years and has been a win-win for the students and district.  The fundraiser will be held at Tom’s Tree Service and the District’s insurance company will inspect the site to help ensure a safe and fun environment.


                Motion by Liston, seconded by Stocker to approve the support of the After Prom’s Haunted House fundraiser.  Motion carried unanimously.


10.4         Board policies:  Superintendent Crall explained how the Board has been handling the regular updates of Board policies and asked the Board to approve the policies as presented.  Board members are asked to read the policies and contact Central Office for any questions before the meeting.  The District utilizes the Iowa Association of School Boards recommendations for updates based upon legal counsel approval.


Motion by Stocker, seconded by Hoskins, to approve the policies as presented:  Review-300, 301.1, 302.1, 302.3, 302.5, 302.6, 302.8, Revise-302.2, 302.4, 302.7, 303.1, 303.4.  Motion carried unanimously.


10.5         SCICAP Early Childhood Program Agreement:  Superintendent Crall recommended approval of the agreement with the SCICAP Headstart program for the 2017-2018 school year.  This agreement allows the District to provide nutritional meals to students enrolled in their program.


Motion by Liston, seconded by Stocker, to approve the SCICAP agreement as presented (addendum attached).  Motion carried unanimously.


10.6         Approve Allowable Growth Request for the 2016-2017 Special Education Deficit:  Superintendent Crall recommended the Board approve the request for allowable growth for the special education deficit of $15,488.70 from the last school year.  He said this is really not a terrible deficit based on the spending required but the District still needs to improve the unspent balance.  Asking for this authority will help to maintain the District’s financial standing.


Motion by George, seconded by Hoskins, to approve the request for allowable growth for the 2016-2017 special education deficit of $15,488.70.  Motion carried unanimously.


10.7         Appointment of Various Committees:  Superintendent Crall explained the various committees presented, the function of each committee and requested volunteers to serve for the 2017-2018 school year.  Board member talked about the assignments and every member volunteered to serve on at least one committee.


                Motion by George, seconded by Stocker, to approve the following committee members:  Certified LMC- Robinson, Hoskins and Liston, Board Bargaining Committee-Hoskins, Cronin and Stocker, IASB Delegate-Cindy Cronin, County Conference Board-Ambrose, Calendar Committee-Cronin and George and Wellness Committee- Cronin.  Motion carried unanimously.


10.8         AEA Board Election:  Superintendent Crall recommended the Board approve Melissa Ballard as the District’s representative on the AEA Board.


Motion by Liston, seconded by Hoskins, to approve Melissa Ballard as the District’s choice for representative on the AEA Board.  Motion carried unanimously.




11.1         Board Policies:  The Board received another section of policies to review for approval in October.


11.2         Collective Bargaining Update:  Superintendent Crall discussed this topic with the Board during the explanation of the committees.  He said there would need to be a number of decisions made regarding the Master Contracts with the certified and support staff Associations because of changes in collective bargaining laws.  The teacher contract was in place before the new law took effect so we have this year to work through the changes.  Many of the topics previously in the contract are now considered permissive or illegal and the only mandatory topic of bargaining is base wages.  The Certified LMC will work to establish which items that are permissive are kept in the contract and which ones will be moved into a handbook with the illegal topics.  Board member participation in this group will help to ensure support from the full Board when the committee makes recommendations for approval.  Superintendent Crall said we will need to be responsible and thoughtful of any changes made and do what is best for students in the Albia Community School District and public education in Albia.


11.3         Five-year Infrastructure Plan:  Superintendent Crall presented the five-year infrastructure plan as discussed with the previous Board and prepared by Matt Gillespie at Piper Jaffray.  This plan includes infrastructure projects scheduled as needed to maintain district facilities such as roof repair projects, technology purchases and transportation needs.  The Board has traditionally created a five-year rolling plan, approving the upcoming year projects and updating the future years as discussed.  Superintendent Crall said there are several projects the Board may want to consider incorporating into the plan such as energy efficient LED lighting updates, air-conditioning options at the Junior and Senior High and solar energy.  The District is limited to the projects we will be able to complete based on our current SAVE revenue and Board approved $.33 Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL).  Some of the potential projects could require asking the community for additional support in the way of an increased PPEL tax or bond.  There is also potential for a one-time refinance of our current bond which could provide a lump-sum savings to help fund a project or spread the savings out over a number of years to increase spending on an annual basis.


                Superintendent Crall will be meeting with Iowa Wind and Solar and Chariton Valley REC to get additional information regarding solar energy.  The Board would like to approve the 2017-2018 projects and schedule a work session to present information regarding the LED lighting, air-conditioning and solar energy options.  They would also like Matt from Piper Jaffray to present information regarding his infrastructure spreadsheet and the District’s current financial options.


11.4         Items for the October Meeting:  The Board will work to approve the 2017-18 infrastructure plan and set a special work session for the following four years.


11.5         Board Member Concerns:  Board member Liston said he heard about a school allowing students to purchase and decorate their parking spots at school.  He thinks this is a creative fundraiser that may be great for school spirit.  


12.           Closed Session:  Motion by Liston, seconded by Cronin, to go into closed session under Section 21.5 1(i) Code of Iowa: “To evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose appointment, hiring, performance or discharge is being considered when necessary to prevent needless and irreparable injury to that individual’s reputation and that individual requests a closed session.”


Vote by roll call:  Cronin; yes, George; yes, Hoskins; yes, Liston; yes, Robinson; yes, Stocker; yes, Ambrose; yes.  Motion carried unanimously.


The closed session started at 8:16 p.m. and ended at 8:46 p.m.


13.           UPCOMING EVENTS

                13.1         Homecoming Activities – Sept. 25-29

                13.2         IASB Board Member Workshop – Oct. 11 – 6:00-8:30 p.m. – Chariton

                13.3         Parent-Teacher Conferences – Oct. 20th and Nov. 2nd – 4:40-8:30 p.m.

                13.4         IASB 70th Annual Convention – Nov. 15th – Nov. 17th


Motion by Stocker, seconded by George, to adjourn at 8:58 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.

The Albia Schools is accepting bids for a used Everett Piano

Model number 187583. Working piano, no longer needed for classroom use. Plays nicely but needs to be tuned.

Please submit sealed bids to Central Office at 701 Washington Ave East by Friday, September 29, 2017.