Equipment List for english and western riding.  All numbers are from the catalog.  These items are representations of the products that we discuss in Lessons.  There are many other options.  If you search you may find better prices and similar products.  I have seen and held each of these products and they are of great quality and will last a LONG time.  


FES Copper Correction Kimberwick


Pinnacle Hunter Classic II Bridle


Billy Royal® Hermann Oak Browband Bridle

#00317 (confirm length and width prior to ordering)

Billy Royal® Supreme Harness Leather Reins 7'


Western bit (high port)


Billy Royal® Harness Leather Curb Chain


English practice pad


English show pad


Western felt pad 5/8 inch


Western girth 30 inch


English girth 48 practice one


English show girth


English spurs


spur strap

#32338  personal choice to select

Number magnets

Arab horse bridles

western show halters

western bridles Quarterhorse size