UPDATE - 30 JULY 2016

As we start coming back home and we move into the summer months, students, parents and staff have many questions about the state of their school and what is being done to ensure we are ready for the 2016/17 School Year.  We are also starting to get a better understanding of the condition of our schools and the support that will be provided by the Province for next school year.  Although much work remains to be done over the summer, we are sharing with you a list of questions and answers that should assist you to prepare for next school year.

We will continue to update the information in the coming months. If you have specific question, you can use our online Contact Form here or email at 

Retrieval of personal belongings

Q1 - When can I retrieve my personal belongings from my school?

A- All of our buildings are currently turned over to our insurance company and their recovery crews. They are not available to the public or staff at this time. Once the remediation work is complete, a full range of testing will be ran to ensure the schools are safe again for occupancy.  Only then will be able to allow families and staff to access the facilities and retrieve personal belongings.  

Students at Holy Trinity and Father Mercredi High Schools had an opportunity to recover the contents of their lockers in early July.  High School Locker contents will again be available for pick-up on August 29th and 30th.

The recovery of personal items of for students in elementary schools (except Good Shepherd and Father Beauregard) will be available for pick-up at the school starting on August 22nd.  A timeline for the recovery of personal items from Good Shepherd and Father Beauregard is not yet available.  


Q2 - Do I need to confirm my registration for September 2016?

We are asking parents to confirm the enrolment of their children for School Year 2016/17 by completing the following survey:

2016 Enrolment Survey

This information will be important for the schools to plan for the new school year.

Q3 - I registered my child for the Early Entry Program (EEP) next year. Can you give us an update?

All the registrations are being reviewed and you will soon receive an email message from the school to confirm the placement of your child for September 2016. For parents that did not pay their deposit yet, this will be done later this summer once our schools reopen.

If you missed the EEP Open House at your school due to the wildfire evacuation, it will not impact the entry of your child to the program. A detailed plan is being developed now and more detailed information will be sent to parents during the summer. For questions specific to your situation please contact Fort McMurray Catholic Schools Early Learning Coordinator Janice Molloy at

If you register your child for EEP at Good Shepherd or Father Beauregard, the registration will be transferred to Father Turcotte School or to another Catholic school depending of the location of your residence in September 2016.

Q4 - How do I register a new student in Fort McMurray Catholic Schools?

The online registration is available at Changes to the designated schools due to the closure of schools for 2016/17 will be made automatically. Once you registration is completed, someone will contact you if more information is required.

Elementary Catholic Schools - South of Athabasca River

Q5 - Will Good Shepherd and Father Beauregard School be open for the 2016/17 school year?

No. Good Shepherd School (Beacon Hill), and Father Beauregard School (Abasand) will not be open in their current locations for the 2016/17 school year. As has been previously stated by the Province of Alberta and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, the neighbourhoods of Beacon Hill and Abasand are restricted, and full access is not available at this time and for the foreseeable future. We are therefore unable to have the two schools ready in time to operate in safe and secure manner for September 2016. We therefore had to make the difficult decision to close the schools for 2016/2017 (The Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education passed a motion to officially close these schools for the school year at the June 20th, 2016 Board Meeting).

Q6 - My child went to Good Shepherd or Father Beauregard School. What now?

For school year 2016/2017, Father Turcotte School will become the designated school for students residing in Abasand, Beacon Hill, Saprae Creek, Prairie Creek, Gregoire and Grayling Terrace. Father Turcotte School will also remain the designated school for the downtown area. Student Transportation Services from these areas will be provided to Father Turcotte School. *Please note for families that still have undamaged houses in Beacon Hill and Abasand, transportation services will be re-established if and when permanent occupancy is permitted by the RMWB.

Families that are relocating either permanently or temporarily to other areas of the RMWB can register in the designated Catholic school serving their area. Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide transportation services from all areas of Fort McMurray to Father Turcotte School.  However, families can still register their children to Father Turcotte School, but will be responsible to provide their own transportation.

Q7 - What will be provided at Father Turcotte School

Although there is some capacity at Father Turcotte School, the Board is requesting the addition of 4-6 new modular classrooms to accommodate the increased enrolment. We are also evaluating Out of School Care needs for the expanded catchment area and looking at increasing our capacity at Father Turcotte School.

The school will operate with two Principals, Ms. Laura Dennis and Mrs. Leslie McPherson who are replacing the outgoing Principal, Mrs. Lisa Hilsenteger. (She was recently appointed as the new Principal of Holy Trinity Catholic High School for September 2016.) We are also currently evaluating our staffing requirements for Father Turcotte, given its expanded catchment area, and will communicate with our affected employees and their representatives as we work our way through our staffing processes. We anticipate that many of the teaching and support staff from Good Shepherd and Father Beauregard Schools will also relocate to Father Turcotte School next year although some of the staff will also be relocated in other Catholic Schools.  

Q8 - What is happening with the South Side Hockey Academy?

We are not planning to operate the south side hockey academy for School Year 2016-17 given the unknown status of Frank Lacroix Arena and the relocation of students to Father Turcotte Schools. Other optional programs may be offered later in the school year.

Q9 - Will Father Turcotte School offer a full day kindergarten program in 2016/17?  

The Full Day Kindergarten program will continue at Father Turcotte school for the 2016/17 school year. As well a half day afternoon program will be available to build capacity at the school.

Out of School Care

Q10 - My child was in an Out of School Care (OSC) program last year.  Because of the Wildfire, we need to relocate to a new Catholic school. Will I have access to OSC in my new school?

Work is underway to increase capacity in our Out of School Care programs across all Catholic Schools to accommodate displaced children. Current OSC families have already been contacted by Janet Huffman to confirm placement in programs. An additional program is opening at Ecole St Paul this September to increase OSC capacity within Fort McMurray Catholic Schools.  

Q11 - What is happening with the Out of School Care (OSC) programs at Good Shepherd and Father Beauregard School?


A- As indicated above, work with our OSC families and families is needed to determine where to best increase our OSC capacity. For specific questions regarding your situation please contact Out of School Care Coordinator Janet Huffman at


Q12 - Will Elementary Schools provide report cards for the current school year?


Teachers and School Administrators are now finalizing report cards for every student registered in Catholic Elementary Schools as of May 3rd. The report cards will be printed and distributed when schools reopen in late August.  

Q13 - Will High School Students be provided a final marks?

High School teachers and administrators are updating the marks for students. For students in grades 10 to 12, final marks will be entered in Maplewood and submitted to Alberta Education.

High School Students may check their current marks in the Maplewood Student/Parent Portal at:

Father Mercredi HS - Maplewood Parent/Student Portal 

Holy Trinity HS - Maplewood Parent/Student Portal


More information is available here on the awarding of final marks for High School Students        


Q14 - What is happening with graduation ceremonies for Father Mercredi and Holy Trinity High Schools?

The graduation ceremonies for both of our high schools will be happening on August 26th, 2016 at their respective school. Holy Trinity will host their ceremony at 9am, Father Mercredi will have their graduation at 11am.

Q15 - When will the Traditional Celebration of Achievement (TCOA) be held?

The committee has decided that the new date will be September 24th at 7pm at Keyano Theatre.


Q16 - What is the fate of Elsie Yanik Catholic School?

There was some fire damage to Elsie Yanik Catholic School in Parsons Creek.  Alberta Infrastructure and the builder are now assessing the damage.  We do not believe it will delay the opening of the school still scheduled for September 2017.

Q17 - Will there be summer school this year?

The 2016 Summer School is cancelled.  As an alternative, Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC) provided high school summer school courses for Fort McMurray students this summer. The tuition will be free, but materials will have a cost. Here is the link to register:

Q18 - Where can I find the school supply list for next year?

The school supply list can be found here:

Q19 - Is the District Office open this summer?

The District Office reopened to the public on Tuesday June 21st at St. Gabriel School (585 Signal Road). The District Office Building (on Main Street) suffered significant smoke damage and will not be available until mid August. We will operate from St. Gabriel School until further notice.  

The office will be closed during the lunch hour (noon to 1 pm). The office will also be closed on Fridays during the month of July with staff working on a compressed schedule from Monday to Thursday. The phone number is still 780-799-5700. Our online Contact form is available here or you can use the our General Email at