Central Wilkes Middle School

Goals for 2016-2017

A1.05 - ALL teachers will individualize instructional planning in response to individual student performance on pre-tests and other methods of assessment to provide support enhanced learning opportunities for students.

A2.01 -  Instructional Teams will meet regularly (e.g., twice a month or more for 45 minutes each meeting) to review implementation of effective practice and student progress.

A4.06 -  ALL teachers will be attentive to students' emotional states, guide students in managing their emotions, and arrange for supports and interventions when necessary.

B1.03 -  A Leadership Team will consist of the principal, teachers who lead the Instructional Teams, and other professional staff meets regularly (at least twice a month) to review implementation of effective practices.

B1.04 -  The principal will effectively and clearly communicate the message of change.

B2.02 -  The Leadership Team will share in decisions of real substance pertaining to curriculum, instruction, and professional development.

B3.02 -  The principal will collect and act on data from a variety of sources and in a timely manner.

C3.01 -  The principal will celebrate individual, team, and school successes, especially related to student learning outcomes.

D2.01 -  ALL teachers will use online, hybrid, or blended learning as part of a larger pedagogical approach that combines the effective socialization opportunities within the classroom with the enhanced learning opportunities available through technology.

E1.08 -  Professional development for teachers will include support for working effectively with families.