Riverton Wolf Pack Wrestling

Parent Information Packet

Welcome to wrestling season once again! There is a lot of basic information you need to know. Please read carefully and retain this information for future reference.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Dean Ludlow

Assistant Coaches: Chris Bowles & Kevin Olson

Team Mom: Jill Ludlow

Program Coordinator: Dwayne Henry (RHS)

Email Contact: First_Last@silverwolveswrestling.com

Coaching Philosophy

1. Goals 

2. Communication

           o Jill Ludlow @ 801-833-8437 | Jill_Ludlow@silverwolveswrestling.com 

           o Dwayne Henry 801-613-7130 | Dwayne_Henry@silverwolveswrestling.com 

3. Practices

4. Weight

            o Middle School (4th-6th Grade) 55,60,70,75,80,85,90,100,105,115,125,145,145+           

           o Jr. High (7th-9th Grade) 75,80,85,90,95,100,105,110,115,120,125,130,135,142,


5. Equipment

6. Singlets 

Washing Instructions: 

o Machine wash with COLD WATER on GENTLE CYCLE (Do Not Use Bleach)

Hang Dry Do not put in the Dryer.

7. Tournaments

8. Tournament “Chaos”

9. Registration

10. Hygiene

            transmitted via a shared bottle.


Parents are a vital component to any wrestling program, and as such, can heavily impact a program either positively or negatively. We actively use email and will respond to questions or concerns either via email, phone call or text. The silverwolveswrestling.com website will contain essential information pertaining to schedules, practices and news. We will update it so check it often.

Do to the of number of wrestlers and limited space we have in our wrestling room we ask parents to stay in the hallway,  or the commons area south of the wrestling room. We appreciate your involvement and support, we want to maximize the space we have in the room.


As a wrestling family we need help from you. We work very hard to make sure this is a enjoyable experience for both our wrestlers and their families but it is hard to cover everything with the responsibilities we currently have with coaching, our families and our jobs. We would like to reach out to our parents hoping that they have the spirit of service as well.

Car Pooling- Each practice we will have the a white binder with open slots for volunteers. Please sign up when you get a chance.

Snacks- Each practice we will have the a white binder with open slots for volunteers. Please sign up when you get a chance.

Parents, What To Do:

What not to do:

  Coaches will handle it in a judicious way at the proper time and respectfully                                       request that parents model the kinds of behaviors we expect from our kids.

Don’t Forget:      

February 7th & 8th