University of California, San Diego

Graduate Student Association

Council Meeting #6

Monday, January 14, 2013

6:00pm The Price Center Forum

I.        Call to Order [6:14pm]

II.        Approval of Agenda [6:14pm]

        Agenda approved.

III.        Public Comment and Announcement [6:15pm]

        -Heidi Smith as OGS Intern who will be present at GSA meetings.

        -Social Committee will be formed to help plan social events with VP Campus and Social

Events Coordinator. VP Campus looking to open Cafe Vita as a social space.

-Disbanding executive order 3 (committee on philanthropy). Issuing executive order 4 to be an oversight on the campus police. Issuing executive order 5 to create a committee to review the budget and executive branch (already full).

IV.        Special Visit UCEN / UCAB [6:27pm]

        Facility updates:

                -ISIS came as a third party to examine facilities’ condition.

-Cost of maintenance continues to rise as maintenance needs are not addressed due to budget constraints.

-Several pictures of needed maintenance were shown.

Current situation:

        -Deficit situation, the reserve is insufficient to address long term plans.

        -Last University Centers fee increase was in 2008.

        -Enrollment growth leveling off.

        -$14.8 million needed in maintenance, repairs, renovations over 12 years.

        -$2.5 million in reserves for Student Center expansion, Phase 1.

        -$3 million in reserves to address budget overages with PC Expansion.

        -Increase in staffing expenses since 2008. Permanent staff increase by 6%.

Expenses are increasing.

        -Auxiliaries and self-supporting activities (ASSA) assessment of 41% on non-fee

expenditures ($42,000).

        -ACMS ($31,200)

        -Student Affairs Technology Services fees ($10,780)

Budget Adjustments

        -Increased income (retail, ticket prices, reservation fees for department and off

campus users, audio/visual labor rates)

-Reduced expenses (no additional jobs, vacant positions are being held, deferred maintenance, temporary closure of the craft center, reduced concerts/activities, reduced PC hours, closed commuter services)

        UCAB proposes a fee increase--$13.00 with 2.9% CPI

                -Fee escalators are present in several other UCSD fees.

                -2.9% is the 10 and 20 year average in the US.

                -37% of graduate students ranked $13 with CPI as their first choice for a fee


-UCSD has a lower fee than other UCs (Berkeley, UCI, UCR)

Referendum language

-Conditions: begins Fall 2013. Fee will be included in determination of financial

aid. No modifications without another referendum. 2024 UCAB will decide if CPI

is still necessary.

Information can be found on


        -What’s going on with the Craft Center? Temporary closure, but the referendum

model takes into consideration the necessary maintenance issues for it. UCAB would have to approve it later.

-Is the 24 hour policy on Sunday of UCEN guaranteed with the referendum? If the fee were to pass, then UCAB would decide on it. Can be negotiated with GSA in the language.

-Was there discussion of how to restructure costs rather than simply cutting things? Consolidation of business office and student life, transference of commuter services website to HDH, etc.

-GSA passed a resolution last year condemning the transference of student fees to UCOP.

-What are projected expectations for the referendum since the $5 model failed in 2011? This year’s model looks at 10 years as opposed to 5 (which was proposed in 2011). This year UCAB is looking to more effectively market the referendum.

-Is there a hierarchy of deferred maintenance?

-How are hiring practices accounted for in this model? There is a restoration plan for the staff positions that have been on hold.

V.        VP Academic presentation and introduction of Judicial Bylaws [6:57pm]

        Over the summer, President Jarvis created a committee to look at creating by-laws

to impeach members of council. Created in the spirit of Robert’s Rules, but Robert’s Rules assume long terms, so the impeachment process is more lengthy and that meetings are held more frequently. Will be voted on during the next council meeting. Proposed by-laws would create a judiciary branch of the GSA.

VI.        Presentation by Legislative Liaison for State Affairs [7:00pm]

        Fall Quarter

                -GSR Unionization, a bill proposed by the state representative of Berkeley to give

GSRs the right to unionize across the UC system. Vetoed by the governor.

-Prop. 30, sales tax increase from 7.25% to 7.5%

-UCSA, prison reform, voter registration, report cards of representatives

        -Elections: Scott Peters (D) 52nd District beat Brian Bilbray ®

Fiscal Cliff

        -Tax increase for Americans making over 400k and couples making over 450k

        -Graduate Students: IRC Sec. 127 and IRC 117

                -employers paying educational assistance an exclusion credit from taxable

income up to $5,250. Qualified expenses covered by this credit include: tuition, required enrollment fees, course-related books, supplies and equipment.

        Current Events

                -Refinancing of UC system

                        -UCOP CFO presented a proposed plan to reduce CA’s budget (UC


                        -Negotiations with UCOP on student involvement and oversight

                -Online Education

                        -Gov. Brown proposing an increase in online education for the UC systems

                        -Many unanswered questions

                        -Online courses may decrease the need for TAs (graduate students)

                -Lobbying on preventing cuts to NIH, NSF, etc. in February


                        -HR 35 as a free speech issue, UCSA’s resolution in response involved

“controversial” language and has divided UCSA

-Prison reform given by Rosenberg foundation and will be taken up by


-Resolutions should be available on


VII.        Introduction of amendment of election date [6:19pm]

        -Move election dates from mid-March to mid-April to reduce “lag-time” and prevent

resignations. Will change the time when officers assume the position to July 1st to reconcile it with fiscal schedules and responsibilities that officers already have.

VIII.        Introduction of amendment of executive transfer [6:21pm]

        -Add a “reconciliation amendment” so that constitutional amendments automatically

change all the relevant language in the by-laws. Language for change in by-laws will be

presented at the same time as the change in constitutional amendments.

IX.        Finance Bills [6:24pm]

        GRF 06 (see details below): Approved.

        LIF 03 (see details below): Approved.

X.        Appointments [6:15pm]

        Greg Wagner appointed by VP Campus Monk to be Social Events Coordinator.

Appointment passed.

Ash Anpour to the Academic Judicial Committee by VP Academic.

XI.        Call for Agenda Items [7:22pm]

XII.        Adjourn [7:23pm]

Members in attendance: Chris Ahn, Dan Jacobsen, Michael Yu, Marty Flores, Shigeki Miyake-Stoner, Chris Abdullah, Anna Wakeland, Nathaniel Wood-Cohan, Carson Dance, Dan Frost, Joaquin Contreras, Roshni Chandrashekar, Russell Reas, Rakesh Varna, Garo Bournoutian, Travis Brayak, Shayla Melo, Sayanan Sivaraman, Jorge Leal, Patrick Hennigan, Alexandra Tracy, Laura Andersen, Hossein Sadeghi, Brian Griffeath-Loeb, Darcy Barron, Alex Mendez, Michael Rivera, Nicole Henniger, John Ballard, Brandon Stephens, Lynn Waterhouse, Katherine Le, Harrison Carter, Scott Ouellette, Mat Jarvis, Emily Elizabeth Goodman, Jordan Gosselin, Rahul Kapadia, Ash Arianpour, Jonathan Monk, Don Johnson, Shannon Muir, Scott Guenther, Lara Bullock, Greg Wagner




Balance if approved









GRF 06:

Appropriate $300 from General Request Fund to Brian Griffeath-Loeb of Music Department for Yuki Namata in Concert. In addition to a concert of music by emerging and established composers from around the world, this residency offers unique insight into the interface of early classical composers (e.g., Johann Sebastian Bach [1685-1750]) and contemporary violin performance. Organizers expect 100-200 students to attend the concert.

LIF 03:

Appropriate $750 from Lounge Improvement Fund to Jonathan Monk of Nanoengineering Dept for Structural and Materials Engineering Grad Student Lounge. The lounge is part of the new building which houses the Nano engineering, structural engineering and part of Visual Arts Departments. The building also houses few Grad students from MAE. Other funding comes from a minor amount of department funding as well as used furniture from other departments. There may also be some funding from the visual arts and structural engineering departments.